Hilton Paddington Hotel, London, 25th & 26th May 2010 introducing 3dtv

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Hilton Paddington Hotel, London, 25th & 26th May 2010

3DTV is an exciting technology development capturing the imagination of consumers and industry professionals alike. However, there are lots of issues which need to be discussed and evaluated to unleash its full potential and enable it to become as commercially successful as possible.
The 3DTV World Forum taking place in London in May 2010 is the first ever worldwide conference addressing every aspect of the new technology and its relevance across the whole value chain.
Including over 30 speakers from the forefront of HDTV, the show will include panel discussions, industry forecasts and projections, case studies from renowned service providers and 3D innovators, and ample opportunity to network with the leading voices of this new technology from right across the world.


Topics to be addressed at this important two day event will include reception and display, image acquisition and rights, distribution, storage and post-production, looking at a range of potential business models and content possibilities from films and sport to documentaries. We will also address current varying standards across the world, bandwidth issues and constraints and the possible psycho-physiological effects of 3D on the small screen.

This show is being produced by Informa Telecoms & Media, the producers of the much-acclaimed IPTV World Forum, attracting over 5500 each year from right across the world, and still growing.

Who should attend the 3DTV World Forum?

  • Cable operators, telecom providers and satellite operators - who wish to increase their market potential by delivering a whole new type of televisual entertainment to their customers and need to learn more about the technical requirements needed to sustain and deliver 3DTV with optimal quality;

  • Vendors who wish to connect with leading operators and service providers from around the world and illustrate their cost-effective solutions to enable secure, fast and efficient 3DTV transmission over existing networks or have the means to supply new televisual equipment making 3DTV as accessible to the home viewer as possible;

  • Content providers such as media and film companies that wish to illustrate to service providers the benefits of turning to 3DTV - potentially greater revenues through alternative payment models, plus gripping new content that can draw in new customers and hang onto them long-term, - and their thoughts on the kind of media (eg. sports, entertainment, documentaries) which work best with the new medium;

  • Industry bodies who wish to standardise 3DTV so that it can work synonymously all over the world;

  • Anyone wishing to find out more about the medium.

Why you need to participate:

  • Gain unique access to a one-stop shop of 3DTV industry thought leadership and purchasing power

  • Influence the success of 3DTV deployment and development across the world

  • Drive forward your vision for technological efficiency and a sustainable market

  • Accelerate services tailored specifically to the home environment

  • Increase 3DTV’s potential to create real financial rewards

3DTV World Forum Agenda Overview:

DAY ONE – Tuesday 18 May 2010

Making 3D Work: Optimal Business Models and Services

Mobilising the Market

Special Focus: 3D Content Uncovered

DAY TWO – Wednesday 19 May 2010

Content Capture, Delivery and Display

Asia Market Focus

Capturing, Creating and Editing 3D Content

  • Capturing 3D Content Effectively

  • Efficient Solutions for 3D Editing and Image Manipulation

  • 3D Scene Capture, Processing, Encoding and Representation

Transport Technology and Data Requirements

3D Visualisation and Display

  • Techniques for Stereoscopic TV Display

  • Offering a Breakthrough in Visualisation: New Services, Better Quality, Greater Efficiency

Towards the Future

  • How 3D Is Revolutionising the TV Experience

  • Strategies for Ensuring 3DTV’s Success Long-Term

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