Internet service would cost $29. 95 per month. How much would the service cost for 12 months?

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Michael used 1,321 red rubber bands and blue rubber bands to make a ball. It 175 of the rubber bands are red, how many rubber bands are blue?

Internet service would cost $29.95 per month. How much would the service cost for 12 months?

Marva read, in a gardening book, about a tree that grows 35 inches in a year. At that rate, how many inches will it grow in 15 years?

The Hope Diamond, on display at the Smithsonian, was cut from a diamond that weighed 13.4 grams. The Hope Diamond weighs 4.3 grams less. How much does the Hope weigh?

Justin bought 179 pounds of gummy candies. He shared the candy equally between 15 of his friends. How many pounds did each friend receive?

Jackie visited northwestern America. Some giant sequoias in this area are 26 feet wide. If 25 of them were lined up side by side, what would be the total width?

The boxes of coins each weighed 187 pounds. There were 10 sacks of coins in each box. How much did each sack weigh?

There were 6,403 small blocks in a box. Michael used 396 blocks to create a model of a western fort. How many blocks were left in the box?

Tina’s mom traveled 584.26 miles in May, 408.74 miles in June, and 520 miles in July. How many miles did she travel in the three months?

An average blue whale weighs 67,500 pounds. To the nearest ten thousand pounds per whale, Olivia estimated how much 27 blue whales would weigh. What was her estimate?

  1. Sort the word problems into operation groups (addition,

subtraction, division, multiplication). Get them checked by

your teacher and then glue them in the correct place.

  1. Solve each word problem on a sheet of loose leaf paper and

staple it to the back of your piece of construction paper.




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