Happy Halloween!

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1. Small black animal that can fly.

5. A costume with an eye patch and a sword.

6. A monster with many bandages.

7. A witch's pet.

8. _____-or-treat!

9. _______ house.


1. What do witches use to fly?

2. A costume ______.

3. Bony monster.

4. Scary thing that says boo.

5. Children carve this vegetable.

7. Kids get lots of this.

Name that monster:

A __________ is a monster that says boo and haunts houses.

A __________ is a monster that drinks blood and doesn’t like garlic.

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files -> Pursuing a career in Dentistry What's Unique about Dentistry?
files -> The university of michigan school of dentistry honor system policy for students enrolled in advanced dental education programs
files -> Curriculum vitae laurie k. Mccauley
files -> To be eligible to apply for core privileges in dentistry, the applicant must meet the following qualifications
files -> North-Western State medical University n a. I. I. Mechnikov Program for General Medicine Department
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