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Report 2005 – 2006
The ICD India & Sri Lanka Section has been involved in various activities:

  • Continuing Education Programmes

  • Essay Competitions in two different subjects

  • Student Plaque Awards

  • Merit Award and Donor Awards in different subjects which are given to Students and Fellows of all Dental Colleges in India & Sri Lanka since the last 30 years.

In the last few years, the ICD Journal has become a regular publication with four issues being published on various interesting scientific subjects, with articles and news about our fellows, photographs of conducted C.D.E. Programmes and our Annual Convocation & Award Function, Mid Year Meetings etc. The ICD Journal is now considered as the backbone of our Sections, so as to regularly remain in contact with all fellows, Students, Dental Colleges and other Dental Associations through out India & Sri Lanka.

Our ICD Board Members have made it a regular commitment to conduct at least four Continuting Dental Education and Professional Development Programmes every year all over the Country and encourage all our ICD Fellows, Dental Surgeons, Students from all Colleges to participate and make these CDE Programmes a great success.
The ICD Journal and CDE Programmes are based on various advanced scientific as well as general daily practice requirements for all Dentists. These have become very successful and increases interaction between ICD fellows, Students, Teachers and other Dentists wishing to join the ICD fold.
Every year the Board Members have tried to increase the activities and improve the qualities of our publication sand programmes. Thanks to their interest and commitment to ICD activities, this year three ICD Journals have already been published and three CDE Programmes have been conducted with appreciation and large attendance by fellows and students.
The ICD Annual Convocation & Award Function this year was held on Saturday, 29th April, 2006 at Hotel Ashok, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi, India.

  • Over 200 persons attended the function and the Oration Lectures of Dr. S.M. Balaji,Chennai on Oral Surgery and Dr.R.M.Mathur from Lucknow on Oral Cancer was very well attended in our evening session.

  • Ten New Fellows and One Honorary Fellow were inducted with full ceremonial Convocation.

  • Three Masters were also honoured: Dr. Hari Parkash, Dr. R.C.Kakar and Dr. Anil Kohli granting them Mastership in a separate ceremony with a Gold Key collar and mounted certificate of ICD Head Office.

  • This function was specially attended by our Chief Guest, Hon.Shri. P. Hota, Secretary Health,Govt. of India who has given us many promises for having ICD involved in Community Health Services.

  • Some funds have also been collected from Community Health Services and Appreciation Awards have been given for same.

  • Student Plaque Awards, Appreciation Awards, Donors Awards, Essay Competition Awards and Continuing Education Awards totaling 44 Awards in all were presented to Students, Speakers, & Fellows for appreciation for CDE programmes.

  • The new issue of ICD Journal was also released by our Chief Guest.

All Fellows from different sections of the world are most welcome to attend out Annual Convocations in the future and may please contact the ICD India Section for any further information.

Dr. J.C. Chandna

Secretary General, ICD India & Sri Lanka Section-6

D-296, Defence Colony,

New Delhi-110 024, India

Phone: 91-11-24625922, 24692323


6th April 2006

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