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Filter by Result Set

  1. Make sure the Filter by Result Set radio button is selected and then click the Result Set Browser button to display the Select Result Set browser.

  1. Highlight the required result set and click the Select button to return to the Result Selector, where the selected result set is displayed.

        1. Filter by Date

  1. Make sure the Filter by Date radio button is selected and then select the From and To dates by clicking the down arrow and accessing the Calendar (please see Using the Calendar on page 408). Alternatively, the dates can be entered manually.

The date range can be made open-ended by leaving one or both of the Date Range fields blank.

  1. Choose whether the result displayed from the selected Date Range should be the most Recent, the Highest or the Lowest, by selecting from the Result Display drop-down list.

  1. Once you have chosen the relevant filter, click the Update button to enter the result in the selected cell. Click the Close button to return to the Graph wizard.

  1. To insert a result in the next cell in the results table, click the next cell and repeat the above process.
        1. Inserting a Result Elsewhere in the Report

You may wish to insert a result in the report in a position other than the table provided. For example, in addition to marks, grades or ages, you could insert comments from a Comment Aspect into the text of the report. These comments would then be displayed in each generated report.

  1. If required, delete any text or characters you wish to replace with the result and then right-click and select Insert Result from the pop-up menu, to display the Result Selector.

  2. If no text is to be replaced, simply right-click in the relevant place and select Insert Results to display the Result Selector from the pop-up menu.

You can now proceed to select an Aspect with which you want the result to be associated and then filter that result by result set or date range, as described from step 3 onwards of Inserting Results.

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