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Designing/Editing an Individual Report

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Designing/Editing an Individual Report

NOTE: Only the Name and Notes of Individual Reports imported from another supplier can be modified.

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Individual Report to display the Find Individual Report browser.

  1. Click the New button on the Focus Bar to display the Individual Report Details page.

New button

  1. Enter a Name for the Individual Report Format (maximum 25 characters).

  2. Enter any required notes in the Notes field.

  3. To prevent any blank rows in the results table from being displayed in the reports, select the Hide Rows with no Results check box.

  4. To prevent any blank sections from appearing in the report, select the Remove Report Sections that contain no Results check box.

  5. Select the Print Report with Colour check box if you would like the report to print with colour in appropriate cells. The colour is drawn from both data entry and data review aspects where ‘also colour this column’ is used within the Nested If Then Else or If Then Else formulae.

  1. Click the

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