I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

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Michelle de Souza (de Villiers) greenlands@mjvn.co.za

After 15 years of teaching I finally gave up and started a guesthouse, Greenlands, in my home. I love my work, meeting interesting people from all over the world and South Africa.

The reason I was able to start a guesthouse was because 3 of the 5 children had left home and so we were rattling around in a large family home.

 My beloved husband, Gerry, died of a heart attack in 1998, leaving me with 3 sons who still lived at home and needed to be educated. My youngest (Jonathan) was only 9. This experience has been devastating for all of us. Fortunately we are a very close family and the two girls (Jo and Cath), who live close by have been wonderfully supportive - I am hoping to be a step-granny sometime soon! David (25) is living in London, Ross (19) is studying at RAU and Jonathan (16) is at Boarding School.


Over the years I have kept contact with Helen Phelines, Liz Cox, Jenny Macintosh, Liz Cox, Vanessa Braak, Meg Seton-Rogers, Hilary Saner and Joy Merriweather. From other years with Prue Martens, Sandy Van Duyn and Margie Millar.

Linda Allanson (Dustan) glallanson@optusnet.com.au

Last time, at our 20-year reunion, I was living in Melbourne. Meg Seton-Rogers came to Melbourne and brought me all the latest photos and gossip and made me determined to be at Old Girls for the next big event. So I will be the eyes and ears for Meg and Lenchen this time.

We moved back home to Sydney in 1997 and the boys started at SCECGS Redlands, which has 1800 pupils from preschool to Matric. The school is only 15 minutes from home and 10 minutes from the city by bus, over the bridge, where I work. Tristan is now 16 and in year 10 and Quillan is 13 and in year 8. Both play the violin and are in the school orchestra – practise sessions can be trying for the cats and neighbours (both boys have played the violin since Kindergarten and we are the proud owners of not 1 but 2 violins). Both boys play a fair bit of sport, Tristan has pockets for Squash and Quillan is an excellent tennis player and enjoys his school soccer.

Moving back home was wonderful and of course we thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics and could see the flame burning from the top of our street which was very exciting. The next major event was the World Cup Rugby which was enjoyed by everyone. I was in Spain for most of that time as my father was very ill. Needless to say he is well as is my mother as they enjoy life in the South of Spain.

We have had a few trips round Australia, sailing in the Whitsunday Islands, snorkelling off Northern Queensland, visiting the outback (only in NSW & Sth Australia) and in the last year spent a lot of time in Tasmania as Geoff was working there and commuting weekly from Sydney. We had a trip to Malaysia and bumped into a family from Whiteriver on Tioman Island in the South China Sea who knew Karen Freimond and put me in touch with her – what a small world. I have also taken the boys to the USA, France and Spain (2x) but they are not showing any interest in visiting Africa. They have been to SA to visit Geoff’s family and my sisters but would prefer to stay home now.

With my mid life crises now in full swing, I decided to learn Spanish. I have also enrolled to do languages (French & Spanish) and history at the University of Sydney, starting next year. The course is purely self-indulgent.

Both my sisters are still in South Africa and I will be visiting them this time – my first trip to SAfrica since 1999. Anne lives in Grahamstown and her daughters Katie and Nicky are at DSG and St Andrews. Catherine lives in Stellenbosch with her children, Hannah & Robert who are at Renish School.

Sandra Black (Fanourakis) admin@swazitrac.co.sz

0926 860 20332 Box 170, Matsapa, Swaziland

Bridget Fielding (Fitzgerald) fieldwork@mweb.co.za

043 7352319 083 716 1597 5 Logan Dr, Nahoon, East London

Carol Timkoe (Fung) carol.timkoe@tigerbrands.com

Suzette Jansen

012 341 3746/083 299 2254

Jill Holmden jholmden@hotmail.com

Unfortunately I wont be able to attend - very ironic as we moved back to SA in December after 24 years in London - but we are going back for the school holidays to sort out the renting of our house etc - but will think of you all, will you do a newsletter/update afterwards?  Very kind of you to do all this - I can imagine the difficulty with people living so far away from each other, thank goodness for e-mail.

My son, aged 13 is at Somerset College, a school in Somerset West, which he loves, esp the cricket and the rugby - he is excused Afrikaans due to being an 'immigrant'.  We are building a house in SW which overlooks False Bay - quite a difference from the London suburbs, where your only view is the guy over the road washing his car yet again.  It is quite strange being back after so long away, we love the weather and the outdoors but not so sure about Mall life.  After living in affluent Europe, it is challenging to see the shacks every day and to realize that in most ways, things have not changed very much from my childhood.

If anyone is down this way would love to see them, our phone number is (021) 855 3063.

Lenchen Kurzahn (Fick) lenchen@bigpond.com

How I wish that I could be joining you on Saturday for Old Girls. I hope that you have a wonderful time together – I will be thinking of you all. (No one to giggle with in chapel Carolyn!)

It has been fabulous reading the emails and looking at photos forwarded by Michelle - thank you so much. My family is so large that I do not have one photo of all of us together and am sending you the very latest one - taken yesterday - of me and my grandson Connor even though I would love to show everyone off to you.

I am currently living on a farm just outside of Gympie in Queensland Australia. After immigrating in November 2001 we lived in the lovely city of Brisbane for 3 years. We moved onto our farm in December 2004. Life in rural farming Australia is very demanding but also interesting and challenging. We farm with avocado pears and macadamia nuts. I have been involved in many aspects of the farming including fertilizing trees, picking avocadoes, collecting stones from underneath the macadamia trees and am currently sorting nuts which we de-husk on the farm before sending the nuts (in shell) to a marketing organisation. Labour is expensive in Australia and as this is a new venture we find ourselves having to do much of the work ourselves, a situation that I would never have dreamed of some years ago. I thought that life would be much easier and less physically demanding as I headed towards my 50’s…! And yes I do drive the tractor, well sort of; it is more a case of having my leg jammed down so hard on the brake that the machine hardly moves. Were we educated for farm labouring at DSG?

My Children: Jonte (27) and Shelley (24) both live in Pretoria. Jonte has 1 daughter – Claire (5years old) and she is planning on getting married to Willem next May. I hope to bring my Aussie family over for the wedding but unfortunately it will only be for about 1 week as we will have to take the children out of school. Shelley is married to Jason and they have Connor (21 months). As I type this email they are with me visiting for 1 month. I adore my children and am very sad that they are not all living in Australia with me nearby… Nina (14) and Luke (12) live in Australia and are very happy here. Nina loves horse riding and has 2 horses on the farm. I am not as enthusiastic as I was about riding but do have good memories of my days of trail riding on our farm near Lydenburg. Luke is 12 years old and sport mad, unlike his mother!

My parents are both active, social people and they enthusiastically embrace their life in Ballito where they moved 2 years ago. They visited us in Australia last year.

I have been privileged to have travelled to all of South Africa’s neighbouring states as well as to Mauritius, Austria and France. This year will take us to New Zealand on a ski-ing trip. To be honest I find the ski-ing rather terrifying at times and utter dreadful words just loudly enough for my husband Anton to hear but not so loud that the children would hear them as that would be out of character (truly)!

Since I moved to Australia I have been in touch with Linda Dustan and we have both visited one another in our respective homes. To our great delight when Anton and I went to Sydney to participate in a furniture exhibition last year we stayed in a B & B opposite Linda’s home and we were able to spend time together every day. Linda will fill you in with some of my news.

I became a believing Christian in my early 20s. My faith has carried me through many tough times in my life. It gives me hope, a purpose for living and inner joy despite many difficult situations and the pressures of life. I know that we all have a collective experience of many trials and tribulations as well as the good experiences which our upbringing and education have afforded us. I am aware of some of your life stories and want you to know that I admire all of you for your courage in rising above your circumstances. I salute you all and wish you many blessed years ahead of you…

My new address and telephone number: 289 Marys Creek Road, Gympie, QLD, Australia, 4570 Tel 0961 7 54834777

Isabelle-Anne Handley (L v Beeck) (ihandley@webmail.co.za

I have my own e-mail address now so I am learning how to work this but I am still a two-finger typist!

I have a dear and wonderful hubby called Denis and 2 special Kids Jono and Matt aged 18 and 16 respectively. Jono has just finished school and is on a gap year to the States and Matt is in Std. 9. They are delightful boys, Jono being our gentle giant and Matt is our sunshine child.
Denis is involved in marketing for Sea Harvest and, to quote him, he is a dead fish sales man. He is their Marketing and Sales Director, so spends a fair amount of time travelling.
I started a landscaping business about 7 years ago and have studied part time in horticulture and landscaping. It is at times backbreaking work, but I have had a lot of fun and have certainly learned a lot about business. Did not have any idea what was involved after 20 years of nursing!!!
My Mom got remarried at the age of 72. It was a very special wedding and so after being on her own after Dad’s death for 10 years, she has a new bounce in her steps. He is a dear man of 75, who adores her and it is very special to see
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