Hilton Paddington Hotel, London, 25th & 26th May 2010 introducing 3dtv

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To enquire about speaking on this programme as a panellist or solo speaker, please e-mail georgina.wilczek@informa.com. Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

DAY ONE: Tuesday 25th May 2010

Making 3D Work: Optimal Business Models and Services

08:50 Informa Welcome & Speed Networking Session

Julia Glotz, Editor, Informa Telecoms & Media
09:10 Broadcaster Case Study: Leading the Way in 3DTV

  • HD, an infrastructure that provides a real framework for future innovation

  • Utilising existing HD set-top boxes to deliver the new technology

  • The case for polarised lenses – safe, efficient and cost-effective

  • Planning to offer movies, entertainment and sport to customers in 3D

Speaker: Gerry O’Sullivan, Head of Strategic Product Management, BSkyB

09:25 Vendor Slot A: Turning 3DTV into a Profitable Reality

Vendors of 3DTV technology are invited to illustrate the rationalisation for 3DTV, highlighting feasible routes to achieving maximum quality and ROI.

09:45 At The Forefront of Technological Advancement

  • Progressing the intention to forge ahead with the 3DTV technology

  • Plans for rollout and expansion in coming years – how will the 3D business model work?

  • What do Korean audiences want? Meeting consumer needs

  • Projections and forecasts for coming years

Speaker: Dr. Sang Il Park, Project Manager of Research & Development, Korea Communications Commission, Korea

10:00 Broadcaster Case Study: Launching 3DTV Content on TV Globo

  • Initiating 3D content and paying special attention to production, coding, and broadcasting issues

  • TV Globo Experience in Carnival 3D – 2009/2010, soap operas, ballet dancing, etc.

  • Anticipations for the 3D market in South America and the content which will draw the greatest audiences

Speaker: José Dias, Director, Multimedia R&D Department, TV Globo, Brazil
10:15 3DTV – A Bright Hope for the Future

  • The potential for 3DTV and what it means for the future of television

  • Plans to launch ESPN 3D later this year

  • Reflections on the launch of the first sports-themed 3D film produced by ESPN and Disney in 2009

  • Results from our 3DTV Sports telecast of No. 4 USC at No. 6 Ohio State

  • Evaluations of workflow operations, 3D camera positioning, transmission changes and fan reactions to 3D versus 2D

Invited Speaker: Bryan Burns, Vice President of Strategic Business Planning

and Development, ESPN

10:30 Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

Setting Standards for Success

Chair: Simon Gauntlett, Technology Director, Digital Terrestrial Group

11:30 3DTV: Past, Present & Future

  • How did we get here? Where are we going? Is past performance indicative of future results?

  • 3D Past: What can we learn from previous technological changes? Motion, sound, colour, HD.

  • 3D Present: Where are we now? Technology, content, finance, vision.

  • 3D Future: What needs to happen for 3DTV to be a success? Standards, bandwidth, experience, conversion.

Speaker: Neil A. Dodgson, Senior Lecturer, Computer Laboratory, Univ. of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
11:50 Panel Discussion: Promoting Effective 3D Standards to Ensure Effective Reliability and Compatibility

  • Establishing a delivery pipeline with a set of standards or agreements, screens and a business model

  • Production and content standards needed to cover cable, satellite, mobile, Internet and terrestrial broadcast

  • Standards for home distribution via Blu-ray, TV, STB and PC

  • Finding a commercial and technical balance

  • Should 3DTV be fully standardised? Can more than one 3DTV technology co-exist?

  • Will screen manufacturers produce displays that support all 3D standards together in one device? How will this be possible?

Panellists include:

Rick Dean, Chairman, 3D@Home Consortium

Peter Symes, Director of Standards and Engineering, SMPTE

Stuart Lipoff, Chairman of the Consumer Electronics Society Standards Committee, IEEE

Steve Venuti, President, HDMI

Dr. Hans Hoffmann, Program Manager, Technical Department, EBU
12:40 Lunch & Exhibition Visit

Mobilising the Market

Special Focus: 3D Content Uncovered

13:45 Panel Discussion: Bringing 3D to the Small Screen

  • What makes 3D content so popular with audiences in the cinema? How can this be channelled for enjoyable TV viewing?

  • Blu-ray’s role in encouraging the production of 3D Content

  • What are the reassurances that content providers need to hear before full scale 3D content production for TV can get fully underway?

  • Will 3D content for the small screen be produced if there are no 3DTVs in people’s homes?

  • HD-ready TV sets were being sold long before HDTV content was available, so would customers be prepared to buy 3D-enabled TV sets as ‘the next big thing’ while waiting for 3D content to emerge?

  • How will cost play a factor in 3D’s growth and potential?

Chair: Toby Russell, Chief Executive Officer, 3Vision

Panellists include:

Kevin Baughan, Director of Technical Strategy, Virgin Media

Colin Smith, Technical Analyst & 3D Consultant, ITV Interactive

Steve Knibbs, Chief Operating Officer, Vue Entertainment
14:15 Vendor Slot C: Harnessing the Power of QoE

Vendors are invited to illustrate to broadcasters how Quality of Experience can be a make-or-break factor in creating loyalty among viewers, demonstrating helpful technologies to ensure best possible quality services post-launch.
14:35 Unleashing the Power of Sport Entertainment through 3D

  • FIFA’s resolve to produce 25 matches from the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa in 3D in co-ordination with a number of licensees

  • Why 3D technology is so important for sport today

  • Expectations as to the viewing experience on the small screen – anticipating the reaction of fans

Speaker: Niclas Ericson, Director, TV Division, FIFA
Continued overleaf...

Special Focus: 3D Content Uncovered continued...
14:55 Panel Discussion: Making 3D Content Work in the Home Context

  • 3D sport – broadcasting premier league football, major international games and preparing for the Olympics in 2012

  • Documentaries, cartoons, films and advertising - observations from case studies and trials to date

  • Considering the potential for 3D advertising

  • Issues in changing generic content into 3D or converting 3D films for TV

  • Investigating VOD and content interactivity – what do consumers want?

  • Could 3D spell the end for 2D film as we know it?

Speakers include:

Niclas Ericson, Director, TV Division, FIFA
15:25 Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

Chair: Simon Gauntlett, Technology Director, Digital Terrestrial Group

16:25 Maximising Profitability and ROI

  • 3DTV’s potential as a premium advertising proposition for commercial broadcasters

  • Utilising 3D content which already exists at the consumer level including cinema, games and other content

  • Considering the associated cost of 3DTV systems compared to 2DTV systems and the premium that the consumer has been willing to pay for other features to date

  • How can broadcasters capitalise on the public’s appeal for the 3D format?

16:45 Panel Discussion: 3D’s Relevance For Applications Across Multiple Devices

  • Considering a wide range of 3D uses for PC, TV, STB and Blu-Ray including 3DTV, cinema, games, entertainment, advanced 3D audio applications and in education

  • How will 3D teleimmersion and remote collaboration influence the future creation of content?

  • Can 3DTV technology be applied to business? How might it be used with medical and biomedical applications?

Panellists will include a selection of top speakers from across the delivery chain.
17:20 End of Day One.

DAY TWO: Wednesday 26th May 2010

Content Capture, Delivery and Display

Chair: Dr Sean McCarthy, Chair of the 3DTV Working Group, MPEGIF

09:00 Speed Networking Session and Opening Remarks from the Chair

Asia Market Focus

09:10 Japan: Bringing the Cinema Experience Into the Home

  • Japanese technology companies leading the way with 3DTV

  • Results from special stereoscopic 3DTV broadcasts and their role in popularising the medium in Japan

  • Expectations for the Japanese 3DTV market in the next few years – where is the market going?

Speaker: Tsutomu Taguchi, Acting Director, Research and Development Office, Global ICT Strategy Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan

09:25 Driving the 3DTV Market in Taiwan

  • Successful development of 3D imaging and display technologies to date

  • Forecasts for the future growth of the 3D imaging and display market

  • The power of 3DTV to create many new and lucrative business opportunities

  • Establishing the 3D Interaction & Display Alliance (3DIDA) to drive the market forward

Speaker: Golden Tiao, Deputy General Director, ITRI & President, 3DIDA, Taiwan
09:40 Korea: Forging Ahead With New Technologies

  • Standardising 3D decoding technologies in MPEG and developing a technology verification system of 3D DMB

  • Building a high-definition 3DTV camera, video multiplexer and de-multiplexer and 3DTV receiver

  • Our experiment which has seen a 3DTV broadcasting system through to fruition

  • Developing a glass-free, personalized 3D broadcasting technology in development of next-generation DTV core technology

Namho Hur, Realistic Broadcasting System Research Team, (3DTV System Research Team), Broadcasting System Research Dept, ETRI, Korea
09:55 Panel Discussion: Advancing 3D Solutions in Asia

  • How and why Asia is placing itself at the forefront of technological advancements in 3DTV

  • Collaborative efforts to advance 3D technology and markets

  • Standards recommendations for content creation and displays that will ensure comfort for the viewer

  • Anticipations for the growth of the market


Tsutomu Taguchi, Acting Director, Research and Development Office, Global ICT Strategy Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan

Namho Hur, Realistic Broadcasting System Research Team, (3DTV System Research Team), Broadcasting System Research Dept, ETRI, Korea

Dr. Sang Il Park, Project Manager of Research & Development, Korea Communications Commission, Korea

Golden Tiao, Deputy General Director, ITRI & President, 3DIDA, Taiwan
10:30 Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

Capturing, Creating and Editing 3D Content

11:20 Vendor Slot E: Capturing 3D Content Effectively

Vendors are invited to demonstrate optimal solutions for capturing 3D on film and/or converting existing 2D film to a 3D format.
11:40 Vendor Slot F: Efficient Solutions for 3D Editing and Image Manipulation

The importance of image manipulation is vital to keep the viewer immersed in a consistent 3D environment. Vendors are invited to illustrate their solutions to enable images to be manipulated, vertical misalignments corrected, and horizontal image translation to be undertaken.
12:00 Panel Discussion: 3D Scene Capture, Processing, Encoding and Representation

  • Best techniques for capturing 3D scenery, processing captured data and displaying the results in 3D

  • 3D audio-visual scene capture and reconstruction techniques for static and dynamic scenes, filming at a distance and up close

  • Effective synchronization and calibration of multiple cameras

  • Multi-view and multi-sensor image and 3D data processing

  • Holographic camera techniques and mixing of virtual and real worlds

  • Ensuring seamless integration to deliver full-scale, realistic 3DTV on the small screen

Panellists include:

José Dias, Director, Multimedia R&D Department, TV Globo, Brazil

Plus a selection of top speakers from across the delivery chain.

12:30 Lunch & Exhibition Visit

Transport Technology and Data Requirements

13:45 Broadcaster Case Study: Preparing for A 3D Future

  • The need to be ready to embrace 3D

  • Collaborating with Intel to develop a set-top box that can deliver high-definition 3D video and integrating streaming content from the Web

  • Bluetooth-enabled, motion-sensitive remote that lets viewers point at the screen and click to make a selection

  • Supporting 3D games as well as movies and TV broadcasts

Speaker: Georges Penalver, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Development, Orange
14:00 State of the Art in 3DTV Content Delivery with A Focus on

Broadcasting Networks

  • Perspectives on 3DTV evolution

  • Considering Frame packaging formats

  • Signaling issues to maximise delivery efficiency

  • Display and visualization issues – important aspects to consider

Speakers: Mr Paolo d'Amato, CEO, & Mr Giovanni Ballocca, Digital TV Project Manager, Sisvel Technology
14:15 Panel Discussion: Bandwidth Requirements for 3DTV

  • Calculating added bandwidth required at each step in the distribution chain compared to 2D video.

  • Is 3D content compatible with the large existing 2D content creation and distribution infrastructure?

  • Considering multiple description coding and channel adaptation – what are the possibilities?

  • Investigating data compression and scalability – what parameters do broadcasters need to work within to ensure adequate quality for the viewer?

  • The impact of 3DTV in the set-top box

Panellists include:

Randolph Nikutta, Senior Project Field Mgr, New Media, Deutsche Telecom

Plus a selection of high-level speakers from across the delivery chain.

3D Visualisation and Display

Session Chair: William Cooper, Chief Executive, informitv

14:45 Offering a Breakthrough in Visualisation: New Services, Better Quality, Greater Efficiency

  • Showcasing the new 3D-enabled Sony Bravia series of televisions

  • Sony’s plans to launch a 3D subscription-based channel in 2010

  • Using Real D active shutter glasses to activate the 3D effect

  • Making Sony Vaio laptops, Blu-ray Disc players and PlayStation 3 console compatible with the new technology.

Speaker: Senior Representative, Sony

15:05 Panel Discussion: Techniques for Stereoscopic TV Display

  • Analgyph, polarising, active shutter and lenticular techniques – which is likely to be the most successful / popular on the small screen?

  • Considering sensation-of-reality versus ease-of-viewing, cost versus longevity

  • Autostereoscopic, holographic and integral-imaging-based systems

  • Potential psycho, visual and physiological effects which could have a major influence on take-up

  • Guarding against conflicting cues, the leading cause of discomfort and fatigue when viewing 3D displays

  • The need for 3D display technology to be capable of producing HDTV-quality images for the consumer in both 2D and 3D modes

Panellists include:

Simon Parnall, UK Vice President of Technology, NDS

Eamonn Ansbro, Executive Director, RealView Innovations Ltd
Plus a selection of high-level speakers from across the delivery chain.
15:35 Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

Towards the Future

16:20 Broadcaster Case Study: How 3D Is Revolutionising the TV Experience

  • Looking towards 3D as the next big thing

  • How can broadcasters equip themselves sufficiently to embrace the new trend?

  • Anticipations for the future of the 3D market

  • Results from own 3D trials to date

Speaker: Mirek Smyk, TV Business Manager, Romtelecom

16:40 Panel Discussion: Strategies for Ensuring 3DTV’s Success


  • Glimpsing the future: Considering the many opportunities and benefits 3DTV could bring in the years ahead

  • What are the steps which need to happen can 3DTV become a long-term part of the television market?

  • Will there be sufficient content to sustain 3DTV sales

  • Forecasts for the success of the medium in the next 5 years

Featuring a selection of speakers from across the two days.

17:10 End of Day Two.

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