Ingham Co. 4-h and ffa livestock Committee Meeting Minutes -may 2013

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Ingham Co. 4-H and FFA Livestock Committee Meeting Minutes –May 2013
The Livestock Committee met May 1, 2013 at the Hilliard Building in Mason, MI.
Those in attendance were Penny Jezuit, Val Jackson, Phil Hutchison, Jerry Schneider, Tom Sterle, Betty Jo Nash, Dan Dunsmore, Jan Northrup, Amanda Sturm, Stan Moser, Leah Carey, Ron Kinne, Sheri Kinne, Corinne Carpenter, Hollie Dietz, Sandy Dargatz, Tim Jackson,

Jim Byars, Linn Merindorf, Sandy Carey, and Jean Fierke.

The meeting was called to order by President Tim Jackson at 7:00 p.m.
Tom and Betty Jo presented additions. Amanda moved to approve the agenda, Tom seconded, motion carried.

Secretary’s Report:

Jean had emailed the minutes to the committee earlier and they were also handed out at the meeting. There were a few small corrections.
Tom moved to approve the minutes, Dan seconded, motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report: Jim handed out the report.

Amanda moved to approve the treasurer’s report as printed, Tom seconded, motion carried.
Committee Reports

Computer Entry: Jan Northrup will only be doing data entry. She will get timetables to the supervisors, on when things are due to her.

Publicity: Rob Reid – absent. Amanda would like us to use Franzini again for photography, he provides archived photos. Jan agreed. Tim asked Amanda to go ahead with this. Sandy said that she has Fair brochures, and she’ll slip in something about the auctions? And there are posters ready now.

Registration: Amy Wilcox – absent.

Meals: Linn requested suggestions for meals, email him with ideas (

Small Animal Auction: Jennifer Mogyoros absent.

Large Animal Sale: Phil Hutchison – Bill and Chuck are online for the auction. We really need ring men. Most are from Sheridan’s. Do we get passes for them? Will they be restricted? We should pick up the tab for auctioneers and ringmen, providing food at the food booths. Sandy wanted to know how many (4-5 people from Sheridan’s). Phil estimated several per day. Bill will let Sandy know and get her a list. She’ll get the passes. Tim stated that the Livestock Committee should provide the meal tickets. Phil thought it would be 6-10 people for meals. Amanda moved to set aside $80 for meals for the auctioneers & ring help. Val seconded. Motion passed. Phil suggested the 4-H Food Booth & the Farm Bureau Restaurant and the Livestock Committee pays the bill. Betty Jo said that last year’s bill came through and Sharon paid it but it was confusing as some went to the BBQ Shack. Tim asked Phil to facilitate this and Phil said he would (pay if they went to the BBQ Shack).
Finance: Rob Reid – absent.

Fair Board Report: Sandy Dargatz –

  1. The online entry is working. then tab 2013. The premium book is also there. This will help with auction order – click for market, and then can sort it. There’s an area to comment to the Fair. Payment is not ready online yet.

  2. There is a bid process for A & B barn 50 amp and 17 sites.

  3. 2014 plans: Look at the electric use in the commercial & beef A & B, it is under lighted. The ventilation worked good, but let her know of any issues.

  4. There is a bid out for hoop house, next to the south commercial barn.

  5. She has scheduled a meeting with Sullivan’s. Amy O’s husband will join her.

  6. She’s completed invoicing for metals and ribbons. And she has gotten funds in for scholarships.

  7. They are looking at using a soy-based dust suppressor (versus salt brine), and get reimbursed for ½ the cost.

  8. There are new signs on the barns (sheep & goats).

  9. Barn G will have the petting zoo.

  10. Phil asked about the sponsorships. She has down Dart for $3,000, Meijer for $5,000, Dan Henry for $450 & makes signs (he is interested in the South Lansing 40H club. He also pays their entries), Total Fire, Greenstone Credit, Chief Cart (people movers in the parking lot). They will be listed on the website, in the fairbook, on Twitter, Facebook and in brochures. Let her know of other sponsors so they can be listed. Val suggested Merindorf. Sandy will add them.


  1. Homegrown Classes:

Tim said we are having them (swine, sheep and beef), and the supervisors have a definition for this year. We have a grievance committee, but if someone asks, we need to form one for homegrown. Betty Jo said we should decide on 2013 and announce it at Fair. Jerry said that the definition “born on a family farm” and that it’s in the fairbook.

  1. Small Animal Little International

Penny will get with the supervisors and recommend judges. The supervisors will help move the kids through and with scoring tallies. Each supervisor gives the 1st & 2nd a packets of each species & sample questions. There will be clinic on Thursday. No cats or dogs can be there then but the kids should watch on the show day. It was suggested that they receive flat participation ribbons for all. Betty Jo said they are about $1 a piece (5 species x 6 = 30 kids). Val said goats aren’t a part of this. They will be in the Large Animal LI. Tim said that prior to next year this should be discussed again. He will help with the tally. The Large Animal LI had a red/white/blue participation ribbon. Betty Jo said the fair office may order them, then the bill is sent back to the Livestock Committee. Sandy will figure it out & order, they will say “Small Animal Little International”.

  1. Benevolence Fund

Betty Jo suggested that the best thing to do was to donate money into the scholarship fund or 4-H foundation. It’s not good to have a fund that doesn’t go back into education. Tim thinks it’s OK to look at donations one at a time. Stan would like a fund to help kids afford to participate in the 4-H.

  1. Directional Committee

Ken is absent. Nothing to report. Phil would like to be added to the membership.

  1. Sullivan’s

Tim said they are at Midland in about 2 weeks. Keith Sterwaltz’s clinic is at the Pavilion soon.

  1. Scale Heads: Dan has repaired them by making new connections.


  1. Animal Load Out – Phil said that we can only go so many places with swine. It’s the Livestock Committee’s responsibility for trucking them out. Richardson’s came and got his own pigs. Northwest and Merindorf’s pick up. Belangers picked up one person’s pigs. Jerry said there are suggestions related to swine flu. Sandy said that the Michigan Association of Fairs & Exhibitors recommend certain biosecurity such as more wash stations, signs, and they recommend the swine don’t go back to the farm. All swine will be “terminal”. It’s our responsibility to make sure they are terminal and can go to any slaughter house. This shouldn’t harm the number of buyers. We can post this. If the pigs don’t make the weight, Jan said there’s a form they fill out. Tim said they’re terminal once their foot hits the fairgrounds. But they’re terminal. Jim said the kids will get the cash. The stockyards write checks directly to the kids. If they go direct to market, we provide the trucking, and if they go direct to slaughter, we provide the trucking. Linn asked about Jerome’s . Jerry said he can be added. Amanda suggested that the kids should explain this to their buyers. And we could add to the buyer letters. Sandy would like a list of the approved truckers. Tim said we could put it on the bid paddle.

Phil make a motion that we will ship terminal pigs to Northwest, Linn Merindorf’s, and Belangers; Richards and Jerome can pickup. This includes live animals going to the market (underweight). Val seconded, motion passed.

Jim: Will the stockyard keep it straight? Greenstone gets a check for 40 hogs. If there are light hogs, they don’t know who they belong to. Betty Jo said five them a list of the kids, we haven’t had trouble. Phil said a bunch of light pigs can go on one trailer. Tim said to get a separate bid for the light pigs. Jerry: There were no more than 20 last year, most of the time about 10.

  1. Correspondence from the Fair Board.

There was a handout in reply to Tim’s letter on behalf of the supervisors regarding the placement of animals at the Fair. And a reply to the buyers fees.

  1. Betty Jo said there was a request from Webberville 4-H, one of the parents works at Meijer and there is a turnover in management at the Meijer Mason. They would like someone to talk with them about sponsorship. Sandy will.

  2. Equipment:

Fans – Tim visited with Sandy and it’s OK to have an air conditioner in the mail arena’s office. Amanda: do we have the funds. Jim said it’s not a part of the budget. It would be nice to have one fan on each end of the poultry barn. Where are our fans?

Tim said we have 4 fans around the show ring & 1 donated fan.

Amanda made a motion that we have an inventory list of fans before the next meeting (by species). This motion was rescinded. Lea suggested that head supervisor should report back. Jim wondered if we want to own any? Let the clubs buy their own. Tim said let each species clubs be responsible for their own barns. Beef and dairy have their own. Penny didn’t think it was practical to have about 15 clubs buying fans. Holly thought we could rent them for the week. Sandy doesn’t like to buy fans. Stan said if it is just a couple of barns, he will donate them. We’ll put up a sign that he donated them. They would be hanging basket fans, 36”, for the poultry and rabbit barns. Dan said we should try to get it set up right. Sandy walked the barns today and clubs have fans set up badly. Stan said the dairy needs large fans pointing one way. It’s tough in the beef barn with the low ceilings. Betty Jo passed around an inventory sheet.

Couple of Speakers for the PA: Tim – so folks in the barns can keep track of classes.
Tom said that it can be done, to the beef and dairy barn area, but would cost $1,200 for cordless, $500 for a cable across the drive. Phil said a couple of smaller speakers would assist the clerks. Tom said a smaller speaker by the office would be $400 for the speaker and cable. Tim suggested setting it in the northwest corner, and aim towards the feeder calves. Dan thought it would reflect off the barns, you couldn’t hear if you were back in the barn. Tom said the sheep kids can’t hear well either, too much noise. Amanda suggested just to put up the class number, and Leah agreed that this would help a lot.

Phil made a motion to purchase a portable air conditioner for the multipurpose building’s office, with a $450.00 limit. Amanda seconded. Motion passed.

  1. Barn Layout
    Tim would like the Dairy, sheep, and swine superintendents and one Livestock Committee member get together and decide on the barn layout. Phil liked the setup last year. Linn thought that the registration was bottlenecked.

  2. Wireless internet access

Sandy reported that it would cost $6,000 to $8,000 to get wireless in the building and it won’t happen by this Fair. For the band width we’d need our own subtower. She’s requested this for 2014.

  1. Sheep Skillathon – Tom collected sponsorships. He’d like to handle the money through this committee. Jim said OK.

  2. Biosecurity Plan – Betty Jo said there will be handwashing stations, animal check-in, and club communications as a part of the plan. She would like the supervisors to look at it, she’ll email them. The older plan is on the website.

  3. Scholarships - Betty Jo has started a committee made up of Jan, Meryl and Rob. She has last year’s application. There were 2 scholarships of $250 ea. Last year only 3 youth applied. Interviews during Fair Week were difficult. She recommends that we have applications before the July meeting. Amanda said she thought the purpose was to see how the kids acted at the Fair, helping, becoming involved. Tom said that was our intent, but the kids only got interviewed. Amanda will take Meryle’s spot and will head this up. She won’t be here in July though.

  4. Flyers, Trophies, Banners.
    Betty Jo needs an inventory, some are broke, lost, some are new. They are stored at the green building, by the 4-H Food Booth. Val will help. Betty Jo wants to know if she can order what we need and bill to the Livestock Committee. This won’t be a part of the trophy order. Jim said we’ll be spending out of our savings. Leah made a motion to allow Betty Jo to spend our funds for this. Jim seconded. Motion approved.

  5. Staff Update – Betty Jo -Susan Branden coordinates picture plaques for Deb Miler. New areas need to be recognized. And need plaques and banners. We need to confirm with the photographer, they missed some pictures. We should cross reference with the sign handout. When there are multiple buyers, no one wants a plaque. For dairy, some get a milk can and a picture plaque. Jerry will email Susan about handling this.

  6. Jim requested that his email be fixed in the mailing lists. It should be

Betty Jo: This is the final week to get everyone into the Volunteer system. She still needs a few of us. She will send the Biosecurity Plan to us by email.

Tim: has a copy of the packet for clubs & Life Skills sheets. Beef tagging #’s are about the same.

Tom: Sheep #’s have gone up.

Dan: Dairy feeders are tagged but don’t have summary numbers.

For the next meeting:

  1. Biosecurity Plan

  2. Homegrown Definition

  3. Directional Committee Report

  4. Scholarship (Amanda)

  5. Barn Layout

Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

The next meeting of the Livestock Committee will be June 26, 2013 at 7 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Jean Fierke, Livestock Committee Secretary, 6/10/2013

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