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Importing and Exporting Templates

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Importing and Exporting Templates

Templates can be imported and exported via XML files (please see Importing and Exporting on page 219).
  1. Creating and Maintaining Marksheets

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    1. Introduction

Marksheets are created by associating a group or groups of pupil/students with a selected template. One marksheet is created for each Supervisor of the chosen group(s). The marksheet remains associated with the template until such time as the marksheet is deleted. Therefore, any changes to the template are reflected in the associated marksheet the next time it is opened.
      1. Marksheet Permissions

You must have the permissions associated with the Assessment Co-ordinator role to be able to manage marksheets (add, edit, delete, etc.). Users with the permissions associated with the Assessment Operator role can view all existing marksheets and add/edit results to all marksheets. Users with the permissions associated with the Class/Registration Group Teacher role can view, add and edit results for their own marksheets only.

More Information:

Roles/Permissions for SIMS Assessment on page 397
    1. Creating Marksheets

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Templates to display the Find Template browser.

  2. Select the required template. You can filter the list of templates by Category (please see Filtering Your View using Categories on page 83).

  3. Click the Marksheets hyperlink or scroll down the page to view the Marksheets panel.

  1. Click the New button to display the Group Selector dialog.

New button

  1. Select the required group(s) by clicking the + or symbols to expand and contract the list, and then select the check box adjacent to each required group.

NOTE: If required, you can change the Effective Group Date to show a different year’s classes, for example.

  1. Click the Apply button to select the chosen group(s).

A marksheet is created for each Supervisor of each chosen group.

  1. Click the Save button on the Focus Bar to generate the chosen marksheets, which is available for use immediately under My Marksheets, for each Group Supervisor.

Save button

NOTE: The group membership date of the selected groups can be changed from within their respective Marksheet Entry page.

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