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Graduate Program Council (GPC)

Minutes of Meeting

November 19, 2008
GPC Members Present: Esther Ball, Jacqui DaCosta (vice-chair), Susan Hydro, Brenda Leake, Donald Leake (chair), Atsuko Seto, Kathy Speaker. Excused: Susan Bakewell-Sachs, Jean Graham
Meeting Convened: Convened at 1:40PM by Donald Leake. Due to lack of quorum, meeting was designated as discussion only session. B. Leake volunteered to take notes/minutes for the discussion session.
Minutes: Due to the lack of a quorum, the vote for approval of Nov. 5th minutes was deferred until next GPC meeting (December 3, 2008).
Announcements: D. Leake and J. DaCosta had a brief meeting with CAP on Nov. 12, 2008. The members of CAP said they only wanted an update from GPC.
Grad Deans’ Report: Since Dr. Bakewell Sachs could not be in attendance at the meeting, there was no Deans’ report..
Assistant Dean’s Report:

Asst. Dean Hydro disseminated data sheets that summarized key points of graduate assistant support provided by other New Jersey colleges/universities.

In response to a query by A. Seto, S. Hydro stated that she would try to find out what, if any impact current round of NJ budget cuts will have on TCNJ support for grad programs.
D. Leake asked if S. Hydro could assist in replacing/reactivating 2 missing graduate student representation on GPC. S. Hydro said she would follow up on this matter for the GPC.
Old Business

Discussion of this topic was postponed until Dec. 3rd meeting so that J. Graham can be present and take the lead on this discourse.
New Business

D. Leake opened a discussion on GPC interest in hosting sessions for all grad coordinators on selected topics and/or general concerns/issues related to graduate programs at TCNJ. GPC members expressed positive response to this idea with such sessions possibly beginning with Feb 4, 2009 meeting. GPC members also were supportive of holding such a session as a forum for general exchange of ideas with Provost Bresnahan sometime during the Spring 2009 semester.
Additionally, there was a high degree of interest in hosting a session on PeopleSoft prior to the anticipated March 2009 registration period. Due to her work and training with graduate program PeopleSoft applications, E. Ball expressed her willingness to facilitate and/or present at GPC sessions on this topic. E. Ball also noted that she thought plans are being developed to offer individual PeopleSoft training sessions for each grad coordinator. She further added that GPC should probably channel all PeopleSoft related requests through Marisa in the Office of Record & Registration.

This item was tabled until next meeting due to lack of quorum.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:10PM
Next Meeting: December 3, 2008
Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Brenda H. Leake

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