Include: Setting (where and when) Character: (antagonist, protagonist, minor characters) Background information

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Plot Elements

The plot of the novel is the sequence of events that occur within a story, beginning with the exposition and ending with the resolution. The elements of the plot include:

  1. Exposition: background information establishing setting and characterization (antagonist and protagonist). It includes the major events that cause the plot to move into the rising action; the initial conflict to which the characters react to an effort to solve the problem and any important background information.

Include: Setting (where and when)

Character: (antagonist, protagonist, minor characters)

Background information:

  1. Rising Action: the less critical conflicts encountered by the characters in their effort to resolve the major conflict of the story. The types of conflicts are revealed (man v. man, man v. society, man v. nature)

Include: Must have at least 7 events

Conflicts revealed

Type of conflict (internal/ external)

Who the conflict is between (man v. man, man v. society, etc.)

  1. Climax: the turning point; the most exciting most suspenseful moment in the novel

Include: 1 event (the climax of the story)

  1. Falling Action: the settling action after the crisis in the novel

Include: Must have 3 events

  1. Resolution: the conclusion of the conflict; the outcome of the story

Include: Include the final outcome of the story along with a prediction of what will happen to T.J.

Directions: Create a Witch’s Hat that covers all the elements of the plot.

Sample Witch’s Hat:



Rising Action


Falling Action

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