Health Care Access is an extensive social problem that affects many

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Health Care Access is an extensive social problem that affects many
urban communities today. Expenses for health care keep growing each year,
which affects the income of most Americans. At this rate, it's almost impossible to expect that lower income families, can manage sufficient health care, a fact supported by statistics. In many instances poorer people living in urbanized areas are more likely to have severe cases of health related diseases.

With this in mind we can correlate the community of Alameda, to this

social problem of health care. As well as the attempt to redevelop Alameda,
there's the struggle finding affordable health care for those not easy to insure.

It is interesting that our society is not more willing to give more support to low income families and senior citizen. It seems selfish to say that we are not more open in saving those lives of individuals struggling to provide themselves and families with

adequate health care. We see only few volunteer services, which strive to
protect these people from the grueling reality of costly health care. The community of
Alameda is a great example of not just redeveloping the community, but of agencies, like the APC taking on the role that society should take to assist those individuals
in need of help.

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