Instruction Librarian: Mark Szarko

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Instruction Librarian: Mark Szarko

BLS 464: The Western

University and Scholarly Press Publishers

The following titles are either university presses or private publishers that focus on scholarly work. If you find a book or journal published by one of these names, you can assume that the information within is credible.

AARHUS University Press/David Brown Book Co


Abilene Christian University Press

American University in Cairo
Amsterdam University Press/University of Michigan Press
Andrews University Press
Anteneo de Manila University Press/University of Hawaii Press
Associated University Presses
Auckland University Press
Baylor University Press/Texas A&M University Press
Belknap Press of Harvard University/Harvard University Press


Brookings Institution Press
Bucknell University Press/Associated University Presses
California State University Press, Fresno
Cambridge University Press
Carnegie-Mellon University Press
Catholic University of America Press
CDL Press
Central European University Press
Chinese University Press/Columbia University Press
Clark Atlanta University Press
Clerc Books/Gallaudet University Press
Columbia University Press
Copenhagen Business School Press
Cork University Press/Stylus Publishing
Cornell University Press
Creighton University Press/Fordham University Press
CSLI Publications/University of Chicago Press
Delft University Press/Coronet Books
Duke University Press
Duquesne University Press
Eastern Washington University Press
Edinburgh University Press/Columbia University Press
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press/Associated University Presses
The Feminist Press at the City University of New York
Fordham University Press
Gallaudet University Press
Georgetown University Press

Greenwood Press

J Paul Getty Museum/Oxford University Press
Harvard Business School Press
Hillsdale College Press
Hong Kong University Press/University of Washington Press
Hoover Institution Press
Howard University Press
Indiana University Press
The Johns Hopkins University Press
Kent State University Press
Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Lehigh University Press/Associated University Presses
Leicester University Press/Frances Pinter/Continuum International
Les Presses de l'Universite Laval #
Les Presses de l'Universite Montreal #
Liverpool University Press/ISBS
Livingston Press
Louisiana State University Press
Manchester University Press/Palgrave Macmillan
Marquette University Press
McGill-Queen's University Press
Melbourne University Press
The Edwin Mellen Press
Mercer University Press
Michigan State University Press
The MIT Press
Museum Tusculanum/ISBS
Naval Institute Press
New York University Press
Northeastern University Press
Northern Illinois University Press
Northern Michigan University Press
Northern University Press/Paul & Co
Northwestern University Press
Oberlin College Press
Odense University Press/ISBS (see University Press of Southern Denmark)
Ohio State University Press
Ohio University Press
Oregon State University Press
Oxford University Press
Pace University Press
Paul & Co
Pennsylvania State University Press
Popular Press/University of Wisconsin Press

Praeger Publishers

Princeton University Press
Purdue University Press
Resources for the Future/Johns Hopkins University Press
Rockefeller University Press/Paul & Co


Russell Sage Foundation
Rutgers University Press

Sage Publications

San Diego State University Press
Sheffield Academic Press/Continuum International
Singapore University Press/Coronet Books
Smithsonian Institution Press
Southern Illinois University Press
Southern Methodist University Press/Texas A & M University Press
St Bede's University Press/Fordham University Press
St Joseph's University Press
St Louis University Press/Fordham University Press
St Vladimir's Seminary Press
Stanford University Press
State University of New York Press
Susquehanna University Press/Associated University Presses
Swallow Press/Ohio University Press
Syracuse University Press
Teachers College Press
Temple University Press
Texas A & M University Press
Texas Christian University Press/Texas A & M University Press
Texas Tech University Press
Texas Western Press/University of Texas Press
Transaction Publishers
Truman State University Press
United States Institute of Peace
University College of Dublin Press/Dufour Editions
University of Akron Press
University of Alabama Press
University of Alaska Press
University of Alberta Press/Michigan State University Press
The University of Arizona Press
The University of Arkansas Press
University of Birmingham Press/ISBS
University of British Columbia Press
University of Calgary Press/Michigan State University Press
University of California Press
University of Chicago Press
University of Delaware Press /Associated University Presses
University of Exeter Press/David Brown Book Co
University of Georgia Press
University of Hawaii Press
University of Iceland Press/David Brown Book Co
University of Idaho Press
University of Illinois Press
University of Iowa Press
University of Laval Press/University of Washington Press
University of Luton Press
University of Maine at Orono Press
University of Manitoba Press
University of Massachusetts Press
The University of Michigan Press
University of Minnesota Press
University of Missouri Press
University of Natal Press/ISBS
University of Nebraska Press
University of Nevada Press
University of New Haven Press
University of New Mexico Press
University of New South Wales/University of Washington Press
The University of North Carolina Press
University of North Texas Press/Texas A & M University Press
University of Notre Dame Press
University of Oklahoma Press
University of Oregon Press
University of Otago Press
University of Ottawa Press
University of Pennsylvania Press
University of Pittsburgh Press
University of Puerto Rico Press #
University of Queensland Press/ISBS
University of Rochester/Boydell & Brewer
University of San Francisco Press/Fordham University Press
University of Scranton Press
University of South Carolina Press
University of Tennessee Press
University of Texas Press
University of the West Indies Press/University of Oklahoma Press
University of Tokyo Press/Columbia University Press
University of Toronto Press
University of Utah Press
University of Virginia Press
University of Wales Press
University of Washington Press
University of Western Australia Press
University of Wisconsin Press
University Press of Colorado
University Press of Florida
University Press of Kansas
The University Press of Kentucky
The University Press of Maryland
University Press of Mississippi
University Press of New England

You may also see the following institutions associated with the University of New England Press:

  • Brandeis University

  • Brown University

  • Clark University

  • Dartmouth College

  • Middlebury College

  • Tufts University

  • University of Connecticut

  • University of New Hampshire

  • University of Rhode Island

  • University of Vermont

  • University Press, University of Wisconsin, River Falls

University Press of Southern Denmark/ISBS
Utah State University Press
Vanderbilt University Press
Victoria University Press/Paul & Co
VU University Press (Netherlands)
VUB University Press
Wake Forest University Press
Wallflower Press (UK)/Columbia University Press
Washington State University Press
Wayne State University Press
Wesleyan University Press/University Press of New England
West Virginia University Press
Woodrow Wilson Center Press/Johns Hopkins University Press (selective coverage)
Witwatersand University Press/Transaction Publishers
Yale University Press
Yeshiva University Press/KTAV Publishing House (selective coverage)

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