Hudson hockey association rules and Regulations 2017 – 2018 Raider Classic Tournament Rules general rules and information

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Rules and Regulations
2017 – 2018 Raider Classic Tournament Rules

  • All games will be played under rules of play of USA Hockey, as modified by the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA) and these rules.

  • All games will be officiated by USA Hockey Registered Officials.

  • Hudson Hockey Association adheres to a Zero Tolerance Policy. Profanity and abuse or heckling of players, fans or officials will not be tolerated and may result in game or tournament suspension at the discretion of the tournament officials. Any team displaying poor sportsmanship or conduct on or off the ice, in the arena, a host/local hotel or elsewhere may be suspended from further participation in the tournament.

  • A maximum of 20 players may be rostered and dressed for any team. A maximum of four coaches will be allowed on the players’ bench. All coaches must be officially rostered, insured and certified.

  • Prevention of injuries is the major concern to USA Hockey, WAHA and Hudson Hockey Association. The referees will impose severe penalties (including suspensions) on players and coaches for violent or dangerous conduct. Any player(s) or team official(s) receiving a match penalty or a fighting major will be immediately suspended from the remainder of the tournament.

  • A certified emergency medical technician will be on the premises for the entire tournament.

  • All players must adhere to their local hockey governing body’s rules regarding equipment. Mouth guards are required to be worn by all players at all levels and must be colored.

  • All referee decisions are final. Protests will not be allowed.

  • Any player or coach can be removed from the game at the discretion of the on ice official if it is deemed they are not participating in the game in a good sportsmanship like manner. They must vacate the ice, bench area, and ice area immediately or face an indefinite suspension from the remaining tournament games.


  • Minor – 2 minutes

  • Major – 5 minutes

  • Misconduct – 10 minutes


  • Game times for Mite, Squirt and U10 will consist of three (3) 12 minute, stop time periods.

  • Game times for Pee Wee, U12, U14, and Bantam levels will consist of three (3) 15 minute stop time periods.

  • Junior Gold B & U16 will consist of three 17 minute stop time periods.

  • Teams will have a four (4) minute warm up prior to the start of the game.

  • Each team will be permitted one 1-minute time out per game.

  • All games will be completed in the set amount of time allowed in the schedule. If time becomes an issue, ice resurfacing will be skipped within reasonable terms.

  • A six goal lead any time after the 2nd period will result in running time until the lead falls to less than six goals. Clock will stop only for injuries and penalties.

  • Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time – games can and will start up to 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled time with the exception of the 1st scheduled tournament game each day.


  • Pool Play games may end in a tie.

  • Bracket Play

    • In the event of a tie at the end of regulation playing time, the following format will be followed:

    • There will be a two minute rest period.

    • Any overtime period will be considered part of the game and all unexpired penalties will carry over.

    • There will be no timeouts during overtime play.

    • Four (4) minute stop time period shall be played.

    • Teams will defend the goal furthest from their bench.

    • The game will terminate upon a goal being scored.

    • If a tie still remains following the overtime period, a shootout will determine the winning team. This will involve each team selecting three players who will alternate taking penalty shots. If after three players from both teams have completed this procedure, the game is still tied, it shall then become a sudden death one vs. one shootout with different players until a winner is determined. No player shall shoot a second time until all eligible players have shot once.

The Home team will have the choice to shoot first or defer and shoot second.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Win game = 2 pt.

  • Tie game = 1 pt.

  • *Tie-breaking procedure for teams tied after pool play:

    • Head-to-head competition

    • Most Wins

    • Goals allowed

    • Plus/Minus rating (6 goal maximum will be used for a single game)

    • Least penalty minutes

    • Coin toss

*In a case where a tie involves more than two teams, head-to-head tie breaker will not be used. This tie-breaking procedure, beginning with Most Wins, shall be used in succession until the position for the first team has been determined. After the multiple team tie has been broken and two teams remain it will revert back to head-to-head and begin again in succession until all teams have been seeded.

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