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The following day in the club’s weights room, Bond is set upon by a large thug. After an extended fight, Bond throws a beaker of caustic liquid in the man's face. He reels back, impales himself on broken glassware and falls dead. The label on the beaker reads: “James Bond – urine sample.”

At a US Air Force base in Britain, they are testing the deployment of cruise missiles. Petacci sneaks into the sealed control room and, using the fake eye-print, gives presidential authorization for the substitution of nuclear warheads for two dummy ones. These are successfully deployed. As Petachi flees the base, Blush forces him to crash his car, then blows it up, killing him.

On his fishing boat, a SPECTRE operative interferes with the missiles’ guidance systems, bringing them down in the sea nearby where they can be recovered. A cat-stroking Blofeld then broadcasts a threat to set them off if the nations of the world do not pay a massive ransom within seven days.

The double Os are reactivated. Bond discovers that Petachi’s sister Domino is the mistress of sinister billionaire Maximilian Largo and heads to the Bahamas to investigate. On his yacht there – the Flying Saucer, a translation of the Italian Disco Volante – Largo gives Domino a precious jade pendant with a strange pattern on it called “The Tears of Allah”. In Nassau, Bond meets Fatima Blush, who invites him on a diving expedition. She seduces him. Then, while they are diving, she places an electronic lure on his back, to attract sharks. He finds and removes it. Reaching the surface, he is rescued by a woman he had met at the harbour side earlier.

Back in Nassau, Blush sees Bond and the woman at his hotel. She places a bomb under his bed. However, he is in the other woman’s room, making love to her. Meanwhile the British High Commission has discovered that Largo’s yacht is on its way to the South of France. Bond flies after him and is met at the airport by his local Secret Service contact Nicole and the CIA’s Felix Leiter.

Bond poses as a masseur to give Domino a rubdown at a health spa and discovers that Largo is holding a charity event at the casino that night. Bond crashes the party. He plays a game of world domination devised by Largo, which gives the loser painful, even potentially fatal, electric shocks. Bond bests his host but refuses his winnings in exchange for a single dance with Domino. During it, he tells her that her brother is dead and Largo is the chief suspect.

Returning to his villa, Bond finds Nicole dead. He pursues the fleeing Fatima on a turbo-charged motorbike supplied by Q. Fatima eventually traps him in a dockside warehouse and tries to force him to write down that she is the greatest lover he has ever had. He uses a pen supplied by Q, which fires a small rocket that blows up Blush.

Bond goes scuba diving under the Flying Saucer, finds a secret compartment and is sucked in. Largo then heads for North Africa. Bond is chained up in Largo’s medieval castle there, while Largo – convinced that Domino has betrayed him with Bond – tries to sell her off to some unsavoury Arabs. Bond escapes and rescues her. After a spectacular leap over the walls into the sea with a horse, they are picked up by a submarine.

One of the warheads has been found in Washington and defused. They have five hours to find the other one. Bond spots that Largo has anchored near a coastal feature that matches the pattern on Domino’s pendant. Largo intends to explode the bomb in an underwater cave there to destroy the whole of the Middle Eastern oil reserves. Bond and Leiter thwart him. But in the ensuing battle Largo escapes with the warhead. Bond is then dropped by helicopter down a well – according to legend formed by the tears of Allah – and catches Largo. Domino turns up in the nick of time and shoots Largo with a spear gun, while Bond defuses the bomb. The two of them retreat to the Bahamas for a holiday. M wants him back but Bond says: “Never again.” This time Sean Connery, at least, means it.

A View to a Kill (1985)

Roger Moore was also going to say “never again” after Octopussy, as critics already considered him too old for the part. The film owes nothing to Ian Fleming’s short story “From a View to a Kill”, except the title. The movie begins with Bond locating the body of 003 in Arctic Siberia and recovering a microchip. Soviet troops ambush him, but he escapes in a submersible camouflaged to look like a small iceberg.

Back in M’s office, it is revealed that the Soviet chip that 003 had purloined was an exact copy of a British chip made by a company recently taken over by the Anglo-French Zorin Industries. At Ascot racecourse, Bond sees owner Max Zorin. Zorin’s horse Pegasus wins a race against all odds. Trainer Sir Godfrey Tibbett believes that it must have been doped, though it had been cleared before the race.

Through Tibbett, Bond meets French detective Achille Aubergine. During a dinner in the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower, Aubergine says he intends to investigate the alleged doping at a bloodstock sale at Zorin’s. But he is then assassinated by Zorin’s mysterious female accomplice May Day. Bond gives chase. May Day parachutes from the Eiffel Tower. Bond appropriates a taxi and gives chase, but she escapes on a speedboat driven by Zorin.

Bond attends the sale masquerading as James St John Smythe with Tibbett as his chauffeur. At a reception at Zorin’s château, Bond finds himself cold-shouldered by a young American woman, who has taken a large cheque from Zorin. Bond and Tibbett break into Zorin’s secret laboratory and discover that Zorin has been using the chip to deliver dope remotely to the horse during the race. They also find a warehouse full of chips. The break-in is discovered. Bond finds his way into May Day’s bedroom and sleeps with her to allay suspicion of his other nocturnal activities.

Zorin tricks Bond into a steeplechase. When Bond is about to win, Zorin triggers a remote injection to his horse, which dashes off the track. Bond spots Tibbett’s Rolls, gallops alongside and climbs in the window to find Tibbett dead and May Day at the wheel. Bond is knocked out and the Rolls is rolled into a lake. Before the air in the car is exhausted, Bond comes round. He stays underwater by breathing air from the tyre until Zorin and May Day have gone.

Zorin is visited by General Gogol. Though it transpires that Zorin, an East German defector, has been funded by the KGB, he says he wants nothing further to do with them. He has fish of his own to fry.

The action shifts to San Francisco, where Zorin outlines his plans to a number of businessmen in an airship above the bay. He says he wants $100 million from each of them to destroy Silicon Valley; he will then give them a monopoly on microchips. One refuses and is dropped into the water below.

Bond meets his CIA contact, who reveals that Zorin is a psychopath, the product of a Nazi experiment conducted by Dr Glaub, who is also the scientist behind his horse-doping scam. Posing as a journalist from the Financial Times of London, Bond investigates the disappearance of crabs near Zorin’s tightly guarded oil pumping station in San Francisco Bay. Diving near the facility, Bond is also sucked into the pipe, and discovers that Zorin is pumping water into the oil wells, rather than oil out. He also comes across KGB agent Pola Ivanova who is trying to blow up the facility. Former lovers, they renew their romantic entanglement – though, in fact, Pola is trying to steal a tape of a conversation Bond eavesdropped on electronically. But Bond knows what she is up to and switches the tape. When he reviews the recording of the conversation, he hears Zorin mention Silicon Valley and “Mainstrike”.

After interviewing a corrupt state official Zorin has bribed, Bond sees the girl who snubbed him at Zorin’s reception. Her name is Stacey Sutton and she is a state geologist Zorin has tricked out of her family oil company. Zorin had tried to buy her, but she did not cash the cheque. Bond saves her life when Zorin’s men try to kill her at her mansion. Together they go at night to City Hall to search for more information. Zorin catches them. He shoots the corrupt official with Bond’s gun so it looks as if Bond killed him, then shuts Bond and Stacey in the elevator and sets fire to the place.

Bond and Stacey escape and make off in a fire truck. Eluding the police in a choreographed car chase, they head for Mainstrike, a disused mine owned by Zorin. They discover it is packed with explosives. Zorin’s plan is to set off an explosion that will release the San Andreas and Hayward Faults simultaneously, causing a flood that will engulf Silicon Valley.

Stacey escapes, but May Day and Bond are trapped in the flooded mine. May Day realizes that Zorin does not love her and helps remove the bomb that would trigger a massive cache of explosives. In the process, May Day sacrifices her life. Stacey is picked up by Zorin as he escapes on his airship with Dr Glaub. Bond grabs one of the mooring ropes and is carried over San Francisco. Zorin tries to foul Bond on the Golden Gate Bridge, but Bond lashes the mooring rope to the stanchion. Stacey escapes on to the supporting cable. Bond and Zorin slug it out and Zorin falls to his death. Glaub tries to throw dynamite at Bond and Stacey, but slips and blows the airship up.

In a final scene, General Gogol arrives at M’s offices to award Bond the Order of Lenin, explaining that Russian technological development depended on the breakthroughs made in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile Q locates Bond and Stacey having a shower together in the Sutton Mansion.
The Living Daylights (1987)

The first Timothy Dalton Bond, The Living Daylights, does at least take its inspiration from the short story of the same name. Bond is assigned to kill a KGB hit man, who turns out to be a beautiful blonde cello player, and, at the last moment, alters his aim to hit the stock of her rifle. However, in the movie, she is not there to kill a British agent coming over the wall, but rather a KGB general who is defecting. And the action takes place in Bratislava, not Berlin. AlthoughWhile this is the beginning of the main story, the pre-title sequence opens in the cargo hold of a plane over Gibraltar. M is briefing three double-O agents on an exercise to test the colony'sits defences. The meeting room is the cargo hold of a plane. The loading ramp lowers and the three agents skydive on to the Rock. One is immediately stopped by the SAS. An assassin shoots another SAS guard, then cuts the rope a second agent, 004, is using to scale the Rock. But before he does that, he slides down a tag. Written on it is “Smiert spionom”, an alternative transliteration ofto “Smert shpionam” – “Death to spies”.

Bond sees 004 fall. The man who cut the rope shoots another guard and makes off in a jeep full of explosives. Bond leaps on the canvas roof, cuts his way through and fights with the driver. The jeep goes off a cliff. Bond escapes using his emergency chute, which pulls him out of the jeep before it explodes. He lands on a yacht where a beautiful woman is making a phone call. She offers him a glass of champagne. Roll title sequence …

Once Bond has thwarted the blonde sniper, he takes charge of Georgi Koskov, the defecting KGB general, after Saunders, the local Secret Service agent, threatens to report Bond for deliberately disobeying his orders to kill the sniper. Bond takes Koskov to a pumping station on the pipeline that carries gas from the Soviet Union to Western Europe. Koskov is put into a modified scouring plug that is used to clean the inside of the pipeline. Recovered in another pumping station over the border in Austria, Koskov is flown to England in a Harrier jump-jet.

Debriefed in a country house, Koskov says that he has defected because his superior, KGB chief General Leonid Pushkin, drunk with power, has abandoned détente and re-instituted the old policy of “Death to spies”. However, when Bond, M and the minister leave, Soviet agent Necros breaks into the house and whisks Koskov away in a helicopter.

M orders Bond to assassinate Pushkin at a conference being held in Tangier. But first Bond travels back to Bratislava to find out more about the beautiful cellist who tried to kill Koskov. Her name is Kara Milovy. When she is arrested by the KGB, Bond seizes the opportunity to steal her cello case. In it is the sniper rifle she used. It is loaded with blanks. Bond is in her apartment when she returns the next day. He discovers that she is Koskov’s girlfriend, employed as a faux assassin to make his defection look convincing. Bond says that he can reunited her with Koskov in Vienna. She is under surveillance, but they escape using Bond’s Aston Martin’s defence systems. When these are exhausted, they cross the border using Kara’s cello case as a sled.

Meanwhile in Tangier, Pushkin meets with rogue US general Brad Whitaker, who supplies high-tech arms. Pushkin cancels an order and demands his money back. Whitaker later meets with Koskov and Necros. It transpires that they have been aiming to defraud Pushkin then, with Koskov’s supposed defection, get Bond to kill him. To encourage Bond further, Necros is sent to Vienna to kill Saunders, leaving a balloon with “Smiert spionom” written on it.

Bond and Kara head to Tangier where Bond seizes Pushkin atnd gun point and demands to know why he has re-instated the “Smiert spionom” policy. Pushkin denies it, so Bond fakes his assassination at the conference, pre-empting Necros’s attempt to kill him for real.

While Bond was away, Kara has talked to Koskov who told hersays that Bond wasis a KGB agent sent to kill him. She drugs Bond’s champagne. They are flown to a Soviet airbase in Afghanistan where they escape with the help ofg Kamran Shah, an Oxford-educated Afghan prince and commander in the mujaheddin. Koskov has used Pushkin’s arms money to buy diamonds. These are being given to the mujaheddin in exchange for raw opium. The profits will be used to buy arms for the mujaheddin to fight the Soviets.

When the opium is with loaded on toupon a plane at the airbase, Bond plants a bomb, but is spotted. DuringAmid a battle between Shah’s men and Soviet troops fighting for Koskov, the plane speeds down the runway with Bond on board. Kara chases after him in a jeep, driving up in the loading ramp into the plane. Necros also gets on board. Once they are airborne, Bond and Necros fight – at one point on a cargo net hanging out of the back of the plane. Necros eventually falls to his death.

The plane is badly shot up. After dropping the bomb on a Soviet column pursuing the mujaheddin, Bond and Kara manage to escape, rolling the jeep out of the back of the plane as it crashes over a cliff. Bond returns to Tangier, where he kills Whitaker. Koskov is arrested by Pushkin and Kara is given her visa by General Gogol, now working for the Soviet foreign office, so she can perform in the West. The film ends, of course, with a romantic scene in her dressing room.
Licence to Kill (1989)

Although Licence to Kill is not based on any Ian Fleming title, it does borrow details from some of his work. The story opens with Bond and Felix Leiter on the way to Leiter’s wedding. They are stopped by a cCoastgt Guard helicopter whose pilot reports that the drug baron Franz Sanchez has landed inon the Bahamas. Sanchez heads to a villa where he finds his mistress, Lupe Lamora, in bed with another man. He has the man killed and beats Lupe with a stringray’s tail – as in “The Hildebrand Rarity”. Bond and Leiter ride in the helicopter back to the airfield where they intercept Lupe and Sanchez’s henchmen as they arrive in a jeep. But Sanchez has jumped out earlier and escapes in a light aircraft. Bond and Leiter pursue him in the helicopter. Bond is winched down on to the tail of the plane and attaches the winch cable. Then he and Leiter skydive down to the wedding.

After the titles, Sanchez is in custody, but offers $2 million in cash to anyone who will spring him. A Drug Enforcement Agency officer arranges an elaborate escape. After the wedding, Leiter and his bride give Bond and inscribed cigarette lighter with a fierce flame. Later, Sanchez’s henchmen capture Leiter and his wife. The wife is killed and Leiter is fed to a shark in a scene akin to that in the novel Live and Let Die. Again, Leiter is found barely alive, bearing a note that says: “He disagreed with something that ate him.”

Bond is determined on revenge forto revenge the attack on Leiter.. He finds the exotic fish supplier where Leiter was maimed, and breaks in at night to discover that it is a front for drug smuggling. After a fight, Bond is confronted by the DEA agent who arranged for Sanchez to escape. Bond feeds him to the shark.

M has Bond brought to Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West, where he orders Bond to go on assignment to Istanbul. Bond refuses. Ironically, given the title of the movie, he is stripped of his licence to kill. But he won’t hand over his gun and escapes. He sails out to the marine research ship belonging to Milton Krest, a name again borrowed from “The Hildebrand Rarity”. He discovers drugs on board. Again he meets Lupe, who covers for him. He then intercepts a drug transhipment, making off with a light plane carrying $5 million.

Returning to Leiter’s house, Bond discovers that Leiter has a rendezvous at a dockside bar in Bimini with ex-CIA pilot Pam Bouvier. There they meet Sanchez henchman Dario. A fight starts. Bond and Bouvier escape. She agrees to fly him to a place called Isthmus. There Bond deposits the $5 million in a bank owned by Sanchez and attracts attention by alternately losing and winning large amounts at Sanchez’s casino. Thus making his introduction, Bond offers his services to Sanchez as a professional hit man.

Back at the hotel, Q turns up and furnishesd Bond with some essential gadgets including a special sniper rifle, which Bond uses in an attempt to kill Sanchez from an abandoned building overlooking his office. But first he has to set plastic explosives, supplied by Q in a tooth paste tube, to take out the window that is made of bullet-proof glass. He detonates the charge, but before he can shoot Sanchez, he is attacked by agents in ninja garb. He comes round tied to a table, to find out that his captors are undercover Hong Kong narcotics agents trying to infiltrate Sanchez’s operation. They are joined by a Secret Service agent who says he has orders to return Bond to London. He is about to administer an injection when Sanchez breaks in. They kill the agents and find Bond unconscious, still tied to the table.

Next morning Bond wakes up in Sanchez's house and plants a seed of doubt in Sanchez’s mind concerning Krest who is about to arrive in Isthmus. With the help of Lupe, Bouvier and Q, Bond withdraws the $5 million from the bank and puts it on Krest’s yacht, the WaveKrest. Sanchez finds it and kills Krest in a depressurization chamber, rapidly dropping the pressure until Krest’s head blows up like a balloon and explodes.

Bond has now proved himself a trusted ally and,, after heBond has surreptitiously slept with Lupe, he is taken by Sanchez takes him to his base with a party of Asian drug buyers. Bouvier follows. Bond learns that Sanchez’s scientists can dissolve cocaine in gasoline and transport it in tankers with little risk of discovery. Bouvier has also told Bond that Sanchez has bought Stinger missiles from the Contras, and has threatened to shoot down an American airliner if the DEA interferes in his operations. During Sanchez’s presentation, Bond is recognized by Dario. In an attempt to escape, Bond starts a fire in the laboratory which spreads throughout the whole base. Even so, Sanchez has time to grab Bond and put him on the conveyor that drops the bricks of cocaine into a giant shredder, leaving Dario to finish him off. Bouvier arrives and distracts Dario, allowing Bond to feed him into the shredder. As the base explodes, Bond and Bouvier make off after Sanchez and four tankers full of the cocaine-gasoline mixture. With Bouvier, at the controls of a Piper Cub, she lands Bond on top of one of the trucks. During the chase, three of the tankers are destroyed by Bond or Sanchez’s mis-aimed Stingers. Bond and Sanchez end up fighting it out on the top of the last tanker. It crashes. Both survive. Sanchez grabs Bond and isit about to kill him with a machete when Bond. Bond then asks,: “Don’t you want to know why?” He pulls the inscribed lighter from his pocket to show Sanchez, who is momentarily distracted. Then Bond flicks it. Sanchez is soaked with gasoline and goes up in flames. Bouvier arrives in the detached train of one of the tankers to take Bond home.

At a party at Sanchez’s old home, Bond speaks on the phone to Leiter, who is making a good recovery. Leiter also tells Bond that M might have a job for him, indicating that he will be taken back into the Service. Lupe takes Bond aside, but he rejects her blandishments and goes after Bouvier instead.

Goldeneye (1995)

Pierce Bronson took over as Bond for Goldeneye, while Judi Dench became M – mirroring the fact that by then MI5 had a woman, Stella Rimington, as its head. The film takes its title from the name of Ian Fleming’s house.

The pre-title sequence begins with 007 breaking into a Soviet chemical weapons facility. Inside, he is met by 006, Alec Trevelyan. They plant explosives, but Trevelyan is captured by Colonel Arkady Ourumov who ostensibly shoots him. The facility blows up while Bond steals a plane and escapes.

Nine years later Bond meets Xenia Onatopp, a suspected member of the Janus crime syndicate, who has taken as her lover an admiral in the Canadian Nnavy. She murders the admiral and uses his identity to get on board a Royal Navy frigate where the prototype Tiger Eurocopter – a helicopter whose electronics can survive the electromagnetic pulse generated by a nuclear explosion – is being demonstrated. She steals it, despite Bond’s efforts to stop her.

Later Ourumov, now a general, and Onatopp land the helicopter outside a bunker in Siberia, where they massacre the staff and steal the control disk for the new Goldeneye satellite weapon. They then two program one of the two Goldeneye satellites to destroy the complex with an electromagnetic pulse, and escape with geeky programmer Boris Grishenko. There is one lone survivor, Natalya Simonova. She arrives in St Petersburg where she contacts Boris, thinking him who she thinks is a trusted colleague. He promptly betrays her to Janus.

In London, M assigns Bond to investigate, but he is not to go after Ourumov out of revenge for Trevelyan’s death. Arriving in St Petersburg he meets CIA agent Jack Wade who takes himBond to seemeet Valentin Zukovsky, a Russian Mafia head and business rival of Janus. Zukovsky agrees to arrange a meeting between Bond and Janus.

Janus turns out to be Alec Trevelyan, whose death in the chemical weapons facility had been faked to cover his defection. But he is now badly scarred because Bond advanced the timers on the explosives. Bond is about to shoot Trevelyan when he is shot with a tranquillizer dart. He wakes tied up with Natalya in the Tiger helicopter programmed to self-destruct. The two escape using the ejection system.

Arrested by the Russian police, they are interrogated by the Russian Mminister of Ddefence. Ourumov bursts into the room and shoots the minister with Bond’s gun. He calls for the guards. Bond punches him and escapes with Natalya into the archives, where a fire-fight ensues. Natalya is recaptured and taken off in a car with Ourumov. Bond steals a tank and pursues Ourumov through St. Petersburg to Janus’s armoured train, where he kills Ourumov. Trevelyan and Onatopp escape, locking Bond and Natalya in the train. As Bond cuts through the floor with a laser watch, Natalya uses Janus’s computer to locate the dish Grishenko is now using to control the satellite weapons. It is in Cuba. The two escape seconds before the train explodes.

On their way to Cuba, Bond and Natalya meet Jack Wade and swap Bond’s car for a light aircraft to search for the dish. Unable to find it, they are shot down. After they have escaped from the wreckage, a helicopter flies over and Onatopp abseils down. She gets Bond in a stranglehold, but he manages to use her weapon to shoot down the helicopter. Still attached by the abseil cord, Onatopp is crushed against a tree and dies.

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