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The Board of Supervisors, South Abington Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, held its annual reorganization meeting on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at the Township Building, 104 Shady Lane Road, Chinchilla PA.
Acting Chairman Stanton called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Roll call of members:
Giles Stanton Present

Joseph Sproul Present

Mark Dougherty Present

David O’Neill Present

William T Jones Present

Christine Griswold Present

The Acting Chairman called for nomination for the position of Chairman, Board of Supervisors. Joseph Sproul motioned to appoint Giles Stanton to this position. Mark Dougherty seconded and approval was unanimous. The chair was retained by Mr. Stanton. Mark Dougherty motioned to appoint Joseph Sproul as Vice-Chairman. Giles Stanton seconded and approval was unanimous. After motions by Mark Dougherty, seconds by Joseph Sproul and unanimous approvals, the following appointments and actions were made: Christine Griswold as Secretary/Treasurer, salary $41,767; Susan McLane as Recycling Coordinator, salary $3,404; David O’Neill as Township Manager, salary $79,592; Robert Gerrity as Police Chief, salary $87,975; Jones-Terreri Law Firm as Solicitor, with $1,000/month retainer; Peoples Security Bank as Depository; Berkheimer Associates as Township Act 511 Collector, with no change in any Act 511 tax rates; ATC Services as Township Engineer; Burkavage Design Associates as Alternate Township Engineer; Gary Wilding as SEO, with Alternates David Lamereaux and Christopher Arndt; Kelly Thorpe as Assistant Real Estate Tax Property Tax Collector; meetings on the second Monday of each month at 7 PM; mileage rate of $.535/mile; David Polanin as Vacancy Board member for a 1 year term; David O’Neill as Open Records Officer; Christine Griswold, Delegate, and David O’Neill, Alternate Delegate to LCTCC for one year terms; Leonard Gorney to a one year term to Scranton Abington Planning Association and ACOG Representative; Donald Snyder to ARWA for a full term expiring 1/2022; Mark Boettcher and Geoff Stanton to the Planning Commission with terms expiring 1/21; Carl Babushko as regular, and Paul Lockett as Alternate, to the Zoning Hearing Board with terms expiring 1/20. Giles Stanton will serve as Chairman of Police and attend Planning Commission meetings; Joseph Sproul will serve as Chairman of Roads and attend AAJRB meetings; Mark Dougherty will service as Chairman of Health & Sanitation and attend Parks & Recreation meetings. David O’Neill will attend Zoning Hearings. The part-time ambulance driver pool will contain Donald T Snyder, Melissa Hemmler, Thomas Homenchak, Cody Stanco and James Durdan. The following fire police are authorized for 2017: Keith Wellard Sr., Jeff LaCoe, Mike Santarsiero, Mike Owens, James Waters, Donald Snyder III, Art Farrari, Cori Carr, Sean Connolly, Mark Dougherty, Joseph Santarsiero, William Santarsiero, Duane Otley, Bob Egan, Dean Faraday, Lenny Grippi, Peter J Hughes, John Eboli, Jerry Carpenter, Al Moyer, Michael Pehonich, Shannon Connolly, Tony Percival, Jerry Hayes, Kevin Quinn, Jason Saar, James Connolly, Brian Jenkins, James Durdan, Hal Cross, Heath Goldstein, Kevin Quinn Jr, Brian Gow, Jeff Spagna, Mia Vitali, Bobby Bauman and Charlie Saxe.
The re-organization meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM
The Board of Supervisors South Abington Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania held its regular meeting on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at the Township Building, 104 Shady Lane Road, Chinchilla, Pennsylvania.

Chairman Stanton called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM

. Giles Stanton Present

Joseph Sproul Present

Mark Dougherty Present

David G. O’Neill, Twp. Manager Present

William Jones, Solicitor Present

Christine Griswold, Sec’y. Treas. Present

Money was received from the following:

Susan McLane $ 3,152.00 Davidson $ 4.50

Amerihealth $ 3,543.64 ROD $95,890.30

Lacka County $ 2,051.22 Magistrate $ 1,489.70

CJR $ 547.86 Rettew $ 540.00

Newton $ 4,365.22 AHSD $21,335.05

PSP fines $ 2,496.69 Osterhout $ 11.00

Faraday $ 60.00 HKQ $ 125.00

J Falcone $ 4,035.59 Junk MV $ 500.00


January 3, 2017 Meeting

Florey $ 534.44 Toth $ 90.00

USPS $ 495.00 Ransom $16,357.70

Mark Dougherty motioned, Joseph Sproul seconded, and bills were unanimously approved for payment from the following funds:
General Fund $400,508.60 Sewer Fund $4,633.36 Highway Aid $19,743.66

Recreation Fund $1,802.98 Fire $18,460 PR 25&26 $146,216.61

Manager O’Neill stated the Zoning Hearing Board had approved a variance for Verizon Land Development on Baptist Bible College property, after compromises with Clarks Green residents. Brian Stahl and Joseph Fitzsimmons were present for Verizon to request an approval for a land development plan for the cell tower. Both planning commissions have approved; E&S is favorable and the Engineer is satisfied. Mark Dougherty motioned to give the Chairman authorization to sign on behalf of the Board once the owner(s) had signed. The motion also included permission to place corner pins after site clearance. Joseph Sproul seconded and the development plan was unanimously conditionally approved.
The Manager also stated the Henkelman property will be demolished within the next two weeks.
There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 7:24 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Christine Griswold

Township Secretary

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