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  • We live in a world that is hectic, fast-paced and filled with stress. Prolonged emotional and physical stress due to nutritional deficiencies and biological insults to the body can produce actual tissue changes and organ dysfunction. Studies have shown that stress is responsible for 80% of all illness. Eliminating or reducing stress in the body can bring the body back to balance and better health.

  • The Body Scan 2010 is designed to send micro frequencies throughout a body, or through a sample of hair. The changes in responses and wave patterns are measured and analyzed. The overall stress patterns of the organs and systems of the body are then summarized in a report.

  • We then gather all this information along with the stress responses and customize remedies to help bring your body into balance. Homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements are recommended and tested for bio-compatibility with your body type.

  • The doctor will contact you after the test is completed to review the test results. You will also receive a printed report explaining the results as well as general information on dietary changes and how to take your remedies.


  • How To Collect Hair Sample:

  • Cut a tablespoon of hair from the back of the head at the hair line on the neck. The sample should be fresh hair growth.

  • For short hair or babies, or if there is limited hair, you may collect hair from anywhere on the body.

  • Insert hair into a Zip-lock bag. Make sure the bag is labeled you’re your name and firmly sealed to prevent any hair from spilling out.

  • You will also Need:

  • New Patients, please read, complete, sign and return all enclosed forms or download paperwork from our website

Select New Patient Welcome Center and then to Online Forms. A sidebar will pop up - Are You Sensitive to Electropollution – download this form. Then go back to Online Forms and scroll to the bottom. You will see three links - New Patient Form No. 1, Wellness Release and Authorization Release. Download all three forms.

  • If this is a Retest, please download your Retest Questionnaire from our website. Select New Patient Welcome Center and then to Online Forms. A sidebar will pop up. Please write down any changes you have experienced since your last test.


  • If you would like to have any other remedies that you are already taking tested for compatibility, please send a sample labeled with a proper description.

  • Also, please include a picture of yourself.


  1. First Hair Sample: $300

  1. Follow-up Retests: $200

  1. Please note that herbs are not included in the test price. First supply of herbs may range from $100 - $300 depending on your health goals and test results. First supply may last between 2 and 6 weeks.

  1. Include a check (with the appropriate amount made payable to Health Concepts) or credit card number along with hair sample.

Card Type­ Name on Card

Credit Card No. Expiration Security Code________ Billing Address State Zip Code______________

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