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Inserting a Class

This feature enables you to display the pupil/student’s class at any place in the report.

  1. From within the Word document, right-click in the text where you wish to insert the class and select Insert Class from the pop-up menu to display the Insert Class dialog.

  1. Click the Field Browser button to display the Group Browser dialog.

From this dialog you can select the relevant Course. When the reports are generated, the system will identifies the particular class within that Course of which each pupil/student is a member, and display that class in the report.

The From and To fields can be used as a filter to display the Course details within a particular date range. The default date range is the current academic year.

  1. To change the date range you can directly enter the new dates, or click the Field Browser button, select a date from the displayed calendar and click the Refresh button.

  2. Click the Course + symbol to list the Courses. Highlight the required Course and then click the Apply button to return to the Insert Class dialog where the selected Course is displayed.

  3. Click the Update button to insert the pupil/student’s class in the report.

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