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Word Template button to launch Microsoft Word, which will open the default Individual Report Format, provided by Capita SIMS. A default Individual Report Format is provided as a starting point for your design and you can retain as many or as few of its features as you wish.

You now need to design the Individual Report Format in Word. This can include using Word’s formatting features, inserting Student Details and inserting results.

NOTE: The last saved colour is the colour displayed.
      1. Editing Headers and Footers

These can be displayed on each page of the report. The header might include the school name and address and an imported graphic, such as the school crest or logo. The footer could display the page number and the department name.

NOTE: When inserting graphics into an Individual Report it is recommended that they are inserted as .png files, rather than .png files. This will significantly reduce the size of the Individual Reports and speed up their generation.
      1. Adding Text

You will need to add the text that you wish to be displayed in each pupil/student’s report. This could be the title of the report as well as the main body of the text. This text can be formatted using Word’s formatting features (e.g. font type, style, size, colour etc.).
      1. Editing Tables

The Individual Report Format provided includes a table which is used to display each pupil/student’s results. This can also be edited, according to your requirements.
      1. Inserting Student Details

A number of SIMS Assessment Student Detail tags are available to be inserted into the text (e.g. forename, surname, gender, he/she, address, registration group, etc). For example, part of your report text will need to include the forename of the pupil/student. At the appropriate point as you are entering the text, insert the Forename Student Detail, e.g. "<> has produced good work this term". When the individual report is generated, this is replaced by "Lionel has produced good work this term", for example.

Address Block is another student detail that is used frequently. This will insert the student’s full address in the generated individual report. Please insert this on the right of the page and on a line free of any other insertions, to ensure that the report text formats correctly.

Right-click in the text where you wish to insert the Student Detail, select Student Details from the pop-up menu and select the required Student Detail.

The selected Student Detail is inserted into the report, placed inside the << and >> tags, e.g. <>.

The Student Details list can also be accessed by:

  • by selecting Assessment | Student Details and selecting the required Student Detail from the displayed list; or,

  • by clicking the Student Details button on the SIMS Assessment toolbar.
      1. Inserting a Class Teacher Name

This feature enables you to display a class teacher’s name at any place in the report. You might wish to do this, for example, for each subject on which you are reporting.

  1. From within the Word document, right-click in the text where you wish to insert the teacher’s name and select Insert Class Teacher from the pop-up menu to display the Insert Class Teacher dialog.

  1. Choose how you wish the teacher name to be displayed by selecting the appropriate radio button.

  2. Click the Field Browser button to display the Group Browser dialog.

From this dialog you can select the relevant Course. Then, when the reports are generated, the system identifies the particular class within that Course of which each pupil/student is a member, and displays the name of the teacher of that class in the report.

The From and To Date fields can be used as a filter to display the Course details within a particular date range. The default date range is the current academic year.

  1. To change the date range you can directly enter the new dates, or click the Calendar button, select a date from the displayed calendar and click the Refresh button.

  2. Click the Course + symbol to list the Courses. Highlight the required Course and then click the Apply button to return to the Insert Class Teacher dialog where the selected Course is displayed.

  3. Click the Update button to insert the class teacher name in the report.

NOTE: Please do not insert a class teacher name into a graph, as this will cause the graph to be removed from the report.

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