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COE Installation Quality Bulletin
Installation Quality Bulletin Number: 07-03
To: All Installation Suppliers / Central Office Operations Representatives / Design Engineering Representatives / Quality Managers / Field Engineering Representatives / AMC Representatives
Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2007

From: QWEST Installation Quality Assurance
Subject: Standard wiring from the 3750 CO Bay new cross-connect panel to the Main Distributing Frame (MDF).
Action Required:



Description of Bulletin:

The purpose of this Bulletin is to document the permanent substitution of a new punch down shelf being intalled within the 3750 CO bay for MDF cross-connect functionality. The new ADC punch down shelf will replace current wire wrap module/shelf that has been deployed on an interim basis for approximately ten months. The new shelf, between the 3750 CO bay and MDF, will return to Qwest Communications standard MDF wiring practice. The Krone block on the 3750 CO bay MDF cross-connect shelf will require ADC’s impact tool under part number

“6417 2 055-01” (PID – 2229716). Do not use the standard impact tool part number "D914", the force exerted by the impact could seriously damage Krone’s block. With the new punch down shelf, all cross-connect terminations take place on rear of shelf while the labels being placed on front. Please see configuration C-SWITCH-MOE for details and cable assignments.

Figure 1 identifies the ADC punch-down cross-connect panel and modules.

Figure 2 identifies the USW-532 wire color code.

Figure 3 identifies the rear view of the MDF block where the Service Supplier will terminate the leads.
Figure 1

Front View of ADC MDF Xconn Panel & Module

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