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Figure 2: Coventry University Campuses

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Figure 2: Coventry University Campuses

The University provides a range of courses and degrees. “CPD – Continuing Professional Development, HNC/HND, Foundation, Undergraduate, Topup Course, PostGraduate Certificate, PostGraduate Diploma, PostGraduate Degree (MBA/Msc/MA), Research Degree, PHD Studentship, Professionally Accredited Programmes, Short Courses, Diploma”{CourseFinderCoventryUniversity”}. These are the different services of degrees Coventry University supply; they all have a certain time period for example pursing a Honours Degree is 3/4 years.

Coventry University has evolved throughout the years and now stand tall in the Rankings – 72. Proposed aim - We aim to improve the learning environment to maximise student achievement and completion”{CoventryUniversityTeaching}. Coventry University has used new facilities/equipment to serve students the best type of learning environment. An example can be seen in the new building that was built for the engineering and computing students. Fifty-five million pounds has been used to provide students a better academic learning atmosphere/environment. This explains how Coventry University is still developing into one of the successful University.

The growth of this University has been building up through every year due to the fact the number of successful graduates with over 15,000 students. “Students have access to well-equipped teaching and conference rooms, quiet wi-fi work areas, computer suites, café bar and social areas and a relaxing courtyard garden” {CoventryUniversityProspects}. These are the different types of services that Coventry University provide. That are used to help student life style – socially, education.

Aims and goals of Coventry University are to give a successful end result i.e. Graduates. Overall, the project aim is to identify how to best create a better learning experience for students and higher quality of outcomes when they are involved in distanced synchronous activities” {CoventryUniversityReserarch}. Main objective for any university, are to have their students pass to at a high level. Coventry University supply’s the best type of facilities in order to prepare and well educate their students, like explain in the quote, it is done to get quality outcomes. The main goal for Coventry University is to keep evolving.

Requirement 4: Context Diagram/Business Models















Students act as the customers, they are the people who are affected by the way this business model operates and what the end result will be. A player that is essential in the educational industry, they act as the starting point; example can be college students and their preparation to university. The next procedure is the assessments/examinations; universities look for the student’s outcome results that determine if they have a secured placement. This step is crucial as it will determine the outcomes in their results. An example can be seen, if a university requirement is GCSE maths A-C. It will be the students act towards the examinations and how well they apply their knowledge on it.

Admin another sector in this model, this section is where all the data is organised are sorted out before being sent out. This is done through schools/colleges as they need to collect correct information such as exam papers, student name, student address etc.

The Next step will be transportation; once all papers are collected they are sent off to the markers who validate the papers for example edexcel AQA etc. The transportation is sent depending to different locations.

Consumers this is where the government agencies such as UCAS receive the data. They are the organisations that check if the grades meet the requirements. A company like UCAS acts as a processor, it consumes all the details and validates it to see if student is successful or not. Selection is a vital part in this business model, once a company like UCAS have access to all the data it is sent to the University for the Selection Choice. It is then up to the University to either keep the student on or refuse them according to the results.

Institution the final stage: this is known to be the selector such, as Coventry University or Wolverhampton University.

Requirement 5: Research of Current and emerging technologies

Current Technology


Emerging Technology



USB Port

This device has acts a expansion for other ports to be connected. USB port is another device used in nearly every technology place. An example “USB ports allow stand-alone electronic devices to be connected via cables to a computer (or to each other)”{compnetworking}.

USB ports are now essential features that are mainly built in any technology. Examples can be Tables, Pc, Laptops, Mobile phones, Televisions and cars. USB ports are known to be a technology that will still remain in current and emerging trend. This is solely because of the enhancement and development. This device keeps evolving and becoming and special feature to have the system connected to communicate.

Electricity generator powered by viruses

Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a method for generating power using harmless viruses that convert mechanical energy into electricity” {emergingTec}. A new technology that is been invented is the electricity generator, researchers have developed a method where they can generate power using a virus to convert mechanical energy to electricity.

3D Format

It's three years since audiences around the world swarmed into cinemas to see James Cameron's Avatar. It rapidly became the biggest grossing film of all time”{bbcentertainment}. This explains the rapid growth of 3D technology, not just in films but in games, DVDs and TVs. Avatar changed the global face of cinematic. 3D format uses specialised technology to get the amazing effects on display. This technology is current trend being widely used in every type of field there is. This is because of the real life feature tool it is much famous for. Software’s such as Torque 3D game engine use this technology to get better graphical/realistic objects.

Flexible cell phone

A popular class the phones, of folding in two, can be reborn again, says designer Christian de Poorter”{itechfutureflexiblephone}. Another great idea that could possibly happen, is changing the appearance of the cell phones for other purposes. An example can be a mobile phone can be restructured as a makeup kit. “For example, a smartphone can turn into the compact makeup for women” {itechfutureflexiblephone}.


The generation of computing has succeeded to such a level where tablets/ipads are now used everywhere, universities, conferences, meetings etc. “Thanks to popular tablets like the iPad*, the thin, touchscreen-operated computers have become the weapon of choice for many computer users as they offer a great experience when browsing the web or using one of thousands of specialized apps”{WhatisTabletPcIntel} This quote explains the advantages of such technology. They are still a developing technology as it keeps expanding its internal and external features.

lens-less imaging system

US scientists have used metamaterials to build the imaging system, which samples infra-red and microwave light”{BBCTechnology}. This is a developing idea technology that is going to be used to avoid car crash collisions. Lens less camera are being developed to help car drivers. The images captured with millions of tiny sensors.

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