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Inserting a Group Total

This feature enables you to display the total number of pupil/students in a group within a selected date range.

From within the Word document, right-click in the text where you wish to insert the group total and select Insert Group Total from the pop-up menu.

      1. Verifying the Individual Report Format

Verify Template checks that all tags in the Individual Report are in a valid format. It also checks for the inclusion of items that may cause report generation to fail. Please note that not every invalid condition can be trapped, and if an individual tag fails to generate, then it is recommended that the tag is fully deleted and re-inserted.

The routine checks:

  • tags from the drop-down menus on the Profiles toolbar are valid, e.g. from the Students drop-down menu <> is valid, <> is not.

  • any information between the tags (i.e. the chevrons) exists in the system, e.g. any course, aspect, or result set.

  • Report Section tags are in pairs, i.e.


  • if there is one or more MS Text Boxes present. If so, the user is warned that some tags may fail to convert

  • if MS Drawing Shapes, WordArt, etc. are present. If so, the user is warned that problems may be caused to Report generation.

To start the verification process, click the Verify Template button.

As with the entry of Student Details and results, Verify Template can also be accessed via the Assessment menu, or the SIMS Assessment toolbar.

When the process is complete the Verify Template dialog is displayed, giving details of any errors. These errors must be checked and corrected before continuing.

In the following example the Student Detail tag, <> is flagged because it is not a valid tag name. The information in the dialog can be printed or saved by clicking the appropriate buttons.

You should delete and then re-insert this Student Detail, and run Verify Template once again.

      1. Saving the Individual Report Format

  1. When you have finished designing the Individual Report Format, select File | Save to save the IndRep document and then select File | Exit to close Microsoft Word and return to the Individual Report browser of SIMS Assessment. You can, if you wish, return at any time to make further edits to the Individual Report Format, please see Designing/Editing an Individual Report.

The Individual Report Format you have been working on will still be displayed in the Individual Report browser.

  1. Click the Save button on the Individual Report browser to save the Individual Report Format you have been working on.

The saved Format will now be displayed in the Individual Report browser and can subsequently be used to generate pupil/student Individual Reports.

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