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CEU Program Information Sheet

Name of Provider: Kelly Lott

Name of Workshop: Face Toning Massage
Dates/Times of workshop: September 19-20
Campus location: (please circle campus, if more than one campus, add the dates next to the campus)


Brief Description of CEU offered (1-2 paragraph's with objectives):
Face Toning: Learn how to perform a “hydrotherapy face toning” massage treatment. Your clients will see a tonal difference after the very first session! The entire two days is devoted to learning, practicing and receiving a sequential series of massage strokes that affects the facial muscles, along with tightening and toning of the neck and upper chest. Go to for more details.

# of CEU's: 14

CEU's for which states and/or organizations: ASBMT & NCBTMB
Website URL if applicable ________________________________________________

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