Innovation 360 Could your idea transform the oral health of the nation?

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Innovation 360

Could your idea transform the oral health of the nation?

Heart your Smile are launching Innovation 360 at the BDA conference, to find the dental teams who are turning oral health full circle, using entrepreneurial ideas which embody at least one of Heart Your Smile’s 9 habits.

We are looking for fun and exciting ways to turn oral heath around for our patients. Yours could be one that has the greatest impact on patients and our whole profession!

Our goals:
Heart Your Smile has 4 key goals. These are to:

  1. change the public's perception of dentistry

  2. increase attendance and uptake of care

  3. reinstate the dental team’s position as trusted members of the local community

  4. Boost positive morale in the profession

Heart Your Smile Innovation 360 Pilot
Heart Your Smile is offering support in the form of mentorship, grants and products to help dental teams get innovative oral health initiatives out into the community. Based on these pilots, we will share the best ideas with the rest of the profession to support them to innovate in the arena of improving oral health, attendance and uptake of dental services.

All you have to do is decide:

  1. Who your target audience is e.g. children, new mothers, patients with diabetes/oral cancer/dentures/appliances, patients who visit a nearby GP practice

  2. Which oral health message you are concentrating on e.g. Brushing, diet, habits, fluoride, preventing periodontal disease, preventing caries, managing an existing condition

  3. What you will do to create a lasting impression about the importance of maintaining good oral health e.g. Create a play/rap/app, organise a flash mob/sugar free bake sale/talk

  4. Where you will conduct your oral health promotion activity e.g. local pharmacy/GP practice/supermarket/school/train station.

  5. Why your initiative will make a difference (use a heart your smile habit here) e.g. More confidence through knowledge, a more attractive smile, better self-care

Our charitable objectives

In order to enable us to consider your grant application, we require an outline of how your oral health promotion campaign aligns with both our charitable objectives:
1. To promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of oral diseases in the UK through the provision of financial assistance, support, education and practical advice.
2. To advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to oral health

Why pilot?

Heart Your Smile has engaged a large community of positive and energetic dental professionals who want to be proactive in making a difference to the patients we look after and to the dental profession.

Many team members have fantastic ideas and initiatives, and just need some mentorship and support to put them into practice. Others have lots of energy and want to get involved, but would find it easier to join an established programme.


We are offering grants of £360 to support dental teams to innovate in the area of oral health promotion.

  • 50% will be provided as funds to help you with up to £180 of your logistical expenses.

  • 50% will be provided as a Heart Your Smile Oral Health Kit worth £180. It will include:

- a selection of BDHF leaflets to help you with disseminating evidence based guidelines

- products e.g. Toothbrushing charts, toothbrushes, toothpaste, stickers, badges


All projects selected must:

  1. incorporate one or more HYS habit in it's aims and objectives

  2. be designed to ensure participants will gain better knowledge about looking after their oral and/or general health (to help you with considering general health impact, take a look at our Integrated Health Guide)

  3. have measurable outcomes

  4. be scaleable


A selection committee will select the most innovative projects to support. Projects which are selected will be assigned a heart your smile mentor for the duration of the project.

These pilot projects will form the basis of case reports for others to model their oral health programmes on.

The purpose of this pilot is to share innovation across the dental profession to take the oral health message to the public in a fun and interesting way. This is known as crowdsourcing! The most innovative and effective projects will be announced at the Heart Your Smile Party in March 2014 and then showcased on our website to inspire others.

Come along to The Novotel, London ExCel, 7 Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1AA on Saturday 27th April 2013 at 10am, and find out how to qualify for a grant and goody box to launch your idea. 


Heart Your Smile Ltd.  Registered in England  Registered Company No. 07963412  Registered UK Charity No. 1147806

Trustees: Mr Simon Gambold Mr James Goolnik Mrs Seema Sharma Mr Roger Matthews

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