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Meeting for Electing Office Bearers of ICCI


CEAI Bhawan, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


1.30 p.m. on 12 Jan 2014

Present from EC

1. Mr Syed Safawi

2.Mr Aniq Husain

3.Mr Baqar Naqvi

4.Mr Jami Hossain

5.Mr Qamar Abbas

6.Maj SJM Jafri

EC Member

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Executive Director, ICCI


1. Col Badar Zaidi

2.Mr Aziz Haider

3.Mr Danish Rizvi

Sr VP, ETA Star India

Proprietor, RNI, News Agency

Addl GM, Reliance Communication

1. General: Maj Jafri briefed the invitees on the past progress regarding the formation of ICCI. He covered the points brought up in the 3 foundation meets held at Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow and also the appointment of various committees and bodies. He mentioned that at present the EC consisted of only 15 members ( incl one new inductee after Lucknow Meet).
2. Election of Office Bearers: Maj Jafri mentioned the need to elect the Office Bearers of ICCI. He proposed the following names who had been generally recommended from among the EC members to hold various offices for the next two years. These were;
(a) President: Mr. Syed Safawi

(b) Vice President: Dr. Jami Hosein

(c ) General Secretary: Mr. Agha Mujahid Husain

(d) Joint Secretary: Mr. Baqar Naqvi

(e) Treasurer: Mr. Husain Ahmed
While most of the recommended persons among the present EC members were initially reluctant to take on the responsibilities , a general consensus emerged and all present encouraged one another to accept the roles if assigned by the EC body. At this stage Maj Jafri displayed the result (email from Mr Qaim) of the almost unanimous voting by EC members from Mumbai and Bangalore. This echoed the above list and all were in agreement with the the representative body for the next two years. However, Syed Safawi expressed concern about his existing commitments and the worry of his being unable to do justice to the Presidents position. After some persuasion by those present, he finally accepted the position with the provision that someone should take on the role of a Working President in order to oversee the day to day activites of ICCI.
3.Chapter Chairman: The following Chapter Chairmen were also unanimously accepted;

  1. NCR Chapter: Mr Qamar Abbas, Managing Director, True Count Systems Pvt Ltd

  2. UP Chapter: Mr Najmul Hasan, Secretary, Unity College Lucknow

  3. Karnataka Chapter: Mr Mohsim Ali Vakil, CMD, Vakil Housing Corpn, Bangalore

  4. Maharashtra Chapter: Mr Syed Raza Abbas, CMD, Heba Group, Mumbai

4. Committee and Other Heads: The following committee heads were also announced;

  1. Employment Committee: Mr Zaigham Hasan, Delhi

  2. Loans and Angel Funding Evaluation Committee: Mr Aniq Husain, Delhi

  3. Legal/Regulatory/Financial Governance Committee: Mr Agha Mujahid, Hyderabad

  4. Media Wing: Mr S Aziz Haider, Lucknow/Delhi

  5. Spokesperson (National): ICCI President, Mr Syed Safawi

  6. Spokesperson (Chapters): Chapter Chairmen

  7. Internal Communication/Newsletter/Website: Executive Director, Maj Jafri

6. Presentation on Agenda Points (Raised by Syed Safawi): The presentation prepared by Syed Quaim in response to agenda points raised by Syed Safawi after the Planning Commission meet on 23 Dec 2013 , was made to those present by Syed Safawi. It was agreed by all that we should write to the Planning Commission requesting for a meeting with at the earliest. Prior to that we must shortlist the names of the Verticle Heads who will represent ICCI at this meet.
5. Other Points: Some relevant points made by attendees were;

  1. Syed Safawi: He suggested that all spokesperson should take care to be on the same page. He also suggested that Baqar Iftikhar Naqvi should also be on the Employment Cell considering his experience and also that services of Mr Danish Naqvi should be utilized for all government liaison work, given his extensive experience.

  2. Danish Naqvi: He suggested that, support in Media Cell could be taken from Mr Askari Zaidi (Head Corporate Communications, Jaypee Industries) and Qamar Agha, Member Minorities Commission and well known journalist.

  3. Col Badar Zaidi: He suggested that services of Mr Fazle Haider, to head the Healthcare Vertical should be availed by ICCI. Mr Haider, gave his willing consent to the proposal.

  4. Jami Hosein: He suggested that we must build upon the Youth and Ladies Cell alongwith our other activities.

6. Conclusion: The ED informed the attendees that the EC was due for further expansion to cover other regions of the country as well as the requirement to form other functional committees. He informed that the membership drive has to start in all earnest since the registration the name of ICCI has been approved and checques can be accepted in the name of ICCI. All invitees appreciated the mission of ICCI and committed to contribute to its build up. The meeting concluded at 3.30pm and was followed by Lunch, hosted by Mr Qamar Abbas.
- Spokesperson should be on same page

- Healthcare Vertical: Fazle Haider of Micromed should be coopted as Head of this Vertical

- Media Cell can coopt Mr. Askari Zaidi, Qamar Agha and Zafar Agha

- Letter should be sent out to Planning Commission at the Earliest

- Election Result


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