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Viewing Marksheet Properties

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Viewing Marksheet Properties

The Marksheets page should be regularly monitored in order to check the status of marksheets associated with the template. In particular, the Complete check box is selected once the person completing the marksheet selects the Data Entry for this Marksheet is Complete check box, on the Marksheet Entry page. However, you can also toggle this check box on and off by clicking the Complete button; any change will automatically refresh the Data Entry for this Marksheet is Complete check box on the Marksheet Entry page.

When you are satisfied that the marksheet is complete you can consider deleting it.

More Information:

Deleting Marksheets on page 171
    1. Printing Marksheets

There are various ways of managing the marksheet completion process. Class teachers can use SIMS Assessment to complete their marksheets or you may prefer to print blank marksheets which can be distributed to staff for the results to be entered manually. The results from the paper marksheets could then be entered in SIMS Assessment by a person with appropriate permissions (e.g. Assessment Operator role).

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Template to display the Find Template browser.

  2. Select the required template. You can filter the list of templates by Category (please see Filtering Your View using Categories on page 83).

  3. Click the Marksheets hyperlink or scroll down the page to the Marksheet panel and select the marksheet(s) you wish to print, holding down the Ctrl key to select multiple marksheets.

  4. Click the Print button, adjacent to the Marksheet panel to display the Print Options dialog.

Print button

  1. If you wish to Print Blank Marksheets, Print Template Notes or Print Aspect Details, select the appropriate check box.

  2. Indicate who the marksheets will be printed for by selecting one of the following radio buttons:

  • Single Copy – prints one copy of the selected marksheet(s). This option is selected by default and is used on most occasions.

  • Main Supervisor – prints one copy for the Main Supervisor of the selected marksheet(s)/Group(s).

  • All Supervisors – prints one copy for all the Supervisors of the selected marksheet(s)/Group(s).

  • Supervisors with Title – if there is more than one Supervisor for the selected group, selecting this radio button will activate the drop-down list from which the required title (such as Main Class Teacher) can be selected.

  1. Indicate the required Orientation by selecting the Landscape or Portrait radio button.

  2. To change the Marksheet Size, either select the Select Font Size radio button and choose the required font size from the drop-down list or select the Fit to Page radio button.

  3. To preview the printed marksheet, click the Print Preview button.

  4. Click the Print button to print the selected marksheets.

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