Internal and external research collaborators and student audiences

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Medical Specialties Overview Template

The medical specialties pages within the Feinberg department sites give an overview of the division or area of expertise with a focus on the internal and external research collaborators and student audiences (students, residents and fellows). This is a public site, but patients are not the primary audience.


Two- to three-sentence introduction about the division’s offering to student audience and the partnership with the Feinberg-affiliated hospitals. Focus should be on unique learning opportunities (of which working with patients is one).


Two to three sentences regarding the program, including available fellowships, and what makes the program different from other schools and academic medical centers. This section can provide details about awards or accolades related to the program.


Two to three sentences about research and clinical trial successes that have resulted from the work of the program (e.g., more effective treatments, better outcomes, new approach to diagnosis). Include information about collaboration with external entities, if appropriate.

Patient Care

If appropriate for the specialty, this area can be used to discuss patient care as it relates to the educational experience. Two to three sentences about the education programs incorporation of patient-facing experience. This section is an opportunity to talk about extraordinary, real-world opportunities that the resident/fellow will encounter related to the program’s facilities and labs, clinics, or interdisciplinary care teams.

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