I support the petition of the Polish League Against Defamation

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I support the petition of the Polish League Against Defamation:

On 24th November 2015 The Norwegian Press Complaints Commission (Norwegian: Pressens Faglige Utvalg, PFU) adopted the decision, which has legitimized the formulation "Polish concentration camps". This false formulation has been recognized by PFU as being in accordance with publishing and journalistic principles. In connection with this decision the Polish League Against Defamation (Polish: Reduta Dobrego Imienia - Polska Liga Przeciw Zniesławieniom) expostulates with this decision and demands the change of PFU’s standpoint.

It is an outrageous and scandalous decision. The PFU’s decision has been adopted due to either Commission’s ignorance or malevolence. It can compromise the traditional Polish-Norwegian friendship and good relations. It is important to note that there was no debate on this topic during the plenary session. This kind of action is contrary to the Norwegian democratic tradition.

 The formulation „Polish concentration/death camps" is misleading, unfair and injurious because it suggests that Poles were the perpetrators of the Holocaust.This concept could suggest that the German camps located in occupied Poland were created and administered by Poles. The term "Polish concentration camps" is also one of the forms of Holocaust denial.

Another consequence of the PFU’s decision is the humiliation of the Polish People in Norway. If the PFU allowed to use thismisleading phrase, it means that the racist and discriminatory treatment of the Polish People in Norway is allowed. The discriminatory treatment of the Polish Peopleisalso blaming them for things they did not do. An indisputable fact is that there were no Polish concentration camps. Death camps build in the occupied Poland and other countries in Europe during World War II were German Nazis' camps. In fact, Poland was the first country attacked by Germans in September 1st, 1939 from the west side. Moreover no Poles served in the Waffen SS (there were no Polish units in the Waffen SS). Poland was occupied by Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1945 and the Polish government-in-exile arrived in London in 1940 (like Norwegian  London Cabinet).

The PFU’s  falsifying history and lies about Poles may cause social exclusion of the Polish people living in Norway and farther, it may give rise to increased discriminatory actions directed against them.

The Polish People opposed the German occupation of Poland.The Polish Underground State was the bigest underground resistance organization during World War II. The Polish resistance movement in World War II, with the Polish Home Army at its forefront, was the largest underground resistance in all of Nazi-occupied Europe. There was no Polish collaboration government and all forms of collaboration was punishable by death.

There was no Vidkun Quisling in Poland and there were no Polish Waffen SS units and therefore the PFU has no right to educate Poles about WWII!

There were also Polish soldiers whofought in the Battles of Narvik. They fought for Norway and maybe because of respect for fallen Polish soldiers the PFU board members should  learn a little bit about the history of their own country.

It is not fitting for Norwegians (known as tolerant and open-minded people) to humiliate and degrade the Polish Nation who was the first to fight and oppose Nazi Germany.

We demand the change of PFU’s decision otherwise, we will be forced to call all Poles for the boycott of all Norwegian products.


Polish League Against Defamation


ul. Kopernika 30 lok. 537

00-950 Warszawa


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