Ihbb european Championships 2014 Bee Round 4

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IHBB European Championships 2014

Bee Round 4
1. Richard Egan starred in a 1962 historical film whose title mentions this many people. This many people comprised the army that Gideon led against the Midianites. This many people made up a force which told a messenger "we will fight in the shade" after being told that arrows would block out the sun. For the point, give this number of Spartans which delayed a much larger Persian army for three days at the Battle of Thermopylae.


2. This art form was practiced by Diane Arbus, who used it to create Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park. A pioneering American in this art genre created the exhibition "The Dead of Antietam" just a month after the battle. Many practitioners of this art form had their work published in Life magazine during the 20th century. For the point, name this art form, which Mathew Brady practiced in the Civil War and which developed from Louis Daguerre’s inventions in the 19th century.

ANSWER: photography

3. At the Siege of Balkh, this man defeated Amir Husayn. This man is buried at the Gur-e-Amir tomb complex. This man won the Battle of the Terek River and burned Astrakhan in his campaign against the Golden Horde. He captured Bayezid the Thunderbolt in the Battle of Ankara and built pyramids of his enemies' skulls. For the point, name this Asian conqueror who ruled from his capital at Samarkand and was named after a hip injury he had suffered.

ANSWER: Tamerlane [or Timur the Lame; or Tamburlaine; or Timur Lenk]

4. After this initiative was begun, Paul Hoffman sent the John H. Quick from Galveston loaded with wheat. Participation in this scheme was rejected by Eastern European states under strong Soviet pressure. It was proposed in a Harvard Commencement Address by the Secretary of State, and it helped fight Communism alongside the Truman Doctrine. For the point, name this United States program that gave assistance to European countries after World War II.

ANSWER: the Marshall Plan

5. The historical background to this novel is the riot following the death of Casimir Pierre Périer. An orphan in this novel, Gavroche, was abandoned by the crooked innkeeper Thenardiers. Cosette is a street sweeper in this novel, in which an officer dies after leaping into the Seine. In this novel, the 1832 revolt on Paris barricades involves a man who spent nineteen years in jail for stealing a loaf of bread. For the point, name this novel about Jean Valjean by Victor Hugo which was later turned into a hit musical.

ANSWER: Les Miserables

6. The man who occupied this office in 1981 supported democracy by rejecting the "23-F" coup. After leaving Naples, Napoleon's brother Joseph Bonaparte held this title for five years. Alfonso XIII abdicated this office in 1931. A disliked holder of this office was painted "with his family" by Goya. This title returned in 1975 when Juan Carlos I was named the successor of Franco. For the point, identify this title held by the Bourbon rulers of an Iberian Peninsula monarchy.

ANSWER: King of Spain [or Rey de España; or Monarch of Spain]

7. This computer programming language and its variants are the chief languages used to code Windows. This language was introduced in the "K&R" book, which included the first "hello, world" example. This language was developed at Bell Labs by the same man who created Unix, Dennis Ritchie. Bjarne Stroustrup created its object-oriented version. For the point, name this programming language known by a single letter that has "sharp" and "plus plus" descendants.

ANSWER: the C programming language [or C++]

8. This item was most recently used on Hamida Djandoubi in 1977. This device was first tested on corpses at the Bicetre hospital before making its debut at the Place de Greve. This item was named in honor of a doctor who was attempting to extend a merciful privilege of the nobility to other classes. Robespierre and Louis XVI were among its many Revolutionary victims. For the point, name this device that swiftly chopped off the heads of those sentenced to death.

ANSWER: the guillotine [or Louisette; or Louison; or the widow]

9. Concepts presented in this textbook include the "Dulcarnon" and the "pons asinorum." This book uses the "windmill proof" to demonstrate the Pythagorean theorem. Its thirteenth book constructs the five regular solids, and its first book is includes five axioms and five postulates, including the parallel postulate. For the point, name this influential geometry text by Euclid.

ANSWER: Euclid's Elements [or Stoicheia]

10. This ship carried the mysterious "Master Leaver," whose true identity remains unknown. This ship was originally planning to land on the shores of the Hudson River after it replaced the Speedwell. This ship carried John Alden, Miles Standish, and William Bradford, all of whom signed its namesake "compact" regarding the governance of the Plymouth Colony. For the points, name this ship which carried the Pilgrims to America in 1620.

ANSWER: the Mayflower

11. Former coal miner Keir Hardie was the first MP for a party with this name. A party with this name was led by Julia Gillard, then Kevin Rudd, before losing the 2013 Australian federal election to the Liberals under Tony Abbott. Ed Milliband currently leads an opposition party of this name that first formed government under Ramsay Macdonald. For the point, give this name that is shared by the center-left parties of Australia and the United Kingdom.

ANSWER: Labour Party [or Australian Labor Party]

12. John Hood was wounded at this battle while attacking Devil's Den. Daniel Sickles attempted to hold the Peach Orchard at this battle, which began when the losing army was diverted looking for new shoes. The "high-water mark of the Confederacy" happened at this battle when Pickett's Charge advanced on Little Round Top. For the point, identify this July 1863 victory for George Meade over Robert E. Lee, a turning point of the Civil War in Pennsylvania.

ANSWER: Battle of Gettysburg

13. At a performance of this musical piece, the word "Freiheit," or "Freedom," was substituted into the text in line with the lyricists's original wishes. Leonard Bernstein conducted a performance of this piece to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. This piece first integrated vocal music into the symphony by setting Friedrich Schiller's poem "Ode to Joy." For the point, name this last symphony by the deaf German composer of the "Moonlight" Sonata.

ANSWER: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony [or Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D Minor; or Beethoven's Choral Symphony] Accept “Ode to Joy” until it’s mentioned.

14. Caractacus led resistance to Roman rule on this island, which is where Ambrosius Aurelianus flourished. This island was the location of a fortification built by Antonius Pius. The rape of two young Iceni women in this island led to the Battle of Watling Street in Boudica's revolt. Rome lost this island in 410 AD, after which it was invaded by Jutes and Anglo-Saxons. For the point, Hadrian's Wall was built on what island, the northernmost Roman territory?

ANSWER: Great Britain [or Britannia; prompt on England]

15. This office was held during the Thonburi Dynasty by Taksin the Great. This position has been held by 9 Chakri Dynasty men who have taken the name Rama. Margaret Landon wrote about Anna Leonowens, a governess employed by a holder of this position, in a book that became the musical The King and I. For the point, identify this office held since 1946 by Bhumibol Adulyadej (pr. BOOM-ee-bole uh-DOOL-yuh-day), who has consented to many coups and rules from Bangkok.

ANSWER: King of Thailand [or King of Siam; prompt on partial answer]

16. Bronislaw Malinowski attempted to demarcate this practice from science and religion and wrote a book about "coral gardens and" this thing. According to Arthur C. Clarke, it is indistinguishable from "sufficiently advanced technology." Mythological practitioners of this discipline included Circe (pr. SIR-see) and Merlin. For the point, identify this practice which is the pre-religious belief in the supernatural and was engaged in by Blackstone and Houdini.

ANSWER: magic

17. This place contains five indentations called the Aubrey holes. Gerald Hawkins proposed that this place was an astronomical calendar, and William Stukeley spread the idea that it was a center of Druidic worship. The Preseli Hills in Wales are the source of some of the components of this structure, found on the Salisbury Plain. For the point, name this prehistoric megalith complex in England.

ANSWER: Stonehenge

18. The Juyan Fortress command post is found within this structure. The current version of this structure, partially meant to discourage Jurchen expansion, was built after a loss to the Oirats at the Battle of Tumu. Most portions of this structure built under Shi Huangdi have been destroyed, and it is not actually visible from space. For the point, name this 5,500 mile-long defensive structure built across the northern border of an Asian country.

ANSWER: Great Wall of China [or Wanli Changcheng]

19. Gerald Gardner falsely claimed to revive the traditions of these people. These people were discussed in Heinrich Kramer's Malleus Maleficarum, which stated that anyone who did not cry out at trial was one of them. About forty thousand people were executed for suspicion of being this type of person, far fewer than the millions alleged by believers in the "Burning Times." For the points, identify this kind of person also searched for at Salem, Massachusetts.

ANSWER: witches

20. The application of the Interstate Commerce Clause to this law was upheld in the Heart of Atlanta Motel case. This law shares its name with the 1957 bill that Strom Thurmond filibustered by reading a phone book. The major law by this name included a title applying to "public accommodations" and was passed by a coalition of Northern Republicans and Democrats. For the point, name this 1964 law which made most forms of racial segregation illegal in the U.S.

ANSWER: Civil Rights Act

21. Milanese activists boycotted this product during the Five Days. A "counterblast" against this product was written by James I. This product was brought to France by Jean Nicot. Walter Raleigh introduced a form of this product to England from America, and its advertisements were banned from airwaves in the U.S in 1971. For the point, name this cash crop of colonial Virginia, which is used in pipes and cigarettes.

ANSWER: tobacco

22. This queen received keys from Boabdil (pr. boe-AHB-deel) after the conquest of Granada and then issued the Alhambra Decree expelling Jews and Muslims from her kingdom. This queen's personal confessor, Tomas de Torquemada, became the head of the Inquisition. This queen of Castile created a unified Spain in 1492 and patronized Columbus. For the point, name this queen, who completed that task after marrying Ferdinand of Aragon.

ANSWER: Isabella I

23. This dictator engineered his country's bid to host a boxing match between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali called the "Rumble in the Jungle." This man was overthrown by Laurent Kabila in 1997, after himself coming to power by displacing Moise Tshombe (pr. MOY-say SHOM-bay) and Patrice Lumumba during the chaotic Katanga War. For the point, name this leopard print-hat-wearing president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which he renamed to Zaire.

ANSWER: Mobutu Sese Seko Koko Ngbendu Wa Za Banga [or Joseph-Desire Mobutu]

24. This woman allegedly had an affair with Lorena Hickock. This woman was the chair of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights from 1946 to 1951. This author of the "My Day" column arranged for Marian Anderson's performance at the Lincoln Memorial after the D.A.R. denied access to Constitution Hall. For the point, name this long-tenured First Lady, who came to prominence in the White House of her husband Franklin.

ANSWER: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt [prompt on Roosevelt]

25. This country's independence was secured at the Battle of Navarino, where it was fought for against Mohammad Ali. This country and Turkey were promised aid against Communism by the Truman Doctrine. This country hosted the first modern Olympics, and it underwent the most severe European economic crisis since 2008, contributing to the rise of its fascist Golden Dawn movement. For the point, name this country where Classical civilization began.

ANSWER: Greece

26. Christopher Tin composed the world music song "Baba Yetu" as the theme to recent entries in this series. A game in this series introduced natural wonders and limited units to 1 per hex. The fourth game in this series included Leonard Nimoy's reading of quotes. Games in this series begin in 4000 BC and feature leaders such as Shaka Zulu. For the point, name this turn-based Sid Meier series in which the player builds an empire that stands the test of time.

ANSWER: Civilization

27. This event began with a false flag attack on a radio station as part of the "Case White" strategy. Following this event, the "phony war" began, as France and Britain refused to honor treaty obligations in a waiting period derisively called "Sitzkrieg." This action was made possible by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which removed Soviet opposition. For the point, identify this September 1939 aggression which started World War II in Europe.

ANSWER: Nazi German invasion of Poland

28. During this movement, the Rhineland pogroms against Jews occurred. Peter the Hermit led a popular segment of this movement, which began after a crowd shouted "deus vult" or "God wills it" at the Council of Clermont, following an address by Urban II. This movement installed Godfrey of Bouillon (pr. BWEE-yon) as the first King of Jerusalem. For the point, name this first of a series of Christian-Muslim conflicts over the Holy Land in the Middle Ages.

ANSWER: First Crusade

29. This country was the second of two ruled by the Hashemite King Faisal, who moved here after being deposed from the throne of Syria. This country was the first Baathist state in the world, and it was where the 1988 Halabja gas massacre of Kurds took place. For the point, name this country which fought a 1980s war with Iran under the leadership of Saddam Hussein.


30. A Pope of this name, who was from the della Rovere family, was a "Warrior Pope" who joined the League of Cambrai to reconquer the Papal States. Another pope of this name commissioned the stanzae rooms from Raphael. For the point, give this, name of a pope who commissioned his own tomb from Michelangelo, and the new St. Peter’s Basilica, which is shared with an ancient Roman leader.

ANSWER: Julius

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