Intraoral dental x-ray system or approved equivalent to the Image Vet dc: Line 1

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Veterinary Dental X-Ray System



Intraoral dental x-ray system or approved equivalent to the Image Vet DC: - Line 1

  1. Seamless compatibility with digital dental sensors

  2. Mobile stand option

  3. Vertical & horizontal wall mounting options

  4. Anatomical wireless remote

  5. Up to 23.5” arm length

  6. Focus to skin distance - 12”

  7. Classification: electro-medical equipment Class 1 Type B

  8. Focal spot 0.7mm, square, IEC 336

Veterinary dental digital imaging system or approved equivalent to the EVA Vet Plus system Line 2

  1. Filmless veterinary digitized dental radiology system

  2. X-ray sensor with rounded corners to facilitate placement into tight areas such as feline mandible

  3. Images that can be digitized & transmitted to any computer via a standard USB port with a MS windows XP operating system

  4. Software with no licensing fees that supports:

    1. Intra-oral cameras

    2. Digital x-ray

    3. Capable of viewing, manipulating and storing digital dental images

    4. Capable of adding text, lines, notes and shapes to any image\

Super Vista Intraoral Camera – Line 3

  1. ¼” high resolution sensor

  2. USB – 2.0 Output

  3. Pixel – 1,300.00

  4. Auto Forcus – 5-30mm

  5. 6 Led Lighting

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