I unhesitatingly Choose The Ape

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I Unhesitatingly Choose The Ape”

    In my (admittedly limited) experience on this planet, I have found that the only remedy for ignorance is knowledge.  Therefore, I have put together this little project for my most knowledgeable students (read: “you”), to combat the rather astounding tide of ignorance that surrounds the theory of evolution in this country.  Here’s how it’s going to go down:

  1. Pick a common misconception from the list below.  Only two people can work on any misconception.  You cannot change your mind once you pick:

    1. The Earth is not billions of years old

    2. Humans evolved from monkeys.

    3. Humans and apes do not share a common ancestor.

    4. The eye cannot evolve by natural selection.

    5. Living systems are irreducibly complex.

    6. The complexity of life is proof of an intelligent designer.

    7. Evolution is a random process.

    8. Evolution is goal oriented.

    9. Evolution is “just a theory”

    10. Speciation has never been observed in the lab or in the environment.

    11. Evolution is incompatible with religion.

  1. You (and your partner) will research the misconception.  You should try to answer the following questions with your research:

    1. Why is this a misconception about the theory of evolution?  

    2. What does the theory of evolution actually say about the topic you are researching?

    3. What evidence does biological science or the natural world at large offer to contradict this misconception?

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