Ideas for Themes

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Ideas for Themes

Choosing a theme for your evening could add an extra fun or sparkle to your evening but it isn’t mandatory.

If you do choose a theme with fancy dress, ensure that your guests are comfortable with this idea; otherwise just use it for decorating your room and dressing your table. Detailed below are a few ideas for the theme for the evening (or let us know yours!)

Golden Anniversary

The idea: As it is the 50th Anniversary of the Dorset Wildlife Trust, Gold has to be high on the list of themes.

Decor and dress: Use gold or yellow table linen with gold candles and golden foil balloons around the room. Also ask guests to wear something gold, whether it is as jewellery or a part of their outfits. The dress code could be lounge suits and cocktail dresses,

Food and drink: The menu could be anything from fine dining with sparkling gold cuvee or a cocktail party and mixing Gold diggers, a Golden Delicious or a Gold Coast. You could even decorate desserts with a sprinkling of gold leaf! Or serve a bottle of Goldschlager, a liqueur with gold flakes in it.

(Note: Alternatively choose another colour as your theme and have table or room decorations in that colour. Ask your guests to wear that colour and try to incorporate drinks and food items of that colour into your menu)


The idea: Again as it is the 50th anniversary, why not choose a celebration of the 50’s and rock around the clock! Ask ladies to dress in flared skirts and bobby socks and the men in jeans and white T-shirts.

Decor & dress: Use the film Grease for inspiration for decoration Play your favourite 50’s hits and have a rock 'n' roll dance competition, a hula hoop contest or a bubble blowing competition.

Food & drink: Serve cheeseburgers and fries with cola, sodas or milkshakes (with added alcohol).


The idea: As DWT was formed in 1961, hold a ‘Swinging 60’s party with flower power, peace and love and tie dye!

Decor & dress: Use psychedelic colours, or hang Austin Powers posters and peace symbols around the room. Ask the guests to dress like hippies with fake fur and love beads.

Food & drink: As the 60’s were the start of the health food craze, opt for a vegetarian menu featuring lentils and avocado, alternatively go retro with Prawn Cocktail, Surf & Turf and Black Forest Gateau served with Snowballs, Mateus Rose and a keg of beer (remember Party 7’s?)

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