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Bond and Natalya then watch as a lake is drained of water, uncovering the dish. They infiltrate the control station, where Bond is captured. Trevelyan reveals his plan to steal all the money from the Bank of England electronically before wiping all record of the transaction with the remaining Goldeneye satellite weapon, simultaneously destroying the British economy. Meanwhile, Natalya programs the satellite to begin re-entry so it will burns up in the atmosphere. With Natalya now captive, Grishenko tries to save the satellite, while nervously fiddling with a explosive pen provided by Q. Escaping into the dish, Bond sabotages the antenna. High above the dish, he has a fist-fight with Trevelyan, who falls. Bond grabs him, but then releases him after pointing out that, unlike most of his kills, this one is personal. Trevelyan survives the fall, but dies when the damaged antenna falls on top of him while Bond escapes clutching the skid of a helicopter commandeered by Natalya. Grishenko survives the explosion only to be frozen by exploding tanks of liquid nitrogen. Landing safely in a field, Bond and Natalya embrace, imagining themselves to be alone. Wade arrives to reveal that they are surrounded by a camouflaged unit of US Marines. The couple iss are then whisked off to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base by Marine helicopter.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

The pre-title sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies is set on the Russia boarder where stolen Soviet weapons are being sold to terrorists. The action is being watched remotely in London via a camera infiltrated by an agent. Among the arms traders identified is “techno terrorist” Henry Gupta, who is buying a US GPS encoder. Over M’s objections, the Royal Navy launch missiles, hoping to kill most of the world’s terrorists. The camera then shows that a Soviet plane on offer is carrying nuclear torpedoes, which could be detonated by the missiles. But it is too late to recall them. The agent on the ground, now revealed to be 007, moves in on the attack. In the confusion of bullets and explosions, Bond hijacks the plane and takes off with another plane in pursuit. Once airborne, the airman in the back seat comes to and tries to strangle Bond, who reaches for the eject button, firing the backseater up into the pursuing plane, destroying it.

In the South China Ssea, Royal Navy frigate, HMS Devonshire is overflown by two Chinese fighters, which informing the Navym that it is they are in Chinese territorial waters. The British captain replies that he isthey are in international waters and willwith retaliate if attacked. Nearby a stealth vessel lurks. It launches a sea-drill that punctures the hull of the British ship. As she sinks, the Devonshire fires a rocket that brings down one of the Chinese planes. The stealth ship’s commanding officer, Stamper, contacts his boss, media mogul Elliot Carver, and tells him that part one of the operation is complete. In part two, Stamper machineguns the survivors in the water, using Chinese ammunition. Meanwhile, Carver is writing the headline for his international newspaper, Tomorrow, saying: “British Sailors Murdered.”

In London, the Royal Navy prepares for war. But M notes that a mysterious signal was sent on the GPS frequency that could have sent the Devonshire off course. Bond discovers that the newspaper came out before anyone ashore could have known about the murder of the British sailors. M also suspects that the signal came from one of Carver’s broadcast satellites and sends Bond to a reception at Carver’s headquarters in Hamburg for the launch of Carver’s new news channel, which that has global coverage, with the exception of China.

At the reception Bond meets Carver’s wife Paris, an old flame. Carver also introduces Bond to Wai Lin of the Chinese government news service. During his conversation with Carver, Bond hints that he suspects Carver’s involvement in the sinking of the Devonshire. While Carver is making a speech introducing his new channel – pointing out its debut scoop, the sinking of the Devonshire – Bond is taken away by Carver’s heavies, who try to beat him up. Bond thrashes them, then pulls the plug on Carver’s speech. Back in Bond’s hotel room, Paris Carver arrives and the two of them sleep together.

The following day, Bond breaks into Carver’s headquarters where he spots Gupta. In his safe, Bond finds the GPS encoder device. He takes it and is leaving when Wai Lin breaks in and sets off the alarm. Using a Q-style piton and cable, she Wai Lin escapes easily, while Bond has to fight his way out. Back at his hotel, he discovers Paris dead. The assassin, Dr. Kaufman, holds him at gunpoint, while Stamper and his men try to break into Bond’s car. The code to open car, Bond says, is on his cell phone – one provided by Q. When Kaufman tries it, he gets a massive electric shock. Bond grabs his gun and kills him.

In the hotel car park, Bond’s BMW is surrounded by Stamper’s men. Using a remote control provided by Q, Bond drives it away, opens the back window and jumps in. Using all the gadget’s Q has built in, heBond evades his pursuers in a chase around the car park. Eventually he jumps out, leaving the car to speed over the edge of the roof and crash into the Avis office below.

At a US airbase in Asia, Bond meets Jack Wade again. A GPS expert confirms that the Devonshire was sent off course before she was sunk and works out where the wreckage is. With Wade’s help, Bond makes a HALO dive on the position and scuba- dives down to the Devonshire, finding Wai Lin there already. They discover that the frigate’s cruise missiles are missing and escape before the ship settles into deeper waters, but surface to be captured by Stamper on a Vietnamese fishing vessel.

Taken to Carver’s headquarters in Saigon, they finddiscover Carver writing their obituaries, revealing that Wai Lin is with the Chinese People’s External Security Force. Carver then outlines his plan to use his media empire to take over the world, after he has destroyed the old world order by starting a war between Britain and China. While Carver goes for a meeting with a General Chang, he leaves Bond and Wai Lin to be tortured by Stamper, a devotee of Dr. Kaufman.

Still handcuffed together, Bond and Wai Lin shrug off their captors, then escape by leaping through the window, slowing their fall from the skyscraper by tearing a strip down a huge banner of Carver that decorates the side of the building.

They steal a motorbike and are pursued through the streets of Saigon by a helicopter, downing it by throwing a cable into its tail rotor. While having a shower afterwards, Bond gets romantic, but Wai Lin gives him the slip by unlocking her half of the handcuffs and cuffing him to the pipe. He quickly frees himself and tails her to her hideout. She is attacked by several thugs, but Bond intervenes, finishing them off. Wai Lin reveals that she had been investigating Chang, who she suspected of building a stealth plane. No, a stealth boat, Bond says. They deduce that the boat will use the Devonshire’s missiles to start an incident between the Royal Navy and the Chinese fleet which is who are massing in the South China Sea.

After sending a message to both their governments, they narrow down the stealth boat’s berthbirth to one bay. Finding her in the last cove, they board her and plant mines. Wai Lin is captured and Bond overhears Carver revealing his ultimate plan. He will launch one of the stolen British missiles at Beijing. General Chang will take over and Carver will gainget access to the Chinese media market. This is possibly a swipe at Rupert Murdoch, who was accused of appeasing the Chinese government to get a broadcast ban lifted.

Bond captures Gupta and offers to exchange him for Wai Lin. But Carver kills Gupta after he tells him that the missile is ready to fire and, consequently, he he is not longer needed. However, a grenade planted by Bond in a jar with a small triggering device goes off, causing a huge explosion. The stealth boat is now visible to radar and is attacked by the Royal Navy. Wai Lin shoots up the engines, but Carver goes ahead with countdown to the missile launch. In a fight with Carver, Bond pushes him into the sea- drill. But Stamper has chained Wai Lin and dangles her over an outlet to the sea. She manages to pass Bond some detonation fuses to sabotage the missile and Stamper drops her in the water. In a fight to the death, Bond traps Stamper’s ankle under the outlet of the missile’s engine. But Stamper clings on to Bond so that he will die with him. Bond cuts himself free and drops into the water as the missile launches and the detonators destroy it along with Stamper and the stealth boatship. Under water, he finds Wai Lin, breathes air into her mouth with a kiss and unchains her. The two surface surrounded by wreckage. Meanwhile M puts out a press release saying that Carver is missing presumed dead while on a cruise;, possibly suicide – shades of Robert Maxwell here. Bond and Lin are floating on a makeshift raft together while the Royal Navy hunt for them.
The World Iis Not Enough (1999)

The film borrows its title from the Bond family motto, revealed by the College of Arms in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It begins with Bond in the offices of a Swiss banker in Bilbao collecting some money that is being returned to Sir Robert King. But an MI6 agent has been killed and Bond wants to know who did it. At gunpoint, the banker is about to tell him when he is killed by a knife in the back of the neck wielded by his secretary. One of the banker’s henchmen gets the drop on Bond, but is killed by a sniper. Bond then escapes through the window.

Back in MI6 headquarters in London, the money is returned to Sir Robert, an oil tycoon and a personal friend of M. However, the money has been impregnated with a chemical, turning it into a massive bomb that is detonated by a bug in Sir Robert’s lapel pin. The bomb blows a hole in the wall. Through it Bond sees the banker’s secretary on board a boat in the Thames. She tries to shoot him. He gives chase using Q’s latest mini-speedboat. At the Millennium Dome (now The O2), she tries to escape on a hot-air balloon. Bond is carried aloft on one of the mooring ropes and tries to persuade her to give herself up. But she prefers to kill herself.

At King’s funeral, Bond meets his daughter Elektra. M concludes that the most likely suspect in his murder is a terrorist named Renard. He had been shot earlier by a double-O agent. A bullet had lodged in his brain that would eventually kill him. But first it would leave him with increased powers of endurance and a progressive lack of feeling.

Renard had previously been involved in the kidnapping of Elektra. Sir Robert had turned to M for help. M had told him not to pay the ransom, in the hope that thisit would lead to the capture of Renard. However, Elektra seduced her guards and killed them, or so she said. Bond realizes that the money returned by the Swiss banker is the same amount as the ransom. It served as a message from Renard that he was going to kill Elektra.

Bond is sent to protect Elektra, who has taken over her father’s project, building a pipeline from the oilfield of Azerbaijan to the Mediterranean. He joins her on skis on an inspection of the route of the pipeline. They are attacked by a group of men on “parahawks” – small fan-driven snow-mobiles attached to para-sails. Bond sees them off and protects Elektra from the subsequent avalanche.

While Elektra recuperates in her house in Baku, Bond seeks out his old adversary Zukovsky, who runs a nearby casino. Zukovsky tells him that Renard is an ex-KGB man working for the Russian oil barons who want King’s pipeline stopped, as it is a rival to their own. Elektra turns up at the casino and losses $1 million to Zukovsky on the turn of a card.

Secretly Elektra’s security chief Davidov meets Renard and a nuclear weapons scientist named Arkov. Renard kills Arkov for failing to kill Elektra with his parahawks. Davidov is ordered to take his place on a secret mission the following day.

Bond takes Elektra home and makes love to her. Then Bonhed sneaks out to investigate Davidov. He finds Arkov’s body in the back of Davidov’s car and takes its place. After Davidov drives to a rendezvous with a plane, Bond appears and disposes of him.

Posing as Arkov, Bond flies to a remote region of Kazakhstan where nuclear missiles are being dismantled in an underground facility. Here Bond meets attractive American Dr Christmas Jones, who is removing the radioactive material. In the silo, Bond finds Renard and his men stealing a nuclear warhead. Bond briefly captures Renard and interrogates him at gunpoint. During their exchange, Renard says: “There’s no point in living if you can’t feel alive” – a phrase Elektra has used before. Christmas Jones arrives with security, claiming Bond is an impostor. Bond is forced to drop his gun. Renard’s men open fire and escape with the warhead, leaving Bond and Jones trapped in the silo with a time bomb. However, they escape before it goes off.

Bond returns to Baku and confronts Elektra, accusing her of working with Renard. But she has called M. When M then arrives, Bond tries to explain himself, but an alarm sounds. Renard has planted the stolen warhead on an inspection car that is’s travelling out of control down the pipeline. Bond and Jones use another inspection car to intercept it. Whenile Jones dismantles the device, she finds that only half of the plutonium is there. Bond tells her to let the detonation charge go off. A section of the pipe is blown out. They escape, but have created the illusion that they have been killed.

With Bond seemingly out of the way, Elektra tells M that she killed her father for using her as bait for Renard and had hoped that the bomb had killed M too. M is then imprisoned in the Maiden’s Tower on an island in the Bosphorus.

Bond and Jones are puzzled as to why Renard only used half of the plutonium. Looking for answers, Bond visits Zukovsky at his caviar factory. They are attacked by helicopters with dangling saw blade machines. Bond downs them, and i. In the confusion, Zukovsky falls into a vat of his own caviar. Before pulling him out, Bond asks him about Elektra’s payoff in the casino. Zukovsky tells him that the $1 million was to arrange for his nephew, a Russian submarine captain, to transport some machinery via Istanbul for Elektra.

Bond realizes that Elektra and Renard are not interested not in cargo, but inrather the nuclear submarine itself. Jones points out that if weapon’s- grade plutonium was loaded into the reactor, there would be a catastrophic explosion destroying Istanbul and blocking the Bosphorus. This would render the other pipelines to the Black Sea useless, leaving no competition toto Elektra’s pipeline direct to the Mediterranean. But before Bond can do anything, he and Jones are captureds by Renard. Bond is delivered to Elektra at the Maiden’s Tower, while Jones is taken to the submarine moored beneath it.

Despite her love for Renard, Elektra says that she could have given Bond “the world”. He replies: “The world is not enough.” Elektra has Bond shackled to an antique device and proceeds to torture him. But Zukovsky and his men invade the tower. Elektra shoots Zukovsky. A dying shot from Zukovsky releases one of Bond’s wrists, allowing him to free himself. Pausing only to free M, he chases Elektra up to the top of the tower where, as she refuses to call Renard off, he kills her.

Bond leaps from the tower and boards the submarine. As heBond kills Renard’s men, the sub sinks nose down. Renard is locked in the reactor room with the rod of stolen plutonium. Bond has to swim outside the submarine to get into the reactor room by another entrance. He grapples with Renard, who is able to lock Bond behind a cage door while he inserts the rod into the reactor. But Bond sees a way to eject the rod using a pneumatic pipe. The ejected rod impales Renard, killing him. Bond and Jones escape through a torpedo tube.

Back at MI6 HQ, M, Q and his staff scan satellite imagery, looking for Bond. They find him in Istanbul, making love to Dr. Jones.
Die Another Day (2002)

Pierce Brosnan had his last run out as Bond in Die Another Day. It begins with James Bond infiltrating a North Korean military base belonging to Colonel Tan-Sun Moon, posing as an arms dealer buying weapons with African conflict diamonds. After the diamonds are handed over, Moon’s right-hand man Zao discovers Bond’s true identity. Bond detonates plastic explosives he has put in the case and diamonds are embedded in Zao’s face. Fearing retribution from his father, General Moon, Colonel Moon then flees in a large hovercraft. Bond steals another hovercraft and chases Moon, who tumbles into a waterfall. North Korean troops capture Bond, who is imprisoned and tortured on General Moon’s orders.

Fourteen months later, Bond is released in exchange for Zao, who had been captured trying to blow up a summit between South Korea and China, and killing three Chinese agents. After medical checks, M tells Bond that his double-O status is suspended as he may have leaked information under duress. Bitter over Zao’s release, Bond escapes. With the help of the Chinese, he travels to Cuba, where he traces Zao to a clinic on an off-shore island where DNA therapy allows patients to change their identity. In Cuba, he picks up a copy of A Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies. And when, in a homage to Ursula Andress in Dr. No, NSA agent Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson emerges from the sea in a bikini, Bond pretends to be an ornithologist. They have sex, though neither is aware of theeach other’s true profession.

The following day, Bond locates Zao’s room inside the clinic. After a fight, Zao escapes on a helicopter but leaves behind a pendant. Jinx is also at the clinic – and working on the Zao case. She escapes by diving over the wall into the sea where a motor cruiser picks her up. Back in Havana, Bond opens the pendant to find a cache of conflict diamonds, but they bear the crest of British billionaire Gustav Graves.

Bond tracks Graves to a fencing club in London. The two duel with swords. Bond wins and Graves invites Bond to a party he is holding in Iceland. Graves’s publicist and fencing partner Miranda Frost is left to make the arrangements.

In a disused London Underground station, Bond meets M who tells him that Frost is working for MI6, but has failed to uncover any evidence against Graves. Taking up Graves’s invitation, Bond arrives at his ice palace in Iceland where he meets Jinx, who is posing as a journalist. Graves then gives a demonstration of his new satellite called “Icarus”, an orbital mirror that, he says, will provide year-round sunshine for crop development.

Bond is spotted snooping around Graves’s private quarters where Graves is developing a robot suit that gives high-voltage shocks. He is rescued by Frost who pretends they are lovers. Though she has previously been frosty with him, they end up in bed together. Meanwhile Jinx infiltrates Graves’s quarters, finds Zao but is captured by Graves. She is shackled and left to be killed by Graves’s chief torturer, Mr Kill. Bond breaks in and together they kill Kill.

Bond then confronts Graves, working out that he is Moon fils who has had his identity altered at the Cuban DNA clinic. Frost arrives, but she is a double agent and turns her gun on Bond. Jinx finds herself locked in her room in the ice palace. Bond escapes and heads off in Graves’s jet-powered skate car. Graves calls in three North Korean generals and demonstrates Icarus’s real capability, focussing reflected light of the sun down into a concentrated death ray. The ray pursues Bond. He escapes by driving off an ice cliff, after deploying the skate -car’s breaking anchor to break his fall. He then uses the rear cowl as a board and the car’s breaking parachute to para-surf away across the sea.

Returning to collect his Aston Martin, Bond is pursued by Zao in another car replete with high-tech gadgetry. Meanwhile Graves turns Icarus on the ice palace to drown Jinx. Bond and Zao continue their car chase around the rapidly melting ice palace. Bond uses all Q’s modifications, including the facility to make the car invisible, to two thwart Zao, eventually killing him by dropping a chandelier on him. He then rescues Jinx from drowning.

Graves has returned to North Korea where there has been a coup by hardliners, ousting his father. They are preparing to invade the South, using Icarus to clear the minefield along the Demilitarized Zone. Bond and Jinx infiltrate North Korea using experimental stealth air-sleds and parachutes. They follow Graves into his aeroairplane, which is also carrying Frost and General Moon. When General Moon realizes that Graves is his son, he grabs a gun, but Graves kills him instead.

Jinx fights Frost and kills her. Bond fights Graves, but gets the worst of it because of Graves’s high-voltage robot suit. With no one at the controls, the plane strays into Icarus’s beam and catches fire. Graves puts on a parachute, throwing the others out. But he cannot resist taunting Bond, who pulls his rip cord. The parachute pulls Graves out of a hole in the side of the plane and into an engine.

Bond and Jinx escape by rolling a helicopter out of the crashing plane, starting the engine just before the helicopter hits the ground. War is averted. In thea final scene, in a shack on a remote island Bond is trying diamonds found in Graves’s helicopter in Jinx’s navel as part of their love play.

Casino Royale (2006)

When Then Daniel Craig took over as Bond and it was decided to take the movie series back to its roots and establish a new time line. Casino Royale would be a screen adaptation of Fleming’s first book. It would make no reference to any of the movies that came before and would show a younger and more vulnerable Bond.

The film begins with Bond earning his double-O status. He visits Dryden, the MI6 section chief in Prague, who has been selling secrets. Dryden says hein is not afraid because Bond is not a double O – for that you need two kills. A flashback shows Bond killing Dryden’s contact. Dryden taunts Bond. “You needn’t worry,” he says, “the second is …” Before he can say “easier”, Bond shoots him and says: “Yes, considerably.”

In Uganda, the sinister Mr White introduces Steven Obanno, a rebel leader, to Le Chiffre, private banker to terrorist groups worldwide. Le Chiffre uses Obanno’s money to short- sell stock in the company Skyfleet.

Elsewhere in Africa, Bond, now a double O, pursues a terrorist bomb-maker into the Nambutu Embassy. He is surrounded by armed guards. The ambassador tells Bond to let the man go. Bond shoots the terrorist and a nearby gas tank, then escapes in the confusion. In the backpack the terrorist was carrying, Bond finds a cell phone and a bomb.

Back at MI6, M is furious as 007’s actions were caught on CCTV at the Nambutu Eembassy. But Bond has discovered that a call to the terrorist originated in the Bahamas, ands and heads there. He traces the call to a man named Alex Dimitrios, an associate of Le Chiffre. To find out more, he beats Dimitrios at poker and seduces hishim wife. Discovering that Dimitrios is flying to Miami, Bond follows him. After he has deposited a bag, Bond kills him, then follows the man who has picked up the bag to Miami aAirport. There he tries to blow up Skyfleet’s latest prototype, the largest passenger plane in the world. But Bond thwarts him. As a result, Le Chiffre loses over $100 million dollars. Now desperate to earn the money back before Obanno kills him, Le Chiffre sets up the high- stakes match of Texas Hold ‘em in a hotel in Montenegro with an entry fee of $10 million.

The best poker player in the Secret Service, Bond is sent to foil him. The money is put up by the British government, and treasury agent Vesper Lynd is sent to keep an eye on it. Lynd is determined to keep Bond at arm’s length, but at the resort in Montenegro they have to pose as a married couple. They are further aided by René Mathis, their contact in Montenegro. The poker players have their entry fees in escrow in a Swiss bank. Each has to specify a bank account where the winnings are to be sent, along with a password. Vesper has the account details, but only Bond knows the password.

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