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Deleting Result Sets

It is not possible to delete a result set that has associated results or is used in a template. To delete such a result set, you first need to remove its associations.

NOTE: You may wish to let the Profiles Co-ordinator know when you delete a result set, as the result set may be used by Profiles in a comment link.

A locked result set that was created within SIMS Assessment can be deleted but a result set belonging to another Module cannot be deleted.

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Result Set to display the Result Set browser.

  2. Highlight the result set you wish to delete.

  3. Click the Delete button.

    Delete button

  4. A message dialog is displayed. Click the Yes button to delete the result set.
    1. Viewing Result Set Properties

The properties of a result set are displayed on the Properties panel. The information displayed is read-only.

Default Name shows the original result set name. For an imported result set, this will be the name that was specified by the person who created the result set, regardless of any changes that might have been made following import.

When exporting the result set, the default name is used in the export file. However, when re-importing an existing result set, you can choose whether you wish to overwrite any existing name with the default information in the import file or retain any changes that you have made prior to the import.

The Module field identifies which SIMS module was used to create the result set, which in most circumstances is SIMS Assessment. The Supplier field displays the establishment that created the result set.

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