I. Lab Objectives A. View, draw, and label a microscope slide of skin tissue B

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Anatomy & Physiology 34A

Lab Exercise 7: Integumentary System
I. Lab Objectives

A. View, draw, and label a microscope slide of skin tissue

B. Observe a model of the skin and name its structures
Activity 1: Locating Structures on a Skin Model – identify the following structures on the skin model (see picture on next page) and answer the questions below.

-Epidermis layers (from superficial to deep) Tissue type?

Stratum corneum

Type of cells? Function?

Stratum lucidum

Type of cells? Only found where?

Stratum granulosum

Type of cells? What do they produce?

Stratum spinosum

Type of cells? What protective cells are found in this layer?

Stratum basale

3 types of cells? What processes occur here?

Dermis layers

Papillary layer

Type of tissue? Sensory cell type found here?

Reticular layer

Main tissue type? 2 gland types?

Pressure receptor type? Blood vessels present or absent?

Hair follicles & arrector pili present or absent?

Hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue under the skin)

2 tissue types: Blood vessels present or absent?

Activity 2: Identifying nail structure - Do this

Activities 3 & 4: Microscope slide of hairy skin – view the skin microscope slide provided and be able to identify the following structures.



Hair follicles, hair root, sebaceous gland, sweat gland


Adipose tissue

Activities 5: Plotting the distribution of sweat glands – Do this

Activity 6: OMIT

Homework: Complete the Lab 7 Review Sheets.

Identify the numbered structures on the picture of the cell model below.

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