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Entering a Constant Value in a Data Table Cell

Instead of entering a result from an Aspect into a cell, you can enter a constant value. You might, for example, want to insert an exam pass mark to use in a comparative graph. The constant value can be any number to two decimal places, up to 9,999,999.99.

Select the required cell and enter the constant value.

        1. Setting Advanced Options

This page of the wizard enables you to customise the look of your graph, i.e. apply colours, show and position the legend, apply a 3D effect and show gridlines.

  1. To select the background colour of the graph, click the Colour Chooser button to display the Color palette.

Colour Chooser button

  1. Select one of the displayed colours, or to define a custom colour, click the basic colour closest to it and then click Define Custom Colours.

  2. Click the OK button to select the chosen colour.

  3. You can turn off the legend display by deselecting the Show Legend check box. If you choose to display the legend, its position on the graph can be selected by choosing the required Placement radio button.

  4. You can also apply a 3D effect to the graph and display gridlines by selecting the appropriate check boxes.

  5. Click the Finish button to insert the graph in the Individual Report.
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