Home School Masquerade Ball Information and Registration

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Home School Masquerade Ball

Information and Registration

Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Home School Masquerade Ball! Below, you will find important information about the ball as well as a reservation form. Should you have further questions or need further assistance, you may contact either of the coordinators at the email addresses at the bottom of this form. Thanks again!
Date: Friday, October 28, 2016, 7-10 p.m.

Location: The Old White House, 500 East Mountain Springs Road, Cabot, AR

Ages: junior high and high school (NOTE: the MINIMUM age for anyone in attendance is 13 as of 10/28/16 regardless of grade in school)
Dress code
This is a semi-formal/formal event. With that in mind, we have determined the following will NOT be allowed:

jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, tennis shoes or flip-flops, anything too revealing.*

*Please remember to use good judgment regarding modesty. Be careful of too much cleavage, of dresses which are too short, or of pants which are too tight, for example.
This is a masquerade ball; therefore, masks are required from time of entrance until 9:00 p.m. (Please see the attached page with information about the history and concept behind masquerade balls.) When considering masks, please keep in mind that food and drinks will be available at the ball and that you will need to choose a make that allows you to eat and drink (if you wish) without taking off your mask.

We will be awarding the following prizes for masks, and we would like to see some good competition! While dresses and suits or tuxes will be nice, for this ball, remember: the mask is the focus.

Most colorful

Most elaborate

Best decorated (for those who decorate your mask)

Best theme

Best female mask

Best male mask

Grand prize – Best overall
Parental Involvement
There will be NO parent/sibling room. No one under the age of thirteen will be allowed on the premises during the event, and if parents/guardians wish to participate, they must wear a mask as well as pay for a parent/guardian ticket. All students in attendance must purchase a ticket. Adults without at least one child under their supervision may not attend.
All music selections will be approved by the coordinators and will include a variety of musical genres from a variety of eras. As parents ourselves, we of course do not want anything vulgar, but please note that it is possible some of the songs may have what some would consider “cuss” words such as “damn” (e.g. “Ice, Ice Baby”). We guarantee there will be no “s,” “f,” or “b” words or no words that we know to be derogatory toward any gender, race, or religion.

Student ticket (by August 31): $25

Student ticket (September 1-October 15): $30

Parent/Guardian ticket (by August 31): $5

Parent/Guardian ticket (September 1-October 15): $10

Ticket order deadline: October 15
To keep costs as low as possible, we will not be issuing paper tickets. Instead, your name will be on a list at the door.
Discounted Tickets
We are providing the following opportunities for discounted tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.
Finger-food contribution: $10 off a single ticket

Adult set-up volunteer: $5 off a single ticket

Adult clean-up volunteer: $5 off a single ticket

Adult chaperone during event: $5 off a single ticket

Finger-food contributors – You will need to bring a finger food with 100 “servings” (e.g. 100 pinwheels). Jennifer is the food coordinator and will need to approve your food choice to ensure we don’t have duplication. We will be serving custom-made cookies at the event, which will serve as dessert, so finger food contributions need to be non-dessert, and they need to be true finger foods requiring no utensils for eating. Limit of ten people.
Set-up volunteers – Must be available from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. the day of the event and must come without kids. Limit of eight people.
Clean-up volunteers – Must be available from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. immediately after the event. Limit of six people.
Chaperones – You will be assigned a specific area to stay in and oversee during the event and will have one thirty minute break during which a floating chaperone will relieve you. Limit of six people.

We also plan to have some fundraisers for the event. Money made from a single fundraiser will be divided equally among those who participate in that fundraiser and will be applied to their ticket fee.  Any extra money from fundraisers after ticket fees of participants are paid in full will go into the general fund for the event.

Have questions or need assistance? Email Rebecca at rwilson311@gmail.com or Jennifer at jennpenn1226@yahoo.com.

Home School Masquerade Ball Registration
Please note: Events such as this take money to pull off. The coordinators will not profit in any way from money collected; 100% of the money collected will go into the event.
Parent Name:

Parent Email Address:

Student Name:

Student Age on October 28, 2016:

(List additional students’ names and ages on the back, if needed.)
Tickets: Totals:
_____ (#) Student x $25 (if on or before August 31) __________
_____ (#) Student x $30 (September 1-October 15) __________
_____ (#) Adult x $5 (if on or before August 31) __________
_____ (#) Adult x $10 (September 1-October 15) __________


_____ (#) Finger Food Contributor -$10 per contribution __________
_____ (#) Set-up Volunteer -$5 per volunteer __________
_____ (#) Clean-up Volunteer -$5 per volunteer __________
_____ (#) Chaperone -$5 per volunteer __________

Grand Total: __________

Grand Total Fees MUST accompany this registration form. You may pay by PayPal (send to the following account: rwilson311@gmail.com as a friend to avoid PayPal fees), by check (send to Rebecca Wilson at 18 Sundown Drive, Ward, AR 72176; any fees associated with bounced checks will be the responsibility of the check writer), or by cash (contact Rebecca at her email address to make arrangements; you will receive a receipt.) Payment must be received and cleared by August 31, or they will be considered a late registration.
*Please note that these are limited and are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not qualify for a discount, you will be notified and expected to pay the remaining balance. If you do not qualify, please keep in mind there will be fundraising opportunities which will allow you to directly recover some or all of the fees. ALL fees must be paid by August 31, or they will be considered a late registration. Any fees not paid by October 15 will result in forfeiture of your tickets (with paid fees refunded).
Have questions or need assistance? Email Rebecca at rwilson311@gmail.com or Jennifer at jennpenn1226@yahoo.com.

--May 20, 2016--

Origin and History of the Masquerade Ball

Masquerade balls date back to late medieval times. The original idea behind a masquerade was to put everyone on the same level for at least one evening regardless of class, gender, or ethnicity. For teens today, it gives them a chance to take on a chosen disguise that may aid in their ability to relax and socialize with their peers both known and unknown.

While specifics vary, throughout the years, specific common elements have come to be associated with all masquerades:

  1. All participants must wear a mask.

  2. In its simplest form, a masquerade disguise consists of a cloak, a mask, and (sometimes) a hood; this is referred to as a “domino” costume, and the cloaks and hoods are usually black.

  3. The atmosphere of a masquerade ball should be one of intrigue, adventure, and mystery.

  4. Masquerade balls should have behavioral codes. For example, at some balls, participants are not allowed to speak names and are supposed to begin conversations with “I know you,” or “Do you know me?”

  5. Masks are usually removed at some appointed time during the ball.

While we will not insist on domino costumes or have strict behavioral codes for the Home School Masquerade Ball, we will enforce #1, try to create #3, and will observe #5 at 9:00 p.m.

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