Grip program (Formerly super i/macad)

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Form JCDA-2


(Formerly SUPER I/MACAD)
Program Goal: To improve student achievement, discipline, and attendance and to reduce substance abuse in the Cobb County School District (District) by providing a substance abuse intervention program to students who have violated certain rules and/or policies of the District and their parents/guardians.
Gaining Results in Intervention and Prevention (GRIP) is a school-based substance abuse intervention program offered to middle and high schools in the District. This program is a skill-based program which encompasses many areas of students’ and parents’/guardians’ lives.
The program is offered to students who have violated certain rules and/or policies of the District. A parent/guardian (or in exceptional hardships, a significant other adult) must attend the GRIP sessions along with the student.
Successful completion of the GRIP program gives the student an option to reduce certain out-of-school suspensions as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (Administrative Rule JCDA-R).
Students involved in extracurricular activities that are suspended from the activity due to rule/policy violations must complete the program prior to returning to their activity (or any other activities in the future).
Failure to complete the GRIP program will result in the student serving the full length of the student’s suspension as discussed in Administrative Rule JCDA-R. However, if a student is admitted to a facility for treatment of chemical dependency between the time of suspension and prior to completion of the GRIP program, the GRIP program may be waived for the reduction of the suspension.


Student’s Name:










Extracurricular Activity:


Student: I have accepted the option given to me to attend the GRIP (Gaining Results in Intervention and Prevention) Program. In accepting this opportunity, I agree to abide by the guidelines and other conditions set forth in this program. I also agree to attend the session, arriving on time and remaining for the entire session. I understand that if I miss this session, I will be terminated from the program and the remainder of my suspension or involvement in extracurricular activities will be enforced.
_________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Student’s Signature Date
Attendance of the student and parent/guardian is required. Maximum impact of the program is achieved when both parents/guardians attend the session.
Parents: I, the parent or guardian of the above student, agree to attend the Gaining Results in Intervention and Prevention Program (GRIP) in order to provide my student the opportunity to continue his/her educational program.
I understand that my student and I must attend this session on the date assigned by the school system’s program coordinator.
I understand that if either student or parent appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while in attendance both will be terminated from the program, with the remainder of the student’s suspension enforced or other action as the school system deems appropriate.
If you believe your student needs additional support, contact your local school counselor to arrange for one free assessment with a therapist in the community.
_________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date
_______________________________________ _________________________________________

Home Phone Business Phone
____________________________ __________ _________________________________________

Principal or Designee Date Date Program Scheduled on
_______________________________________ _________________________________________

Program Location School System Coordinator

(Upon completion of all sessions)

Phone # 770-429-5846

Fax # 678-594-8963


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