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Inserting Group Results

A group result can be used in Individual Reports as an analytical and comparative tool.

For example, you might choose to use group results in a table of comparisons.

English Effort


Science Effort

% in Warren’s Year with As & Bs




Warren’s Result




In this example, you have asked SIMS Assessment to look in a particular Year Group and return the percentage of pupil/students in that Group who have achieved either an A or B grade, in three different Aspects. You have placed this group result alongside the individual pupil/student’s grade so that a comparison can be made easily.

Alternatively, you might want to include a group result, as a total (count), in the report text, e.g. "This term 21 pupils in class 2 achieved grade C or above, in Science."

When inserting the group result in the Individual Report design you are able to select: the Aspect from which you wish to collect results; a result filter; the pupil/student gender for whom results are to be collected; whether the results are to be returned as a percentage of the Group or a total (Count), and the particular grades that are to be counted.

NOTE: Only grade aspects can be used for group results.

  1. From within Word, place the cursor where you wish the group result to be inserted. You might choose to create a table for this purpose or perhaps insert a group result as part of the report text.

  2. Right-click and select Insert Group Result from the pop-up menu to display the Insert Group Result dialog.

You can filter your view of the Aspects by selecting a Category or Categories from the browser on the left. For example, selecting the English Category will display only those Aspects associated with the English Category.

  1. Highlight the Aspect from which you wish to select the group result analysis.

You now need to select whether to filter the group result by Result Set or by Result Date.
        1. Filter by Result Set

  1. Make sure the Filter by Result Set radio button is selected and then click the Result Set Browser button to display the Select Result Set browser.

  1. Highlight the required result set and click the Select button to return to the Insert Group Result dialog, where the selected result set is displayed.

        1. Filter by Date

Make sure the Filter by Date radio button is selected and then select the From and To dates by clicking the down arrow and accessing the Calendar (please see Using the Calendar on page 408). Alternatively, the dates can be entered manually.

The date range can be made open-ended by leaving one or both of the Date Range fields blank. Leaving both blank will result in the most recent result being used.

        1. Other Filters

  1. Once you have selected the relevant filter, select the Gender mix for which you wish to collect results, by selecting the appropriate radio button.

  2. Choose whether the group result is reported as a Percentage of a selected Group, Percentage of results or a Count of the selected Group, by selecting an Outcome Type from the drop-down list.

NOTE: The Percentage of Results option in the Outcome Types drop-down list is only available to select if you are filtering by a result set.

  1. Enter the required grades in the Grades field. For example, enter A,B,C if you wish to report on the percentage or count of a selected Group who achieved either an A, B or C grade.

NOTE: When entering more than one grade, each grade must be separated by a comma.

  1. Select the Rounding On check box if you want percentages to be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number. When the check box` is deselected the percentages is expressed to the nearest two decimal places.

  2. For schools in Wales only, select the Exclude NEWBES check box to exclude all pupil/students with NEWBES status from aggregate reports.

NOTE: This option applies regardless of whether Percentage of Group, Percentage of Results or Count has been selected.

  1. Click the Update button to enter the group result in the selected place in the report.

The Insert Group Result dialog remains open to allow you to insert further entries. To move onto the next cell in a table, click the current cell and then click the Tab key. The next cell is selected and you can repeat the process of inserting an analysis.

In the example used at the beginning of this section, the finished table in the Individual Report Format is displayed as follows:

English Effort


Science Effort

% in
Year with As & Bs

«English Effort - A,B, All Percentage of Group Rounding ON»

«Maths Effort - A,B, All Percentage of Group Rounding ON»«Maths Effort - A,B, All Percentage of Group Rounding ON»

«Science Effort - A,B, All Percentage of Group Rounding ON»


«English Effort Recent -»

«Maths Effort Recent -»«Maths Effort Recent -»

«Science Effort Recent -»

If you are entering group results in the report, other than in a table, you need only place your cursor where you wish to insert the next group result and proceed from there.

  1. When you have finished inserting group results click the Close button to close the Insert Group Result dialog and to return to the Individual Report Format Word document.

You will select the Group for which you wish to collect results later, when you generate the Individual Reports.

More Information:

Selecting a Group for Group Result Analysis on page 207

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