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word file -> Tm in smear layer removal Dr. Shikha Kanodia*, Dr. Mandeep S. Matta, Dr. Girish J. Parmar
word file -> Review article: Hybrid layer: Foundation of Dental bonding 1Dr. GeetaAsthana
word file -> 1, Dr V satyanarayana
word file -> Original article: a comparison between different luting cements on the retention of complete cast crowns an in vitro study Dr. B. Sreeramulu, Dr Suman P, Dr Ajay P
word file -> Surgical repair of root perforation: a case report
word file -> Original article: Lipid Profile in Oral Submucous Fibrosis Patients in India -a pilot Study
word file -> Case report: Pyogenic granuloma: a case report and review Dr. Jigna Shah (mds)1†
word file -> Pleomorphic adenoma of palate: differential diagnosis and case report
word file -> Case Report: Diagnostic misdiagnosis of lymphoepithelial cyst of the parotid in a hiv patient
word file -> Case Report: Granular cell tumor in a young girl Sunita Singh, Shilpa Garg, Renuka Verma, Megha Ralli, Shubha Lal, Ramesh Kumar

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