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B. 6 Affinity Group Activities

GOLD Activities 2011
This year the GOLD Affinity Group hosted five events.

IEEE Lahore Gold Congress 2011 - Lahore Gold Affinity Group


Opportunities In It & Telecom Industry - Lahore Gold Affinity Group


Cloud Users Meetup - Lahore Gold Affinity Group


Farewell Cum Iftar Dinner - Gold Team 2009 - 2011 - Lahore Gold Affinity Group


IEEE Day - Lahore Gold Affinity Group



The first ten years after graduation can be challenging for young professionals. Employment search, new jobs, professional growth, career development, and life status changes are common experiences for many recent graduates. IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade was formed with a vision to help students transition to young professionals within the larger IEEE community.

This Congress was meant for the recent graduates and graduating persons to interact with industry leaders and entrepreneurs. It included sessions on several themes such as innovation, entrepreneurship, resume and career building. It featured talks and panel discussions by eminent industry leaders as well as several team building, expertise sharing activities. All of the sessions were very interactive and different strategies had been fruitfully implemented to maintain the interest of the audience.

This was first activity of its type in any university in Faisalabad. The University of Faisalabad in collaboration with IEEE GOLD Lahore section arranged this congress for graduates in Faisalabad.

The Congress was attended by many esteemed figures from all over Pakistan:

Mr. Badar Khushnood (Pakistan Country Consultant, Google)

Mr. Farhan Masood (CEO Solo Smart Inc.)

Mr. Nabeel Akmal Qadeer (Co-Founder and COO, Technopsis – A Shapes Group Company)

Mr. Irfan Shahid (CEO, Awami Labs, Aeon Technologies and Former Country HR Manager, Brain Telecom)

Mr. Yousuf Jamshed (Country HR & Communication Manager ABB Pvt. Ltd.)

Ms. Maryam Nasim (CEO, Pixcil)

Mr. Rohan David Emmanuel (President, Green & White Pakistan)

Mr. Haris Nadeem and Mr. Muhammad Alam (Bloggers)

Mr. Noaman Saeed (Dep. Component Leader at Chemonics International)

Lt.Col( Rtd) Saddiq ur Rehman ( Head of Department of Electrical Engineering and Campus Coordinator)

Ms. Syeda Synnia Tanveer - Section Student Representative IEEE Lahore Section
Among the last events of the Congress, all the participants were given certificates to appreciate their participation and enthusiasm, and to encourage them to keep looking forward for such events and opportunities of exploiting the benefits of the IEEE platform.

As mentioned in the beginning, clever strategies were employed to make the experience more and more interactive and alive, and maintain the flare of participation in the audience. Apart from the smart use of words and facts, souvenirs and giveaways were also given to those members among the audience who were actively participating and contributing with their knowledge and ideas.

A question answer session was at the end of each session, and on appreciable and useful questions and reasonable answers Mr. Rafaeel presented Chocolates, IEEE Pencils, IEEE stickers and IEEE giveaways

Also, Lahore Section GOLD got the 2011 IEEE GOLD Affinity Group Hall of Fame Award. The award was globally given to only three groups and Lahore GOLD was one of the recipients.

Apart from this, Lahore Section GOLD collaborated with student societies at NUCES and LUMS for "Opportunities in IT & Telecom Industry" and related entrepreneurship events.

Lahore GOLD Representatives couldn't participate in R10 GOLD Congress 2011 in New Zealand as well as GOLD Summit 2011 in San Francisco, USA.

A farewell Iftar cum Dinner of GOLD Team 2009-2011 was held on 24th August 2011.

IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum

PWF was created with the vision to integrate females from all Science and Technology institutes in Pakistan, to create opportunities for them and to promote them as members of a progressing nation. The first Executive Committee was formed a year later in March, 2011. This is a Pakistan level affinity group that interacts with all the three Sections. The following projects have been created and initiated since the first introductory meeting.


It was unanimously decided that IEEE PWF would publish a newsletter every four months. A newsletter team was formed under the leadership of Newsletter Editor, Rabia Khalid (IEEE Karachi Section) which includes Fatima Faruq (IEEE Islamabad Section), Hudaisa Afzal (IEEE Karachi Section) Elia Nauroz Ali (IEEE Lahore Section). The team plans to publish its second quarterly issue next month.


Pakistan WIE Forum intends to initiate a website in order to help keep WIE groups in Pakistan connected and updated. A web team has been created under the leadership of IEEE Karachi Section which includes Sehrish Asif, Madiha Khalid, Faiza Sajid and Fatima Asif. A temporary webpage currently hosting here: http://ieeepwf


A meeting was held at WIE NED, Karachi that gathered the delegates of R10 Congress 2011, who shared the success of their participation in the Congress as well as the WIE events. They appreciated and congratulated by the IEEE Gold and IEEE Karachi Sections present at the meeting.


Membership Drive was initiated under the leadership of IEEE Islamabad Section in May, 2011 to increase IEEE WIE memberships in Pakistan. It was created with the following agenda points in mind:

  • Aim existing IEEE student branches and promote WIE memberships through Discover WIE Sessions.

  • Promotion through presentation and videos about IEEE and WIE by a PWF representative.

  • PWF representatives and other IEEE members talk to the audience about their experiences in IEEE.

  • Promotion also includes an activity session to help engage students and help create an idea of the IEEE environment.

  • On the spot, feedback forms will be filled for improvement in the Membership Drive initiative.


The first Discover WIE session was held at NFC Faisalabad on 6th May, 2011 and was hosted by IEEE NFC-IEFR. The event photos can be found here:


The second Discover WIE session as held at UET Lahore on 19th May, 2011 at the ‘Footsteps of Illustration’ event by IEEE UET, Lahore. The event photos can be found here:


This project has been initiated under the leadership of Anum Javed (IEEE Lahore Section) in response to the R10 WIE PROGRESS PROJECT Support Fund 2011. A formal proposal was submitted earlier this month with the objective to provide Gender Equal Societies in Science, awareness to common man about science, engineering and technology (SET) and also to increase the networking in members by connecting all the WIE affinity groups. An estimate budget and number of participants was attached with the proposal. The proposed activities and programs include:

  1. Survey of the current gender-equality status through questionnaire

  2. Gender equality promotion in co-operation with rural areas

  3. Conduct seminars in the three IEEE Sections of Pakistan to change mind sets


“Just Believe in Your Dreams” was conducted on 6th July 2011 during the celebrations of “IEEE Day with GCUF” with collaboration of IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum. Presentations and activities were held by Miss Mehvish Zahoor; President IEEE WIE Forum. A session on “Wanna be… Making Your Dreams Come True” was held via a video conferencing by Muhammad Saad from the University of Massachusetts. A team activity followed along with a session on “Women Inspiration and Empowerment”.


C. 1 Goal(s)

Develop a “member” and “Value” focused organisation.

C. 2 Detailed Implementation Plans

  1. Make IEEE more relevant for its members.

  • Telecom

  • Power

  • Electronics

  • Computing – Software development

  1. More active support for the student branches.

  2. Serve as a forum for discussion of professional and policy issues that are of interest to our members.

  3. Organise at least 6 educational seminars on topics of interest to IEEE members.

  4. Increase membership through a concerted drive and activate dormant members.

  • Seek institutional support

  • Offer value for membership (Institution and individual level)

  • Establish a process for converting student members into regular members

  1. Organisational strengthening

  • Establish processes for providing information and services to existing and new members

  • Dues payment support

  • Information dissemination through newsletter, e-mail and website

  • Establish a standard calendar of events and activities

· Meetings

  • Seminars

  1. Financial Aid for deserving students

  2. Motivating members to upgrade to senior member


D. 1 Special Events

The following were the special events held by IEEE Lahore Section during the year 2011:

  • Student participation in the R10 Student Congress Auckland

  • IEEE Section Student Congress 2011, GCU Lahore

D. 2 Problems Anticipated

The following problems could be anticipated:

  • The fluctuations in exchange rate is adversely affecting the paying power of members.

It is suggested that plans and goals be realistic keeping in view the available time to office holders and limitation of human resources for voluntary work.

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