I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

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Denise Silver silver@worldonline.co.za

An old friend of the family is Stephanie Robinson (Hind), who was head girl in 1938. She really wants to know if there are any "golden oldies" around from that year. She has no e-mail. Her address is PO Box 17284 Benoni West 1503. Telephone: (011) 4215033.



Dot Boyack (Mathews) dboyack@absamail.co.za

I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her. (Sue is Pat Hardy's daughter 1940)  Have not been in touch with Pat for years) Jenny is married to Charles, an anaesthetist, and they have four children. They have been living in New Zealand for about 10 years now.
Joy Williams (Tobias)

Thank you for sending me the Journal and the news of Old Girls. Both my husband and I enjoyed them. Brian and I were married in the Chapel in 1949, when the chapel was below ground. My husband is an ordained priest and he and I have worked in various parishes of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Johannesburg for 40 years. I have retired as a social worker. I was a Wits graduate BA Social Science and Brian a BA student and graduate before going to St Paul’s College Grahamstown. Many of the students were ex-service men. We had three sons, Christopher, Geoffrey and David. Chris is a CA working in America, married to a Gynae-oncologist, Samantha. Geoff is working for auditors de Loittes. David died of cancer at the age of 25 in 1984.

We are now living in a retirement village 18km from Geoff and his wife Janis. They were a great help to us when we both landed in hospital – I had a hip replacement and Brian a broken leg – 2 ops to mend it. We are both rather crippled but have the help of a very special servant, Paulina, who comes once a week.

Mairead Williams (Macdonald) jmwill@zanet.co.za

I was delighted to see at the end of the group that appears on my e-mail from you, that Anne Williams! (Wallis) has surfaced. Nobody seemed to know where she was living nor her married name - I shall e-mail her and hope that she will be near enough to come to our 60th year after matric in 2006.

All being well, Fay Sparham (Folkard) and I would like to attend reunion this year. Fay is the youngest of the three Folkard girls who were at DSG in the 30's and 40's - she did not matriculate at DSG because the family moved away from Pretoria, but she holds fond memories of what it meant to her and her sisters. Cushla and Pat both matriculated I think, but I can get details from her before we come over.

 I have heard from Barbara Fish (Biden) that Peggy (Maureen) Fletcher 1938 has just died. She is Pat (Aherin) de Klerk's cousin, who never married.

Pam Shearar (Bush) pamala@intergate.ca

I have tried for years to find my old school friend Birgitta Hakenson. Her two sisters went to DSG as well, Ingead Greenwood and Gounel. Birgitta was Swedish, and I would love to reconnect with her now in our 70’s. I have a great friend here in Canada from Sweden, and she has tried n vain to help me. I think Birgitta returned to Sweden. Her mum was fantastic and had Greencloggs and had a wonderful weaving business in Swaziland.

At the beginning of October we will be moving to our new Vancouver home. 201, 3670 Banff Court, North Vancouver. B.C.  V7H 2Y7 Phone 604 980 7410

Fiona Durcan (McGillivray) fionadurcan@yahoo.com

News sent in by Stella de Villiers

 Fiona recently came on a visit to Pretoria and spent a morning with Stella de Villiers. She enjoyed a tour of the DSG and says that she is delighted to see the "old school" so beautifully cared for. She is now back in Boise, Idaho and her address is: 3200 E Rivernest Lanne, Boise, Idaho, 83706 USA.


She says that she would love to have her address in the Old Girls Register and would really "Love to hear from anyone who remembers me (there can't be many). I live in Idaho in the summer (She moved there from Houston, Texas, to be closer to her family after the death of her husband, Dermot.) and I love being near my children but in winter flee back to Texas, where I have a beach house near Corpus Christi (spared the recent hurricanes so, so far so good) in order to stay warm. Have four children and five grandchildren. All well, thank heavens. Frances is a teacher, Jane and Simon docs and Mark an engineer."


Margie Couper greeaway@intekom.co.za

I had a very nice luncheon with some of my classmates recently, namely Marilyn Jacobs (Marris), Celeste Fair (van der Laar), Janet Murray (Kitching) and my self. 

Ilse Brewer ilselore@mweb.co.za

I finally tracked down Anne Rose-Innes (nee Dickerson, Matric 1953)' telephone number: 031-835465. I found it thro' a distant relation called Henrietta Rose-Innes who had written a book and had been interviewed by Fair Lady.

Jenifer Dagut (Orkin) dagut@mweb.co.za

A suggestion which you have probably already thought of and implemented! I applied for a My School card as a DSG Old Girl, have been using it for several months and have been astonished at how quickly the sums accumulate. Perhaps you could suggest that any Old Girl who hasn't a card could apply for one in favour of the DSG Pretoria? More shops are joining - our pharmacist e.g. is now a member - and it is a painless way of contributing to School funds.

Merriel Lane (Nimmo) mlane@postino.up.ac.za

Some sad news that I have for the Old Girls – Monica vd Walt (Kuun) who has been living in Bundaberg Australia since about 1972 died in March this year from cancer. She had been for several years. Monica matriculated in 1955. She leaves her husband David and three sons, all married and several grandchildren. This leaves quite a hole in my life, as we had been friends from the age of one, she was my bridesmaid and godmother to my eldest son.



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