I consider it a masterpiece in the fullest sense of the word: one of those rare compositions which seems to reflect most strongly in itself the musical tendencies of a whole generation.”

What was going on in Winnipeg in the 1870s?

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What was going on in Winnipeg in the 1870s?
Once the new provincial government decided to locate the legislature in Winnipeg, the community lobbied the legislature for incorporation as a city. Winnipeg was incorporated as a city in 1873, just two years prior to Carmen’s première. The CPR had not yet reached Manitoba, and both Selkirk and Winnipeg were locked in a struggle as to where the railway would cross the Red River. The community that won would be the one that would boom. In 1879, the Federal Government advised Winnipeg that the crossing would be there if the city would build the railway bridge. It was a small price to pay as once the location of the bridge had been decided, the real estate and industrial boom began with eastern money pouring into Winnipeg. The Manitoba Club was founded in 1874, the Manitoba Scientific and Historical Society in 1875, and the University of Manitoba, the Law Society, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons were all founded in 1877.

Opera and Media Technology

Electronic slow motion was invented for sports video. Tapeless camcorders were created for TV news. But something else that seems to drive media-technology innovation is opera. Really. Opera.

The European Digital Cinema Forum’s 2008 EDCF Guide to Alternative Content for Digital Cinema begins with a chapter on opera because opera happens to be the number one form of alternative (non-movie) content worldwide, beating out rock concerts, sports, and political events. In many countries, a single opera showing is enough to out earn a weekend’s worth of continuous movie showings to finish in the top-10 box office grosses.

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