Holy Week Spin the Bottle Game

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Holy Week Spin the Bottle Game

Materials: empty plastic soda bottle, egg timer, basket, Holy Week Question Cards

Directions: Have the students sit in a circle on the floor. Put the Holy Week Question Cards in the basket and put to the side. Set the egg timer for a specified time. Choose a player to start the game by spinning the bottle on the floor. Whoever the bottle points to, they have to answer a question. The person who spun the bottle, picks a Holy Week Question Card out of the basket and says the question out loud. If the player gets the question right, they get the point (you can keep score on the board). If they are wrong, the person who read the question gets the point. The player that was asked the question then spins the bottle and the game continues until the egg timer goes off. Who ever has the most points, wins. You can play this game individually or as teams.

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