I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

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Jenny Theron (Boyack) theroncj@xtra.co.nz

My mom Dot Boyack, and aunt Stella de Villiers are both old girls and say that I must please let you have my details.   I went to DSG in 1960 starting off in Std One and I left at the end of Std 7 in 1966.   I started off my first two years at Brooklyn School and ended the last 3 at Pretoria Commercial High, which I believe no longer exists.   I am living in New Zealand with my husband and family - we emigrated here in 1994 and have settled very happily.   We have 4 children, 3 girls and a boy and they are all working in New Zealand and our son has married a lovely NZ girl.   I am not really sure whether you want any details, as I am sure all you need is the name and years.   We are heading to Copenhagen on the 15th of July for a holiday and will be in Sweden for a day and I was wondering whether you had an address or telephone number for Pat Almquist (nee Hardy) as her daughter Sue and I were at DSG together and I would love to catch up with them.   We used to correspond regularly but unfortunately lost contact once we moved. I believe you are having a reunion shortly - wish I could be there to see who is still around.   I still keep in regular contact with Mary Frost (Goodall) and a number of other old school pals.   Beverly Draper nee Tindall is now living in Cape Town and her e-mail address is gdraper@iafrica.com  I keep in touch with her via e-mail so can't tell you her address or telephone number.

Marion Morris (Gilbertson) marion@aluframstructures.com

News form Jill Gilbertson about her sisiter:

Marion and her family are now living in New Zealand. Marion is working in the neonatal unit at the Hamilton Hospital. She can be contacted by e-mail at marion@aluframstructures.com and her mobile number is +64211117679.  I will inform you when they have a permanent address.

Many thanks

Brenda.Greenway (Bassett ) greenway@global.co.za

In case you haven't heard from Hilbre' Revington (ne' Brooke-Leggatt '69) -this is her new email address:-  hilbrer@library.wits.ac.za (She is the Assistant Librarian-Information, at the Commerce Library,West Campus (WITS) Phone: 717-1980/81   Fax:     717-1989 )

Celeste Black (Wagner) 1968 was sitting at our table at the Old Girls' Reunion and she gave me her email address. Here it is, in case you don't have it:- cwagnerb@yahoo.com

 I forgot to mention this in my last email:- Irene Downer and I enjoyed the Old Girls' Reunion on the 9th July. Lovely chapel service and the Choir was again, outstanding. The lunch was superb and we enjoyed catching up with the group at our table- some of the '68 Old Girls + Carol Viljoen (Lumley '66) .


Jacki Goldin jagoldin@sybaweb.co.za

News is that I will have my doctorate in June this year and will let you have that officially when it takes place (not before)– an enormous milestone and that I have left Cape Town and come back to my roots up here. It's frightening how precious life is - and we only start appreciating it when something goes wrong...


Cathy Andrews (Manser) cathyaza@yahoo.com

Thanks for your untiring rounding up of the Old Girls. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the reunion in July but please send my best regards to the girls (girls? Sadly no longer
applicable or is the old part to be interpreted in more ways than one) of 69.

MarionJeffery (Murray) rjeffery@cybertrade.co.za

I have resigned from Old Mutual - as I would like to spend some time at home and was just working too hard... It's absolutely wonderful as they have now offered me a contract working only 3 days a week - so now I have a long weekend EVERY weekend which is really great!

My girls are both fine - Lyn has been made a partner at Accenture - so I am very very very proud of her - and  Nicky is doing exceptionally well at JP Morgan.

Sally Currin (Trennery) scurrin@icon.co.za

Sally and Brian Currin have moved to a new house. Please update the mailing list as follows: 213 Bootes Street, Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria, 0181


Caroline Wood (Greathead) Caro.Wood@btinternet.com

We are well. The boys are in the thick of things as third year exams loom for Stephen at UCL and he goes directly to Bell's laboratories in New Jersey for a ten-week holiday job. Matthew has his second year exams approaching. We will have him at home for the summer this year. last year he stayed in Bristol and learnt the art of being a door to door salesman. He freaked out at the ethical dilemmas it presented and spent much time assessing, on the Internet, the veracity of the sales facts and comparative claims he was expected to present.  It will be good to see more of him.


Gardening in England is a rewarding activity. This old farm house garden was very neglected and I have been working at it for four years now to build up the stock of cottage garden varieties that will self propagate etc. This year the foxgloves have multiplied in a most gratifying way. I always think of your husband and his amazing regular transformation of the school garden. His displays of foxglove were so memorable I always think of him when I look at my small collection and wonder how he did it. 


Ruth Greville (Davis) phantom.mike@pixie.co.za

Thank you for the request for new email contact.  I have divorced and moved home and hence the new address:   phantom.mike@pixie.co.za   Postal:   161 Bayley Street, Farramere, Benoni, 1501.  Telephone:   (011) 849-6985. 

Michelle Gintner (Minnaar) michelle@global-plus.com

Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with Jenny Venn, Candy Barnes, and Glenda Warbuton all 1970
Bronwen Karovsky (Williams) bronwen@lkprint.co.za

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this Reunion. My 14-year-old son will be home from boarding school (in KZN) at this time. He'll be attending a Rugby Camp at RAU ending that afternoon with a game that parents are invited to watch. As much as I cringe at the thought of him on the Rugby field, sport is his driving passion and I do like to support him whenever possible! I wish you all a happy reunion and send my regards to any who may remember me.


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