Girls Uniforms: Must be purchased at Lands End

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Girls Uniforms: Must be purchased at Lands End

Please note: The item numbers given below are for a certain size range. If you are shopping online, the item numbers will get you to the specific item you are looking for, but be sure to choose the correct size range. The item number will change if you change the size range, but you will still be ordering the correct item.

Our school code is: 900137647. Make sure to enter this code with each item you purchase. If the item needs a logo, then check the logo box.

New for 2012-2013: Logos are required for all new sweater purchases.

FRIDAY UNIFORM: On Fridays, students have Art, Phy. Ed., History and Science Projects and lots of activity and mess! We now have a special uniform just for Fridays! (Students must wear Friday uniforms on Fridays) Gym shoes must be worn on Fridays.


  • Evergreen or Navy School Uniform Girls’ Sweat Pants

Item # 39371-8BP8

Item # 40337-7BP5

  • Evergreen or Navy School Uniform Girls’ Mesh Athletic Shorts

Item # 40295-4BP9

Tops (Logo Required on all tops.)

  • White, Evergreen, Navy or Red School Uniform Girls’ Basic T-shirt (WITH LOGO)

Item # 39374-52T9 (Long sleeved or Short sleeved)

  • White, Evergreen, Navy or Red School Uniform Feminine fit Super T (WITH LOGO)

Item # 31530-32T0 (Long sleeved or Short sleeved)

  • Evergreen or Navy Only (WITH LOGO) School Uniform Girls’ Hooded Zip-front Sweatshirt

Item # 39371-2BP0

(May be worn any time during the school day Monday through Friday, except on days when Formal Uniform is required.)


We have a formal uniform which each child must have. It consists of the following for girls:

  • Hunter/Classic Navy plaid side pleat skort

  • White Peter Pan collar blouse (short or long sleeved)

  • Evergreen Drifter sweater vest with logo

  • White knee socks or tights



Jumper (Must be worn with Peter Pan collar blouse)

  • Hunter/Classic Navy plaid jumper

Item # 06501-0BP6

Bike Shorts (Must be worn under jumper and skirt)

  • Navy

Item # 19255-3BP4


Item # 23158-8BPX

  • Navy box pleat skirt (must be worn with bike shorts underneath)

Item # 39570-0BP1


  • Navy uniform pants (No cargo or cropped pants.)

Shorts (May only be worn if the temperature is above 70 degrees)

  • Plain front blended shorts: Navy

Item # 32097-0BP7

  • Pleat front blended chino shorts: Navy

Item # 23154-8BP5


Polos: All polos MUST have school logo (May not be worn under jumper)

  • Red or white short or long sleeve feminine fit interlock polo (not mesh) with logo.

Item # 23095-5BP4 (short sleeved)

Item # 23095-8BP8 (long sleeved)

Blouses: All blouses MUST have school logo.

  • White Peter Pan plain-collar blouse (Must be plain with NO ruffles):

Item # 35007-1BPX

Item # 35006-4BPX

Turtle Necks: All turtlenecks MUST have school logo.

  • White or red turtleneck:

Item # 40725-4BP9

Sweaters: (All Sweaters must be Navy or Evergreen)

Must purchase the following for our formal uniform:

  • Evergreen Drifter Sweater Vest with logo

Item # 22301-5BPX

The following are optional, and logos are required:

Navy or Evergreen ONLY

Item # 09280-7BP3

  • Drifter V-neck sweater

Item # 22301-0BP7

  • Drifter Crewneck sweater

Item # 22300-4BP1

  • Drifter Cardigan Sweater

Item # 31529-6BP0

Item # 22301-5BPX

Sweatshirt: Must have logo

  • Navy or Evergreen only:

Item # 39371-2BP0


Can be purchased anywhere

  • White or navy knee socks

Item # 09359-4BP6

Item # 09055-9BP9


Must have gym shoes available each day at school

Mary Janes or Loafers are preferable to wear at school

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