I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

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Eldene Mason (Braak) eldene@braaks.com

It has been a great year for meeting with school friends.  Alex Scholtz visited from Basel Switzerland.  She has built a holiday house in Hoedspruit and it was like old times chatting and reminiscing.  We used to catch the train from Nelspruit to Pretoria. Saw Margie Redding by chance at a breakfast talk in Jhb and she has the same wide friendly smile. I've met with Sheila Davis and we are both going to swim the Midmar Mile next year.  We can't believe though that freestyle requires such technique and muscle!! Was sorry to miss Pene Fells' 50th since Toni Meintjes was up from CT and Janine was also there.

Nicholas is in Grade 1 at WHPS and very happy.  Christopher (25) has moved into his own townhouse and is Used Car Salesmanager at Toits Nissan.  Lauren (22) has just completed her 4th year teaching prac at DSG with the Grade 3's and loved it.  Now to find a job!! (Just to let you know that Lauren has been appointed the DSG Grade 3 teacher from May 2006!)

Jane Watson (Munro) jmunro@mweb.co.za

Unfortunately I will be in the UK for this year’s reunion. I am visiting my youngest daughter in Dubai en route there and back which I am really looking forward to.

I wish our year a wonderful reunion – I recently caught up on some news when I saw Eldene at the Green Industries Convention at the Arabella in Kleinmond. I leave for a two week trip to Dubai and the UK on the 8th of July – the reward for turning 50!. My youngest daughter Gina is working for a UK design company and has just renewed her visa for another three years – so I am looking forward to spending some time with her. My eldest daughter Sally is doing very well with Conde Nast House & Garden and is now Assistant Features Editor, Food, Wine & Travel. At present she is in Kuala Lumpur as a guest of the Malaysian Tourism Board. Sandy and I still love living in the Cape – there is so much to do and we have made some wonderful friends.


Jeanne Mitchell (Leong) jeanious828@yahoo.com

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the Old Girls Reunion as I'm living in the States now.  I had plans to be back in SA in June/July but as Life would have it, the plans didn't pan out as I had hoped.

Marianne Pearce (Pannall) pearcefam@xtra.co.nz

Note from Brenda Greenway (Bassett '69)

Marianne, her husband Richard and their 11year old son Michael have moved to Auckland, New Zealand. Marianne and her son came to visit me (in Johannesburg) before they left SA on Thursday the 16th June. Previously, Marianne and her family were living in Cape Town. When I hear from her again, I shall send through her new contact details: 2/649 Beach Rd, Rothesay Bay, NORTH SHORE, Auckland 1311, New Zealand. They seem to be settling in well and she says NZ is very beautiful-although they do miss Table Mountain and our glorious beaches etc. They are renting a home in one of the bays on the East Coast of Auckland, so are quite close to the beach. Her son Michael (11yrs) has started school there and will hopefully settle in well. Marianne is presently applying for work as a Teacher Aide at the schools in the area.  Tel     09 479 2621 Cell   +64 211 33 20 33 pearcefam@xtra.co.nz


June Temple (Brink) wjtemple@iafrica.com

Greeting to all the "girls of '75" - It seems so hard to believe that we are all nearly 50 (well a few years still to go!) If I have not filled you in on the past 30 years of my life here goes with   a quickie.

After school I left Pretoria and moved to Cape Town where I qualified as a teacher at Barkley House - What fun we had in those wonderfully free and exciting years! It was during these three years that I realized the Cape had got hold of my soul and that I was destined to stay here for a long time!!!!  I taught from 1979 - 1989 (10 years) and received a few merit awards for my teaching - In 1989 I left teaching to have a break and to try my hand at something different and as luck would have it I opened a clothing boutique in the centre of Cape Town just as the clothing industry was to take a nose dive but how was I to know!!!  My boutique was such fun that all my friends came to have coffee on a daily basis but none of them bought any garments!!! As can be expected by the time 3 years had passed things were looking a little bleak!  One fine day Willy inspected my books only to discover to his horror that I was technically bankrupt! So without delay the shop was closed!!!  Time to start another business?! In 1992 I opened a rental agency with a friend (not an escort agency! property!!!) This we ran for the following 10 years renting out properties long and short term and even selling a few!   - We were extremely lucky to have started this business when we did, our timing was perfect and things worked out very well for us.  For the past two years I have done nothing but run and chair the PTA at St Cyprians School (the school that my daughter attends in Cape Town) - I have worked (for free) in "the very smart clothing shop" (school clothing) which I started on the school premises in order to raise money and establish an asset which can and will continue to earn the school revenue over the next couple of years - to date we have raised R1 million so what I lost in my own clothing shop, I have gained for the school instead!!!   

I married Willy Temple (William Jonathan no less!!!! a Capetonian)  in 1985 we have a beautiful little girl Louise who is 10 years old, 2 dogs Shadow and Lucky, 1 cat, 2 goldfish and a lovely nanny called Minna who has lived with us for the past 18 years.  We live in Camps Bay and have a wonderful view of the sea!  My parents are both still alive and live in Somerset West where they have met half of Pretoria!!  My sister Anne is married with 2 grown up children and lives in Jo'burg -

My husband owns a foundry in Cape Town that manufactures cast aluminium products.  He is a yachtsman and I have been very fortunate to be able to visit many places around the world.  My daughter has taken up sailing and loves it, so who knows I may yet see her on TV!!!!!

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