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B. 2 Professional and Continuing Education Activities

Events, Seminars, and Invited Talks

IEEE Lahore Section arranged the following activities this year. Some of these activities were held in collaboration with the Electrical Engineering Department, School of Science and Engineering, LUMS, Lahore.

  1. “A Hierarchical Based Framework for Multimedia Forensics” by Dr. Hafiz Malik from University of Michigan – Dearborn on Thursday, January 06, 2011 at 03:00 - 04:00pm. Venue 10-301 Auditorium, SSE Building,

  1. “Modern Electronic Manufacturing” by Dr. Shahid Khan - MD Micropak (Pvt) Ltd.  on Monday, January 17, 2011 at 03:00 - 04:00pm. Venue will be A-1, Academic Block, LUMS DHA, Lahore Cantt.

  1. “Generalized Cosine and Similarity Metrics: A Supervised Learning Approach based on Nearest Neighbors” by Dr. Ali Mustafa Qamar  (University of Grenoble, France) on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 03:00 - 04:00pm. Venue A-1, Academic Block, LUMS DHA, Lahore Cantt.

  1. “ROILA to your Robot” by Mr. Omer Mubin – PhD Candidate at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands on Friday February 18, 2011 at 02:00 - 03:00 p.m. Venue A-12, Academic Block, LUMS DHA, Lahore Cantt.

  1. “Creating Value through Investment: Indigenous Fuel is the Key to Energy Security” by Engr. Khalid Manzoor – CEO Engro Power Gen. Limited, Engro Energy Limited, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Limited  on Friday February 18, 2011 at 03:00 - 05:00pm. Venue A-9, Academic Block, LUMS DHA, Lahore Cantt.

  1. “Asymmetric Chip Multiprocessors” by Dr. Aater Suleman from Intel Corporation Texas, USA on Monday, February 28th, 2011 at 4:30 - 5:30 pm. Venue A-5, Main Academic Block, LUMS.

  1. “LUMS Initiative Towards Energy Harvesting Through Renewable Energy Sources, Focus: Photovoltaic Devices” Dr. Hassan Abbas Khan from Dept. of Electrical Engineering, LUMS School of Science and Engineering on Friday, March 4, 2011 at 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Venue 10-302, 3rd Floor, SSE Building, LUMS.

Executive Committee Meetings
IEEE Executive Committee Meeting held on Friday, March 18, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. in R#9-117, CS Dept., Ground Floor, SSE Building, LUMS, DHA, Lahore.
IEEE Executive Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, May 04, 2011 at 5:15 p.m. in R#9-117, CS Dept., Ground Floor, SSE Building, LUMS, DHA, Lahore.
IEEE Executive Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 5:15 p.m. in R#9-117, CS Dept., Ground Floor, SSE Building, LUMS, DHA, Lahore.
IEEE Executive Committee Meeting held on November 24 at 5:15 p.m. in R#9-117, CS Dept., Ground Floor, SSE Building, LUMS, DHA, Lahore.
IEEE Executive Committee Meeting held on Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 5:15 p.m. in R#9-117, CS Dept., Ground Floor, SSE Building, LUMS, DHA, Lahore.
Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Lahore Section for the year 2011 was held on December 20, 2011 at the Government College University, Lahore. Dr. Tanveer Haq, Vice President Wi-Tribe was the Chief Guest.

B. 3 Awards and Achievements

Section Awards
In the past the Section has given awards to the Best Volunteers, Best Student Volunteer and Best Student Chapter as incentives for the outstanding work done by them for promoting the cause and function of the Section in particular, and the IEEE in general. The awards are normally beautiful plaques and certificates.
The recipients of 2011 IEEE Lahore Section Awards are:

  1. Best Student Volunteer of the Year Ms. Synnia Tanveer

  2. Best Student Branch of the Year GC University Lahore

  3. Best WIE Affinity Group Student Branch of the Year GC University Faisalabad

Achievements in Section

Mehvish Zahoor was elected as the first Chair of the Pakistan WIE Forum. Anum Javed was elected as the Treasurer.

Saqib Jamil, Mehvish Zahoor and Synnia Tanveer participated in the R10 Student Congress held in Auckland.
Achievements in Region 10

The Region 10 SAC committee has been reconstructed for the year 2012. This year there will be three sub Regional Student Representatives (RSRs) working with the Region 10 RSR. One from West, one from North-East and one from South-East. Ms Synnia Tanveer has been appointed as the Sub RSR (West).

B. 4 Student Activities

Our Student Branches have been very active and progressive. They have been organising IEEE seminars in other teaching institutions, especially with IT and Computer related subjects, with positive results. The members of the student branch participated in the national as well as international events, organized a number of technical talks and workshops, and conducted awareness and marketing campaign to successfully motivate students to join their student branch.

The following section gives brief summary of activities of Student Chapters.

  1. NUCES Lahore

  2. GCU Lahore

  3. LUMS Lahore

  4. UET Lahore

  5. COMSATS Lahore

  6. University of Central Punjab, Lahore

  7. University of Management and Technology, Lahore

  8. GCU Faisalabad

  1. NFC Faisalabad

  2. University of Faisalabad

  3. College of Engineering & Technology Islamia University, Bahawalpur


Pakistan Student Congress 2011

Pakistan Student Congress is the biggest event held by student volunteers of IEEE Sections on rotation basis. This year it was the Lahore Section’s turn to host this magnificent event.

The PSC brings together members and professionals, belonging to different environments, cultures and schools of thought from all over Pakistan. Its main focus is on the role and significance of IEEE in students’ professional and community lives, and to serve as a uniting factor towards a common healthy cause.

The Congress helps in creating and revitalizing strong links between students and professionals. It also provides a platform to the members of Student Branches from all over Pakistan meet, exchange ideas and learn from each others experiences. The Congress helps in promoting the professionalism among the students.

Annual General Meeting of the IEEE Lahore Section Hosted at GCUL

The IEEE-GCUL team has once again the honor to host the Annual General Meeting 2011 of the IEEE Lahore Section.

IEEE-GCUL Activities 2011

The GCUL organized many promotional and interactive events, and participated in external events during the year 2011. The IEEE-GCUL Student Branch has actively participated in the Executive Committee meetings of the IEEE Lahore Section. The Student Branch also has managed to start two active affinity groups in this short period. The IEEE-GCUL Student Branch has also contributed in spreading the IEEE cause by providing guidance and support to students of other institutions when and where needed. Some of the important activities are:

  • IEEE Orientation at COMSATs, Sahiwal

  • Talk by Ms. Synnia Tanveer (Mentor IEEE-GCUL and Lahore SSR) on IEEE Day

  • Attended the IEEE Week at FAST

  • Participated in the NFC Techno War

  • Participated in the IEEE-GOLD Congress 2011

  • Made the IEEE Lahore Section Newsletter 2011

  • Actively participated in all four IEEE Lahore Section Ex-com meetings of the year.

International Participation

Syeda Synnia Tanveer participated in the IEEE Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress 2011 held at the University of Auckland, New Zealand July 7 – July 10, 2011. It was a great experience of representing IEEE Lahore Section and Pakistan at an international platform where world's best volunteers of IEEE showed up. She is thankful to IEEE Lahore Section for providing such an opportunity. She is also thankful to the sponsors of the visit, IEEE Lahore Section, NetSol, LumenSoft, and Mentor Graphics.


WIE remained substantially active on the departmental as well as Section level, having a fair blend of different types of activities. WIE conducted many promotional activities, competitions and events within the department and partook in others at Section level. A WIE ECI’11 week was also dedicated to IEEE-GCUL-WIE-ECI’11.

IEEE-GCUL Electronics Wing

This group was launched for electronics in March, with the responsibility to promote activity and membership and to spread the purpose and benefits of IEEE for Electronics students. Salman Mehmood Qazi was selected the first chair.

This smart team participated in the Techno War event by NFC, and also organized the intervarsity event NAGS – Nerds of Art, Gurus of Science 2011, in collaboration with the Photography Club of the GC University, Lahore. 300 students from 27 educational intuitions of Pakistan participated in the three-day event. This was a collection of competitions including robotic race, circuit designing, technical quiz, speed writing, science project exhibition, best proposed scientific solution, best scientific idea, photography, essay writing, short film contest, sketching, painting, sculpture, dress designing, short story writing, poetry, recycling, dubbing, e-gaming and flash war. This event gained media coverage too.

Branch Achievements

  1. Bronze honour earned by Syeda Synnia Tanveer in engineering project proposal rural sustainability – an outreach to the unreachable. It has been published in three editions of Pakistan EIR Magazine in 2011.

  2. Got the honour to organize the Mega Events of the year – the Pakistan Student Congress and Annual General Meeting 2011.

  3. Recognizing our reporting skills, IEEE-GCUL was asked to report the GOLD Congress 2011, and Asma Niaz, Vice Chair IEEE-GCUL, reported it in detail.

  4. Syeda Synnia Tanveer’s Participation in the IEEE R10 Congress as a speaker in WIE Session, and addressing Gender Imbalance, topic “Don’t hold back! Go and get it”.

  5. Inauguration of a new Group – the IEEE-GCUL Electronics Wing. This announcement makes us proud as the newly created body’s team has shown great vigour through its mentioned feats.

IEEE-NUCES Activities 2011

The IEEE NUCES Lahore branch has been very active during the past year, organizing a number of major events and seminars. IEEE Week ’11, the biggest event of the year, the scavenger hunt ’11 for the new batches, Orientation ’11 and membership drive are some of them.

Membership Drive

A week after the orientation, the interested students were invited to come and officially sign-up for IEEE by making an online account and actively becoming part of the society’s activities.


On Tuesday 25th October 2011, IEEE-NUCES Lahore organized a scavenger hunt for the 2010 and ’11 batches as a pre-orientation event to gear-up the young batches for the orientation. Teams consisted of 4 members each. The tasks varied from taking a photograph of an airplane to balancing three apples, one on top of the other, on one’s head, all to be done on-campus. From the time they were set loose on their quest to the time they reported back, the campus was rank with excitement; participating students running helter-skelter, badgering anybody and everybody they could get hold of for a BlackBerry™, an even digits FAST-NU ID card and Ray Ban glasses. The teams were to be marked on basis of their reporting time and the total marks they accumulated.

Orientation ‘11

Right after the huge success of the Scavenger Hunt, IEEE NUCES-Lahore held its orientation session for the new batches, to familiarize them with workings of IEEE, its benefits and the events. Evaluation forms were given out to the audience in which they were asked a series of yes/no questions based on their strengths, weaknesses and their likes, so as to get a better understanding of the team we are going to make for the future. Videos and pictures of previous events were shows.


The IEEE WEEK was a 6 days long event full of fun filled activities, and competitions for the students to demonstrate their creativity and skills. The week was in collaboration with NUCES Circuit Society, Drama Festival Fast and NUCES Media Group, IEEE UET, Highway Buzz team and WIE NUCES. The opening ceremony comprised of speeches by the Rector, Director and Faculty Advisor and the then IEEE-NUCES President’s starting note. Cambridge Docs organized the two hour IPhone development workshop and Android Development. A workshop on photography was also held by the students of FAST-NU. WIE-NUCES organized a Graphic designing workshop for the graphic lovers. ‘Match to Catch’, a fun filled yet mind boggling event was organized by IEEE-NUCES on its 2nd day of IEEE week. WIE-NUCES arranged Women Empowerment Forum in on 10th February, 2011 on Human Rights Day. Women from different walks of life were invited to the occasion. These honorable women which included Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik, Dr. Aaliya Aftab,Ms. Robina Shakeel and Mrs Nasreen Aftab were requested to share their precious views and experiences about the role of women in society. WIE-NUCES organized Graphic Designing Competition on the sixth day of IEEE week. Students were asked to do portray “Positive Image of Pakistan” through their posters. Adobe PhotoShop was the platform of designing. Time allowed was 1 hour and 30 mints and there were 11 teams participating.

IEEE-WEEK ended with a bang in the form of an exciting closing ceremony. All the team members and participants were present at the event. Dr. S. M. Sajid and Dr. Amjad Hussain took out their time as the guests of honor. The ceremony drew a huge number of people from FAST-NUCES, NUST (college of EME), UET Lahore, UMT, Kinnard College Lahore and Beacon House School System. IEEE-UET Chapter participated throughout the week and was helpful in making IEEE week a success story. Speeches from President and Vice President IEEE-NUCES thanked the participants and the team members. All the winners of competitions were presented with IEEE winning awards. Team IEEE-NUCES were presented with the shields for their contributions.

IEEE-GCUF Activities 2011

The IEEE GCUF has been an active Student Branch during the year 2011. It has hosted a number of events as well as participated in many events hosted by other institutions. The IEEE-GCUF has actively participated in the IEEE Lahore Section meetings. One of its members had the honour to represent the IEEE-GCUF, the IEEE Lahroe Section and Pakistan in the R10 Student Congress 2011 held in Auckland.

Here is a summary of the activities and achievements of the IEEE-GCUF.

Orientation Sessions

Three orientations were arranged for the 1st semester students, 2 at the start of the year for the 2010 batch and 1 at the end of the year to create awareness among the newly enrolled students.


The annual quiz competition for the Telecom Department was arranged for the 1st semester students to help them revise their course. The other objective was to develop a healthy competitive environment in the department.


Genetic war was arranged in the bio informatics department for the 1st semester students to help them integrate their thoughts and make them technically sound.

Project Exhibition

Project exhibition was conducted by IEEE-GCUF on 2nd Feb. 2011. Students from other universities like UET Faisalabad, NFC IEFR Faisalabad participated in exhibition. Feedback given by visitors was encouraging. Another project exhibition was held on 20th June to help the students in improving their technical skills innovation.

IEEE GOLD Congress Participation

IEEE GCUF participated in IEEE GOLD Congress held at The University of Faisalabad on 12th march, 2011.

Officers Training

A training was conducted on 13th march, 2011 to develop professional skills of the office bearers of the student branch. The speaker of this workshop was Mr. Saad Zafar (Ex-Chair and Participant of YLC SOL). New Executive body attended this session.

PHP Workshop

IEEE GCUF arranged a workshop on PHP on 8th April, 2011. This was conducted by Mr. Aqeel Ahmed. Forty students from different departments like software engineering, computer sciences, electrical engineering and bio-informatics attended this workshop.

SOFTECH Participation

Students of GCUF and IEEE GCUF members participated in softech held at FAST NUCES Lahore on 9th and 10th April.

PCB Design Workshop

IEEE GCUF conducted PCB Design workshop on 19th and 20th April, 2011 by Mr. Moazzam (lecturer GCUF).

TECHNO-WAR Participation

IEEE GCUF participated at Techno-WAR held at NFC Faisalabad on 5th and 6th May, 2011.

International Representation

One of the most active members of the WIE GCUF, Mehvish Zahoor, was selected to represent Pakistan in the R10 Congress in Aucklan. It was a really big achievement to represent Pakistan and the branch at the international level. She is thankful to IEEE Lahore Section and sponsors of the visit.

Visit to a Government School

The IEEE GCUF branch as part of their social activities arranged a trip to a school in the rural areas to help the students of the government school technically and build in them confidence to face the world and instill in them the fact that they are no less than others.

IEEE Day with GCUF

IEEE DAY with GCUF was a two-day mega event held On 5th and 6th October, 2011. In this international event IEEE GCUF conducted the following activities:

  • Competitions:

      • Gamester

      • Draw your world

      • Coding Fever

      • Quiz competition

  • Workshops:

      • Asp.Net

      • Web Development

      • MATLAB

  • Seminars:

      • CISCO career Guide

      • Just believe in your dreams (online)

      • Women inspiration and empowerment (online)

IEEE-UET Activities 2011

Technofest’11 was a Mega Event arranged by 5 of the major societies of UET. IEEE UET collaborated with ACM, IET, ASME and EC to organize TechnoFest’11. It was a first of its kind event and the largest event held in UET during the academic year 2011. It included technical and non-technical competitions in which students of universities from all over Pakistan participated. TechnoFest’11 also included conferences, workshops, and seminars. TechnoFest’11 was held in UET from 18th May to 21st May 2011. The S-PAC and WIE Explorer TE’11 were the most noticeable events.

Some of the events are as follows:

  • The S-PAC

  • Breaking the Logician’s Code

  • Control the Controller

  • Guess the Sketch

  • MATLAB Mantra

  • Tour de Electrical

  • WIE Explorer TE’11

MATLAB Workshop

A workshop on the introduction to the usage of MATLAB was conducted by WIE, UET. This was a hands-on workshop on image processing and EMT toolbox.

S-PAC 2011

The IEEE Student’s Professional Awareness Conference, an annual event organized by the IEEE-UET Chapter, serves as an exciting forum for scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout Pakistan to present and discuss the issues regarding professional development and further techniques to nurture self-confidence.

This year SPAC was held on 20th&21st May at UET, Lahore.

WIE Explorer TE’11

For the first time in the history of UET, IEEE UET’s WIE Affinity Group organized a national event: UET WIE EXPLORER TE ’11 on 19th May 2011. Events include:

  • Footsteps of Illustrious

  • Snap the Idea

  • Dodge the snake

  • Conceptualize the Notion

  • On the Ground of Paper

Lecture on Career Opportunities in Industrial Control and Electrical Applications

A talk on Tapping Career Opportunities in Industrial Controls and Electrical Applications was given by Mr. Shahid Bashir, an alumnus of UET, on 18th of August, 2011. The talk was about Growth potential in a relatively obscured field and the benefits of higher education in career growth.


Just like the IEEE student branches around the world, IEEE UET also celebrated IEEE day on 6th October, 2011 as an opportunity to pay homage to our local leaders, and also to give a proper farewell to the last year’s Executive Committee.


IEEE UET made special arrangements (computers, internet, food, rooms) for IEEE members for participation in IEEE Xtreme on the 22nd of October. Around 30 students from UET participated in this event.

Workshop on MATLAB Basics and Control Toolbox

A two day workshop was conducted on MATLAB and Control Toolbox for students of EE department on 1st and 2nd of December. Mr. Mohsin Javed, a faculty member of EE department was the instructor.


Discover IEEE was a one day event held on 27th October, the purpose of which was to introduce the new batch of Electrical Engineers to the setup and working of IEEE-UET, and IEEE international.

Presentations were given on the History of IEEE, the functionality of IEEE and the benefits of joining IEEE. Later on a quiz was conducted to check the general knowledge and prior know-how of the students about IEEE.

The top scorers were offered free membership of IEEE (sponsored by IEEE-UET).

Lecture on Communication and Information Theory,

A lecture on Communication and Information Theory, Data compression and Minimum Description Length Principle was given my Mr. Bilal Wajid, a faculty member at EE department, UET on 29th of November, 2011.

Cure Rayan Drive

Cure Rayan was a drive launched by three-year old Rayan’s parents, Sarah and Farhan, after he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. An urgent transplant of bone marrow was required. IEEE UET conducted tests for more than 100 students inside UET.

IEEE-UMT Activities 2011

General Body Meeting

It was held on January 20, 2011 and also included certificate distribution ceremony. Students were provided certificates for Electronic Projects completed in Fall 2009. Addressing on the occasion, Col Khan M Nazir, Head Patron IEEE UMT branch, encouraged students to join IEEE and Engineers Forum. He said it would help them in completing their final year projects.

Winners of Techno War at Faisalabad

Students from UMT, Lahore participated in NFC Techno War Competition 2011 held at the NFC IFER, Faisalabad. Teams participated in four competitions and succeeded in three, securing the first and third positions in an engineering quiz called Mind Wobble. They also won Future Ideas, Boom Strike, E-Gaming and Need for Speed Competitions.

MATLAB Workshop

The Session 1 of the Matlab Workshop was delivered by Assistant Professor SST. He gave details of the basic concepts of Matlab to the students from EE and CS Department. Session 2 was about the concepts of plotting 3D-graphs, integration, derivations and matrices. Head of EE Department was the special guest on this occasion. He also encouraged the IEEE-UMT core team to arrange such kind of events in future as well.


It was held on 1st & 8th of Apr, 2011. The workshop had four sessions totaling 14hours. The basic aim was to familiarize students with the PIC Microcontroller and share the speakers’ experiences with the final year students so they can get help in implementing their ideas in projects. The first session (Introduction to Micro Controller) gave the basic knowledge about Micro Controllers and Micro Processors. The 2nd session (Introduction PIC Microcontroller) delivered a brief introduction on hardware architecture and registers, detail of Serial Programming, Analog to Digital Conversion and Timers. Practical experience on tackling run time errors was also shared. The 3rd session (BASIC Language, Proton IDE Compiler, Programming Techniques, and Proteus 7 Professional) the basic ideas of Programming methods, use of Proton IDE (PIC Micro Controller Compiler) and Introduction to Proteus 7 Professional were described in it. The Final session (Projection Simulation & Hardware Designing) described the basic ideas of Hardware Designing and Project Simulations and tried to address the students’ problems regarding projects and guided them about innovative ideas and their implementation.


It was celebrated at UMT on 6th Oct, 2011. Rector UMT was the Chief Guest. The event was attended by Chairperson Electrical Engineering Department, Dean SST, more than 20 faculty members and more than 100 participants. Electrical engineering Students displayed electronics, robotics and power energy projects in it. A special cake cutting ceremony was arranged on this occasion. In his closing remarks Rector UMT appreciated the core team of IEEE UMT. He also advised to arrange such events in future. The proceedings included:

  • Recitation of some verses from the Holy Qur'an

  • Welcomed note for new students.

  • Briefing on the branch activities and past achievements of SST students by the Branch Counselor.

  • Presentation by the Patron IEEE UMT on the history of IEEE.

  • Motivational speech by the Head Patron WIE- UMT and a faculty member SST, to the female participants to take part in IEEE.

  • Distribution of the certificates and shields by Dr Abdul Aziz Bhatti among the participants of MATLAB Workshop, Pic Micro Controller Workshop and NFC Faisalabad Winners.

Seminar on “How To Become an IT Entrepreneur"

Mr. Hasan Metla, Senior Vice President Omnix Group, UAE was invited to give a lecture on "How to become an IT Entrepreneur". The lecture was attended by a large number of students from the SBE and the SST. Those who were present on the occasion included Rector UMT, and Pro-Rector UMT. Mr. Hasan Metla discussed the phenomenal growth of the Chinese market and its impact on the global economy. He also explained the dynamics of online shopping, consumer behavior and various Mobile Operating Systems. He shared the processes for developing Android and Iphone Applications. On an important note, he encouraged students to take the road to entrepreneurship and gave them useful tips for raising capital for investment. He also discussed the increasingly popular social marketing concept in Pakistan. At the end of the lecture, a question and answer session was also held. Dr Hasan encouraged the team to arrange more seminars of this kind in the future.

IEEE-NFC Activities 2011

IEEE Membership Promotional Seminar

IEEE membership Promotional seminar was held on 15, January 2011 under the supervision of Madam Asma Adeel in auditorium of electrical engineering department. In this seminar a large number of students participated .The goal of this seminar was to aware students of batch 2010 about IEEE, its uniqueness significance and its scope in future. Before starting the seminar, pamphlets were given to the students containing useful information regarding IEEE.


Joint event with TUF “HUM KISI SE KAM NAHI” was held on 10, august 2011. It was a joint venture with university of Faisalabad. The main goal of this venture was to help the flood victims. For this, different groups in our society were made, they were assigned a task only to collect the money.

We were successful in getting hand some money. This money was given to TUF for buying household items like sugar, cooking oil etc. These all items were purchased by TUF.

IEEE-UCET Activities 2011


IEEE AEPEX (Annual Engineering Project Exhibition) was the biggest event organized by IEEE UCET-IUB. It included 40 projects of the students, including 3 research publications in international conferences of IEEE related to the fields of Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering. The event was visited by more than 800 visitors from U.E.T, Lahore, UET Taxila, BZU, Multan and other institutions. The event was covered by local and national media.

Talk on “Applied Means of Communication in Pakistan”

UCET successfully conducted this talk, On 25th February. The invited speaker, Eng. S. M. Fasih ur Rehman elaborated the means of communication and discussed his experiences and guided students who wanted to continue their career in the field of communication.

Workshop on “Mobile Computing”

(14th–17thJune) An intensive workshop of 3 days was one of the major events of our IEEE SB that gathered almost 300 students related to Computer engineering, computer sciences and its related fields. Mr. Sajid Ali Anjum, CEO SajiSoft, and one of few Nokia Forum Champions in Pakistan, delivered this workshop excellently.

Workshop on CV Writing & Interview Skills

On 19th June IEEE-UCET organized a workshop based on the need of the upcoming graduates. Here, involvement of Career Development Center of Islamia University Bahawalpur brought remarkable benefits for the 100 plus students who attended the workshop.

Students participated with great interest. Marvelous Lecture on Interview and CV Writing Skills are delivered that created much interest among the participants and enhances our abilities toward

  • Proper dressing for an interview

  • The do’ s & dont’s of an interview

  • What knowledge you must have before appearing in interview.

Experience Sharing about IEEE R10 Student Congress

This was very first time that student Muhammad Saqib Jamil from our Student branch has participated in IEEE R10 Student Congress 2011 in Auckland, The University of Auckland. On returning from Congress, he shared with the students his personal experience of attending event in Auckland. The audience was comprised of students and faculty of the engineering college. He discussed in detail the inside of IEEE and its benefits. The faculty appreciated him well for presenting the university at such a wonderful platform. He thanked the IEEE Lahore Section and other sponsors for providing such a wonderful and unique opportunity to participate and represent the branch, the Section, and Pakistan.

Talk on “Research Publications Methodologies”

This talk was conducted in November for the young researchers to help them in publishing their research work in international conferences by IEEE. The reason for conducting such event was due to remarkable improvement in the number of publications by the students and faculty members in IEEE conferences. Specifically, for the past two years, the publications by students and faculty were increased to 32 by 2011 in IEEE international conferences. The talk as expected brought positive results in motivating students for increasing research activities.

IEEE-CIIT Activities 2011

IEEE-CIIT is continuously working to bring out value for the students of CIIT since the day it was established. Several workshops, seminars and tremendous events were organized by it. Since the day of its inception, IEEE-CIIT has had huge growth. It started with 5 IEEE International members. The number quadrupled in a year, and kept increasing exponentially. IEEE-CIIT organized IEEE Membership Rise Seminars, IEEE Orientation & Motivational Seminars, to encourage students in selecting IEEE as their mentor society. These seminars proved to be fruitful enough to raise the number of memberships to 100-members per year. For providing benefits to the IEEE Member students, many technical and non-technical events were organized, as IEEE-CIIT admits that education and recreation must go side by side.

APTEC 2011

ALL PAKISTAN TECHNICAL PAPER/POSTER COMPETITION was a forum to bring some of the best student engineers together from all over the country. It was an undergraduate final year project based on paper/poster competition that aimed to provide an occasion to exhibit original and innovative work carried out by the young engineers during their final year projects in the form of scientific papers/posters. It also gave the involved students, faculty and industrialists from all over Pakistan the opportunity to learn from the best and interact with their fellows in the field of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering. It a full day event held on 19th April 2011.

Digital Communications Workshop Using Matlab & Simulink

As MATLAB is one of the most important tools in Engineering, this two day event was held to provide skills and hands on experience to students, who were taught from the basics to the high level programming and modeling of engineering ideas in MATLAB and SIMULINK. Counselor IEEE-CIIT and her research group explained the technical tools through various examples, simulations and interactive sessions.

Workshop on RTOS

A workshop on Real Time Operating Systems was organized by IEEE-CIIT in order to keep pace with the changing trends and technology. Dr Faheem Sheikh, and Mr Ahmed Yousaf from Mentor Graphics, educated the attendees about the changing trends and provided technical tools for the RTOS development.

Final Year Project Seminar

Taking in view the fact that selection of FYP can prove to be very critical in a student’s carrier, IEEE-CIIT organized second FYP seminar focusing on the importance of FYP, the execution plan of an FYP and keeping the pace with time. This seminar was of great interest to the students of final year. Dr Ali Nawaz Khan, Head of Project Advisory Committee Electrical Engineering Department, COMSATS Institute of I.T, and Mr Usman Rafique, Lecturer E.E. guided the students with their experiences. This seminar was held on 13th October, 2011.

IEEE-CIIT Gaming Competition

IEEE-CIIT Lahore organized a gaming competition on 3rd, October 2011. 4 hours of nail biting matches and at the end one team took home the title of Counter Strike Champs.

For future we have a series of events to be organized, some of which are:

  • The “Circuiteers” first ever speed wiring and circuit solving techniques competition

  • MATLAB Workshop

  • Mobile Application Development Workshop

  • APTEC 2012

  • Optical Fibre Communication Workshop

  • Series of seminars

Under the vigilant leadership of its Counselor the IEEE-CIIT Student Branch hopes to prosper, advance and grow in the near future. IEEE-CIIT will, God Willingly, ensure the fulfillment of IEEE motto, “Advancing Technology for Humanity”.
IEEE-TUF Activities 2011

IEEE GOLD Congress 2011

The major event organized by the IEEE-TUF Student Branch was this year’s IEEE GOLD Congress. It was attended by dignitaries of the IEEE Lahore Section as well as those from other domains. The team received many congrats for its successful handling and the effort put behind it. As it was a GOLD event, it is briefed in the GOLD Section of the report.

IEEE Orientation

An orientation session was held for the new comers at The University of Faisalabad headed by Engr. Ubaid Umar xChair IEEE TUF. Purpose of this event was to inspire the students to join IEEE. This interactive session was started with the name of Allah followed by naat shareef. After the formal starting of the session Mr. Ubaid presented an interactive presentation about IEEE benefits and explain why an engineer should join IEEE and hoe to get benefits from this platform.

Workshop on Computer Programming Basics

Workshop on basics of computer programming was held for new comers to get them familiar with computer programming and importance of computer programming in engineering. This workshop was headed by students of final year. This was good interactive session between seniors and juniors of EE department. This was not only an educational workshop but also a good chance to teach newcomers that they should seek guidance from their seniors. It went great, not only the students but faculty also appreciated this kind of workshop and wished that this kind of activity should be continued for the better interaction among the students.

Paricipation in IEEE XTREME

IEEE Xtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE student members – supported by an IEEE Student Branch, advised and proctored by an IEEE Member – compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems. This year 1,510 teams comprising 4,022 Students from 65 countries around the globe participated in IEEE Xtreme 5.0. IEEE LUMS student branch participated in IEEE Xtreme 2011. LUMS did really well. Congratulations to the top teams, their instructors and their friends.  One of the LUMS teams grabbed 30th position and another team from LUMS was placed 87th.

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