His staff tours included military readiness, personnel and recreational boating

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- VSC Definition and Goals

- Boating Safety Course goals and issues

- RBS Program Visitor goals

- Sources for RBS brochures

- Natl Safe Boating Campaign products and recommended activities

- BUI Thrust by State Natural Resources Police/Rangers

- Link to Auxiliary Recreational Boating Safety Outreach Department website <[[http://bdept.cgaux.org/|http://bdept.cgaux.org/]]> for one-stop shopping.
Larry Graves in [[Idaho]] did a great job implementing it. Read about [[http://auxbdeptwiki.cgaux.org/index.php/Idaho#Idaho_On_Course.21|**Larry's experience**]].

======State Liaison Officer Resources======

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/StateLiaisonGuide20120112.pdf|State Liaison Guide]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/documents.php#stateliaison|//SLO Newsgrams//]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/StateLiaisonOfficersMarch2011.pdf|State Liaison Officers]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/SLO.pdf|State Liaison Officer Job Description]]

* {{wiki:ppt.gif|PowerPoint available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/SLO-05.ppt|State Liaison Officer Presentation]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/SLO-05.pdf|State Liaison Officer Presentation]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/SLOHandbookExam43Q-V1-07.pdf|State Liaison Officer Qualification Guide]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/FUNDING.pdf|SLO Function Funding Recommendations]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/CoopAgreements.pdf|DCO/RBS Cooperative Agreements]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/SportfishRestorationPresentation.pdf|Sport Fishing Restoration & Boating Trust Fund]]

* {{wiki:ppt.gif|PowerPoint available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/SportfishRestorationPresentation.ppt|Sport Fishing Restoration & Boating Trust Fund]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/RBSSpecialists1Feb2011.pdf|RBS Specialists Information]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/DSO-SLPosition.pdf|Importance of the DSO-SL Position]]

* [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/mailman/listinfo/rbs-alerts_bdept.cgaux.org|RBS-Alerts service]]

======States Division staff======

* [[mailto:winter_dreams@msn.com|**Pauline Longnecker**]], **Division Chief States (DVC-BS)**

* [[mailto:pab615@aol.com|Peter Bohler]], Branch Chief, Atlantic North (BC-BSA)

* [[mailto:bdburchfield@earthlink.net|Barbara Burchfield]], Branch Chief, Atlantic South (BC-BSS)

* [[mailto:winter_dreams@msn.com|Pauline Longnecker]], Branch Chief, Atlantic West (BC-BSI)

* [[mailto:deltapony2@juno.com|Gail Ramsey]], Branch Chief, Pacific (BC-BSP)

* [[mailto:postsf@aol.com|L. Daniel Maxim]], Branch Chief, BAIRAC/Waterways Mgt. (BC-BSB)

* [[mailto:bcz@charter.net|Betty Zoellner]], Branch Chief, Communications (BC-BSC)

======Help Build this Wiki======

We are looking for Auxiliarists who have experience building partnerships between the Coast Guard Auxiliary and other organizations. If you are able to help, please contribute to this effort by following [[:Help Build RBS Partnerships|**this link**]].

[[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/RBS_Flyer.pdf|**Download an information flyer about AuxBWiki**]]
====== Winter Training Weekend: Photo gallery ======


====== Safety_at_Sea_Weekend:_Photo_gallery ======


====== Regattas: Photo gallery ======


====== Coastie: Photo gallery ======


====== Academy_Introduction_Mission:_Photo_gallery ======

====== Promoting_Boating_Safety_to_Hunters ======
======Auxiliary Brings the Paddlesports Safety Message to Waterfowl Hunters======

The day after Christmas might be viewed as a time for rest and relaxation for many of us but it was not so for several members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary who were heading out the door at 0345. They were embarking on a unique mission to bring the paddlesports safety message to hunters on the first day of the Western New York waterfowl hunting season. Gathering at Beaver Island State Park in the Town of Grand Island, New York an island community surrounded by the Niagara River members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary prepared to meet the hundreds of hunters who would be showing up for the daily duck blind drawing. Although sunrise was more than an hour away and the temperature hovered around freezing, the usual icy winds laden with snow were thankfully absent.

{{ wiki:Leuchner1.jpg|Grand Island, New York - Paul Leuchner, Flotilla 35 Grand Island hands a paddlecraft identification label to a father and son duck hunting team arriving at Beaver Island State Park (photo by Ray Gress)}}An avid kayaker for several decades, Paul Leuchner, Flotilla 35, Grand Island, New York was determined to reach out to members of the paddling community who plied area waters well after the close of the traditional boating recreation season. He put together a recreational boating safety outreach plan intended to raise paddlesports safety awareness amongst waterfowl hunters and recruited fellow Flotilla 35 members Ray Gress and Steve Birtz to assist him.
At 0400 the hunters began to arrive with an armada of paddlecraft consisting of various kinds of duck boats, canoes, kayaks and row boats. The Flotilla 35 team sprang into action with the intent of achieving several goals. The first was to remind hunters of the New York State law that requires the proper wearing of a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket while out on the water during the winter months. A second but equally important goal was to get hunters to fill out and apply the orange identification labels to their paddlecraft. These labels contain essential ownership and contact information that first responders need when coming upon a canoe, kayak or rowboat floating empty and adrift. The final goal was to engage hunters in discussions that would increase paddlesports safety awareness.
{{wiki:Leuchner2.jpg |Grand Island, New York - Ray Gress Flotilla 35, Grand Island confers with waterfowl hunters during the duck blind drawing at Beaver Island State Park (photo by Paul Leuchner)}}The anticipated response from this group of paddlers was largely unknown since a project like this had not been attempted previously. It is generally well known that waterfowl hunters often view their boats as a means to an end and as such safety is not always a high priority. The Flotilla 35 team members were elated to find that the response of these hunters was quite positive. It was clear that there was an overwhelming interest in safety. Within an hour the Flotilla 35 team had distributed and affixed identification labels to more than 50 paddlecraft and had given out over one hundred [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/wp/?p=231|Operation Paddlesmart]] safety brochures. In addition, there were numerous individual and group conversations covering topics such as life jacket wear, the importance of float plans, cold water immersion and hypothermia, overloading, capsizing risks and changes in weather. Without exception every hunter contacted was eager to learn more about being safe on the water while engaged in waterfowl hunting activities.
{{ wiki:Leuchner3.jpg|Grand Island, New York - A waterfowl hunter prepares to depart in a canoe to check on his duck decoys in the Niagara River (Photo by Paul Leuchner)}}At one point the Flotilla 35 team was approached by an experienced duck hunter. He cheered the Auxiliary in its efforts to get hunters to apply paddlecraft identification labels to all of the canoes, kayaks and duck boats that had been brought to the duck blind drawing. When asked why he was so enthusiastic he recounted an experience that really brought home the importance of these labels. Several years ago this particular individual had landed on a remote uninhabited island in the upper Niagara River for a day of waterfowl hunting. He arrived alone in a canoe that contained all of his gear including the extra warm clothing needed to endure the windy blizzard like conditions. While setting out his decoys, he lost track of his canoe and was horrified to find it was nearly a quarter mile away drifting down the river with the current. Other hunters in the area retrieved the boat and eventually returned it to him but not after spending most of the morning hours huddled in the cold. Although this story had a happy ending the hunter was convinced that he would have received aid much sooner had there been an identification label in his boat.
After the duck blind drawing and with the ensuing daylight the Flotilla 35 team traveled around the 25 mile perimeter of Grand Island passing out [[http://auxbdeptwiki.cgaux.org/images/3/32/If_found.jpg|paddlecraft identification labels]] and [[http://auxbdeptwiki.cgaux.org/index.php/Paddlesports#Brochures|paddlesports safety literature]] to other area duck hunters. Their success transcended the day’s events as other hunters learning of the paddlecraft identification later sought out the members of this team with requests for additional identification labels and paddlesports safety information.

=====Contributed by=====

[[mailto:frog2327@verizon.net|Paul Leuchner]], BC-BLC, American Canoe Association Branch Chief
====== Boating_Safety_Statistics ======
=====2011 Boating Accident Statistics Available=====

The Coast Guard's Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety has released its Recreational Boating Statistics 2011 report, which reveals a 12.8 percent increase in boating accident deaths and a 2.3 percent decrease in related injuries.

The number of boating accidents decreased 0.35 percent.

The Coast Guard recorded 758 deaths, 3,081 injuries and approximately $52 million in property damage stemming from 4,588 recreational boating accidents in 2011. Only nine percent of deaths occurred on boats where the operator has received boating safety instruction.

"The data in the 2011 publication echoes the message that life jacket wear is critical," said Rear Adm. Kevin Cook, the Coast Guard's director of prevention policy. "Nearly 75 percent of the 758 people who died in boating accidents in 2011 drowned and 78 percent of those victims reportedly were not wearing a life jacket. The two most important things boaters can do to prevent the loss of life is to wear a life jacket and take a boater education course."

Review the statistics [[http://www.uscgboating.org/assets/1/workflow_staging/Publications/557.PDF|here]].

====== CoastiePicturePage ======
This is a test reimplementation of the Coastie Picture Gallery Page. It is not yet ready for prime time as I am using it to learn things now. Updated again at 200908071936

File:Coastie_001.jpg|Fig. 1: The Coastie team

File:Coastie_015.jpg|Fig. 2: "I pledge allegience ..."

File:Coastie_007.jpg|Fig. 3: Pack opening

File:Coastie_008.jpg|Fig. 4: Introducing water safety

File:Coastie_002.jpg|Fig. 5: Coastie operator

File:Coastie_003.jpg|Fig. 6: Explaining about throwables

File:Coastie_010.jpg|Fig. 7: Coastie underway

File:Coastie_011.jpg|Fig. 8: Coastie says ...

File:Coastie_012.jpg|Fig. 9: Coastie & friend

File:Coastie_026.jpg|Fig. 10: How a ring buoy works

File:Coastie_016.jpg|Fig. 11: Coastie underway

File:Coastie_018.jpg|Fig. 12: Passing out //Coastie's Boating Rules//

File:Coastie_019.jpg|Fig. 13: Looking at //Coastie's Boating Rules//

File:Coastie_020.jpg|Fig. 14: Trying on life jackets

File:Coastie_022.jpg|Fig. 15: Trying out a whistle

File:Coastie_021.jpg|Fig. 16: Hands-on boating experience

File:Coastie_006.jpg|Fig. 17: Completion certificates

File:Coastie_027.jpg|Fig. 18: Webelos pose with Coastie

File:Coastie_004.jpg|Fig. 19: Coastie's slip

File:Coastie_013.jpg|Fig. 20: Coastie's limo

====== Paddlecraft Safety ======
{{wiki:DSN2571.jpg?425 |Paddlecraft Safety}}
**Paddlecraft Safety: The Coast Guard Auxiliary's Next RBS Frontier**
Paddlecraft are the fastest growing form of recreational boating in the United States. The Outdoor Industry Association reports that about 17.8 million people participated in some type of paddlesports activity getting out on the water more than 50,000 times daily. With over one hundred thousand paddlecraft being sold annually, the US Coast Guard anticipates that by 2020 as many as 47 million paddlers will be using paddlecraft for touring, physical exercise, fishing, hunting or other activities.
With an investment of just a few dollars people can gain access to the nation’s waterways and therein lies the problem. Most of these paddlers lack experience. They overestimate their skill level and fail to properly assess environmental conditions. Worse yet they often lack the proper safety equipment and the training needed to use that equipment to stay safe on the water. Consider as well, the potential for conflict as this multitude of paddlers interacts with all manner of motorboats, sailboats, and commercial vessels navigating the same nearshore waters.

{{wiki:DSCN0812.jpg|There are lots of paddlers on America's waterways}}

The paddlesports community has become an important constituency for the Auxiliary Recreational Boating Safety program. Unfortunately, the explosive growth of this segment of recreational boating has led to a disturbing upward trend in the number of injuries and accidents. The Coast Guard has found that canoe and kayak fatalities have been steadily rising for a decade. The sad part is that this loss of life could have been avoided with proper education. Most paddlers want to learn to how to be safe on the water, but don’t know where to go to get the necessary guidance and training.

This creates a tremendous opportunity for the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Members can engage the paddling community through our Public Education, Program Visitor and Vessel Examination programs. Auxiliary members are undaunted by new challenges like this one. Although the potential audience is quite large there is little doubt that effective safety training and counseling will lead to a marked reduction in the number of paddlesports accidents and fatalities. Initially, the workload will be significant, but remember all of those paddlers have the potential to become members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary easing the burden of this new endeavor.

======In the News======
====If Found stickers====

"If Found" stickers are available from ANSC as item number 2004A. Flotillas may order 200 per quarter.

====Reaching Out to the Paddlesports Community====

* [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/PaddlesportsNextFrontier2011.pdf|Slide Presentation: Educating the Paddler]]

======Paddlecraft Resources======
====Paddlecraft Standards and Best Practices====

* [[http://www.americancanoe.org/?page=Top_10//American|Canoe Association Top Ten Safety Tips for Paddlers//]]

* [[http://www.illinoispaddling.org/river_safety//Illinois|Paddling Council Safety Tips for Paddlers//]]

* [[http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Wiki/safety:start//American|Whitewater Safety Code//]]

* {{wiki:video.gif?16|Video available}} [[http://vimeo.com/20477286|Sea Kayak Self Rescue]]

* {{wiki:video.gif?16|Video available}} [[http://vimeo.com/20478180|Packing a Sea Kayak]]

====Auxiliary and General Media Articles on Paddlecraft====

* [[http://www.auxpa.org/navigator/2004SPRING.pdf|//Paddling into History//]], [[http://www.auxpa.org/navigator/|**Navigator**]], Winter 2004

* [[http://eastern.districtnine.org/config/media/documents/newsletters/pb_eastwind_10-summer.pdf|//Engaging the Paddlesports Community//]], [[http://a092.uscgaux.info/pb.htm|**The Eastwind**]] (Ninth Eastern), Summer 2010

* [[http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1675598,00.html//Floating|Your Own Boat//]], [[http://www.time.com/time/|**Time Magazine**]], October 27, 2007

* [[http://www.cgauxa.org/beacon/2011-02-beacon.pdf|//The US Coast Guard Auxiliary Presents: Paddlefest//]], [[http://www.cgauxa.org/news.html|**e BEACON**]], February 2011

* [[http://cgauxdiv20.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/paddlesports-safety-training-a-necessary-priority///Paddlesports|Safety A Necessary Priority//]], March 7, 2011

====Paddlecraft Safety / Educational Videos====

* Life Jackets Float. Do You? (YouTube) [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpFwGQ35W1w&lr=1&feature=mhum]]

* Rescue for River Runners - R3 (YouTube)[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kWby9gm84k&feature=youtu.be]]

* Decide to Return (YouTube) [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_TDyAtXdFM&lr=1&feature=mhum]]

* It's Your Turn - A Defensive Boating Primer (YouTube) [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc6q-Z93Hj8&lr=1&feature=mhum]]

* Coastal Kayaking - National Paddlesport Safety System (YouTube)[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FILy4UFybWQ]]

* Whitewater Kayaking - National Paddlesport Safety System (YouTube)[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xE8EOVUZ3I]]

* Whitewater Rafting - National Paddlesport Safety System (YouTube)[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EljMIFKrWq0&lr=1]]

* SmartStart for Paddlers - A Paddlesport Safety Orientation (Vimeo)[[http://vimeo.com/7725540]]

* Cold Water Boot Camp (NWSC)[[http://www.watersafetycongress.org/resources.shtml]]

* The Ultimate Guide to Stand Up Paddling trailer [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qux0VR1n5hw]]
====Paddling TV on YouTube channels====

* Kayak Fishing Tales http://www.youtube.com/user/KayakFishingTales

* Kayak Bass Fishing http://www.youtube.com/user/KayakBassinTV

* Stand Up Paddling http://www.youtube.com/user/StandUpPaddlingTV

* Whitewater Kayaking http://www.youtube.com/user/WhitewaterPaddlingTV

* Canoeing http://www.youtube.com/user/CanoeingTV

* Recreational Paddling http://www.youtube.com/user/PaddleTV
====Sea Kayaking====

* SeaKayakingTV channel (on YouTube) http://www.youtube.com/user/SeaKayakingTV

* Three “Golden Rules” of Sea Kayaking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2qCv2rdaFw&feature=related

* How to Dress for Kayaking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfHDnL7USJU&feature=relmfu

* How to properly transport a kayak on the top of your vehicle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgPCYYfLjBA&feature=related

* Anchoring A Fishing Kayak: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wllv5zVTsHQ&feature=related

* How to perform a heel hook variation on the paddle floatreentry video: [[http://theartofpaddling.com/2013/07/08/paddling-tips-the-heel-hook-paddle-float-reentry/]]
====Kayak Fishing====

* Kayak Fishing "Golden Rules" of Kayak Fishing (YouTube)[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-EgnKYr8lI]]

* Top 5 Shallow Water Kayak Fishing Tips (YouTube) [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyNbIGaX1KE]]

* Choosing the Right Fishing Kayak (YouTube) [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-KFmqEP0bg]]

* How to Re-enter a Sit-on-top Kayak (YouTube)[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3hAIkvRpJE]]

* How to Launch a Kayak in a Surf Zone (YouTube)[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uxNdLkoCdU]]

* Top 5 Kayak Fishing Safety Rules (YouTube)[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yaQc-7Xhg8]]

* How to Choose a Good Kayak Fishing Spot (YouTube)[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZBxyPKWU3I]]

* Top 5 Off Shore Kayak Fishing Tips (YouTube)[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5xwoosC87E]]

* 3 Techniques Every Kayak Angler Should Know (YouTube)[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBF8xAGE_fE]]

* Top 5 Ways to Customize your Fishing Kayak (YouTube)[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK6tTgUm-fo]]

* Proper Technique for Paddling a Fishing Kayak (YouTube)[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiYc84hBKlc]]

====Marine Radios for Safety====

* Marine VHF Radios for Kayakers, Part 1 [[http://theartofpaddling.com/2013/06/24/paddling-tips-marine-vhf-radios-part-1/]]

* Marine VHF Radios for Kayakers, Part 2 [[http://theartofpaddling.com/2013/07/06/paddling-tips-marine-vhf-radios-part-2/?]]
Story about VHF radio and a rescue:

* VHF radio saves lost sea kayaker in Puget Sound: [[http://coastguardnews.com/handheld-radio-saves-lost-kayaker/2013/07/24/#comments]]

Paddling Tips: Float Bags: http://theartofpaddling.com/2013/07/07/paddling-tips-float-bags/


{{wiki:NSBC-wear-it-logo-06.jpg |link=http://www.safeboatingcampaign.com/}}

* [[http://safetyseal.net/pdf_files/BestPractices-USCGAux.pdf|Best Practices for Paddlers and Paddlesports Programs]]

* [[http://safetyseal.net/pdf_files/Paddler'sSafetyChecklist-USCGAux.pdf|Paddler's Safety Checklist]]

* [[http://safetyseal.net/pdf_files/WearIt-USCGAux.pdf|Wear It! Lifejackets Matter]]

* [[http://safetyseal.net/pdf_files/ColdWaterSurvival-USCGAux.pdf|Cold Water Survival]]

* [[http://safetyseal.net/pdf_files/ColdWaterSurvival-USCGAux.pdf|Practices, Ethics and Conduct]]
====Reading list====

The Reading List is a compilation of print and web resources that will be of useful to instructors, vessel examiners and others involved in paddlesports safety. This list is a living document that will evolve as time goes on.

===The Kayak reader===

* Alderson, Doug. Sea-Kayakers Savvy Paddler. Camden: Ragged Mountain Press, 2001.

* Burch, David. Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation. Old Saybrook: Globe Pequot Press, 1993.

* Diaz, Ralph. Complete Folding Kayaker. Camden: Ragged Mountain Press, 1994

* Dillon, Pamela and Jeremy Oyen, eds. Kayaking, Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2009.

* Dowd, John. Sea Kayaking, A Manual for Long Distance Touring. Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre Ltd, 1988.

* Gronseth, George and Matt Broze. Sea-Kayaker Deep Trouble and Their Lessons. Camden: Ragged Mountain Press, 1997.

* Gullion, Laurie. Canoeing and Kayaking Instruction Manual. Birmingham: Menasha Ridge Press, 1987.

* Hutchinson, Derek. Eskimo Rolling. Camden: Ragged Mountain Press, 1992.

* Hutchinson, Derek C. Expedition Kayaking on Sea and Open Water. Old Saybrook: Globe Pequot Press, 1995.

* Johnson, Shelley. The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook. Camden: Ragged Mountain Press, 2002.

* Killen, Ray. Simple Kayak Navigation. Camden: Ragged Mountain Press, 2006.

* Robison, John. Sea Kayaking Illustrated, A Visual Guide to Better Paddling. Camden: Ragged Mountain Press, 2003.

* Seidman, David. The Essential Sea Kayaker: A Complete Course for the Open Water Paddler. Camden: Ragged Mountain Press, 1992.

* Snyder, Rocky. Fit to Paddle: The Paddler’s Guide to Strength and Conditioning. Camden, ME: Ragged Mountain Press 2003.

* Wyatt, Mike. The Basic Essentials of Sea Kayaking. Old Saybrook: Globe Pequot Press 1990.

====The Canoe reader====

* Dillon, Pamela, ed. Canoeing. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2009.

* Foster, Nigel. Open Canoe Technique. Guilford, CT. Falcon Guide, 2004.

* Jacobson, Cliff. The Basic Essentials of Solo Canoeing, Merrillville, IN. ICS Books, Inc. 1991.

* Mason, Bill. Path of the Paddle. Buffalo, NY. Firefly Books. 1999.

* McGuffin, Gary and Joan McGuffin. Paddle Your Own Canoe. Ontario: Boston Mills Press, 2005.

* Ray, Slim. The Canoe Handbook. Harrisburg: Stackpole Books, 1992.

* Rounds, John, ed. Basic Canoeing. Mechanicsburg: Stackpole Books, 2003.

====The Stand Up Paddleboard reader====

* Burgoyne, Nate. The Stand Up Paddle Book. Lava Rock Media. 2010.

* Casey, Rob. Stand Up Paddling: Flatwater to Surf and Rivers. Seattle: Mountaineers Books. 2011.

* Marcus, Ben. The Art of Stand Up Paddling: A Complete Guide to SUP on Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans. Falcon Guides. 2011.

====Paddling groups====

[{{wiki:Paddlesports_event.jpg|events are great places to recruit paddlers for the [http://www.cgauxed.org/paddle.htm Paddlesports America]}} course and Paddlecraft Vessel Safety Checks]]

* [[http://www.adk.org/|Adirondack Mountain Club]]

* [[http://www.americancanoe.org/|American Canoe Association]]

* [[http://www.canoekayak.com/|Canoe and Kayak Magazine]]

* [[http://www.foldingkayaks.org/|Folding Kayaks]]

* [[http://www.smart-start-kayaking.com/|Kayaking for Beginners]]

* [[http://www.kayakpaddling.net/|Kayak Paddling .net]]

* [[http://www.kayakzak.com/adaptive.php|Kayak Zak’s Adaptive Paddling]]

* [[http://www.kayarchy.co.uk/|Kayarchy]]

* [[http://www.npmb.com/|Northeast Paddlers Message Board]]

* [[http://www.northernforestcanoetrail.org|Northern Forest Canoe Trail]]

* [[http://www.paddlermagazine.com/|Paddler Magazine]]

* [[http://paddling.about.com/|Paddling.About.com]]

* [[http://www.paddlinginstructor.com/|Paddling Instructor.com]]

* [[http://www.paddling.net/|Paddling.net]]

* [[http://www.paddlewise.net/|Paddlewise]]

* [[http://www.seakayakermag.com/|Sea Kayaker Magazine]]

* [[http://www.wekanu.com/|Wekanu]]

* [[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WNY_Paddlers/|Western New York Paddlers Group]]

====Keeping current====

{{wiki:Paddlesports_wearit.jpg|Don’t just take your lifejacket with you, wear it!}}

* [[http://www.adventurekayakmag.com/index.php|Adventure Kayak Magazine]]

* [[http://www.backpacker.com/|Backpacker Magazine]]

* [[http://www.canoekayak.com/|Canoe and Kayak Magazine]]

* [[http://canoesailingmagazine.com/|Canoe Sailing Magazine]]

* [[http://www.canoerootsmag.com/|Family and Camping Canoeroots Magazine]]

* [[http://www.kayakanglermag.com/index.php|Kayak Angler Online]]

* [[http://www.supsurfmag.com/|Kayak Fishing Magazine]]

* [[http://www.kayakfishing.com/|Kayak Fishing.com]]

* [[http://www.kayakmagazine.com/|Kayak Magazine]]

* [[http://www.oceanpaddlermagazine.com/|Ocean Paddler Magazine]]

* [[http://www.paddlinglife.net/|Paddling Life]]

* [[http://www.paddling.net/|Paddling.net]]

* [[http://www.rapidmag.com/|Rapid the Whitewater Magazine]]

* [[http://www.seakayakermag.com/|Sea Kayaker Magazine]]

* [[http://www.supsurfmag.com/|Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine]]

* [[http://www.uscanoenews.com/USCA_Canoe_News_C37.cfm|USCA Canoe News]]

* [[http://www.wavelengthmagazine.com/|Wavelength Magazine]]
====Contributed by====

[[mailto:Don.Goff@cgauxnet.us/]] Don Goff, N-PC Senior Advisor for Paddlecraft Safety

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